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May/June 2017

Pruning Trees for Monsoon Misting and Moisture in a Dry Climate COVER PHOTO: AZUL-VERDE DESIGN GROUP, INC.

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May/June 2017





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Hill & Usher’s Trim Risk for Maintenance or Construction

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Hill & Usher • 3033 North 44th Street, #300 • Phoenix, AZ 85018

Desert Forrest Nursery, LLC

5425 E Bell Road, Suite 105 Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 Phone: 602-626-7091 Fax: 602-626-7590

Growing on over 115 acres From 1 gallon to 72” boxes Contract grows available Schedule a tour today Open 6 days a week

Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety

Chief Executive Officer Judy Gausman

The ALCA Influence is the official publication of the Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association. ALCA and The ALCA Influence assume no responsibility for the statements or opinions appearing in articles under an author’s name. The services of an attorney or accountant should be sought in legal and tax matters. For editorial information, contact the Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association, 5425 E. Bell Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254; telephone, (602) 626-7091; facsimile, (602) 626-7590; e-mail,


623-505-9626 fax Delivery to: AZ,CA, NV, TX, NM

May/June 2017





Mission – Vision – Values


ne of the most important elements in an organization’s alignment is their mission, vision and values. These components are essential and powerful drivers for the management team to efficiently achieve the success they desire. They are also the key to having a highly engaged culture of team members who say “Thank God it’s Monday!” Often there is a lot of misunderstanding about these words - mission, vision and values. And there are a lot of definitions out there but I happen to like Peter Senge’s definition. Peter is most well known as the author of The Fifth Discipline. He coined the phrase, “The Learning Organization”; a term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforming itself. We start with the assumption that we all want to be effective with our company, both within the company and within ourselves within the company. Let’s call effective as creating the results we want long term and sustainably. In organizations, history has shown that to be effective we need to be clear about the mission, vision and values.


So let’s use the Peter Senge’s definitions of these words: The word mission means the “why”. Why are we in business? Why are we doing what we do? Why does this company exist? What purpose does our business serve? An example of a landscape company’s mission might be: “Providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for our client’s to live, work and play.”

Vision Drill Down

If the vision is a clear picture of the company as far out as you can see on the horizon – which is likely 3-5 years from now, what is the clear picture you see of the company? Vision is often thought of as results – we want to be worth X amount of money. Remember we are talking about a company vision. We are looking for a vision that people in the company from the top to the bottom can get behind. Robert Clinkenbeard And perhaps the best questions we can ask are: ALCA President • Who are we becoming as a company in three 2016/17 to five years? • What will we be known for, or known as in the community in three to five years as a company? • What will we be proud to say we are as an identity in the business community when we arrive? What are some visions you see the company looking like three to five years from now?

Values Drill Down

Values can be pretty cliché – most companies are working from similar values. And it is not the words; it is how we demonstrate them at the company. Values are behaviors you agree to live by and align with on a daily basis when you walk through the front door of the business – words that you are going to live and show by example. Choosing the values of the company is to say “I believe strongly that these will demonstrate the most important behaviors to us as a culture.” It Vision On the other hand, vision is a little different. A vision is a picture of is making a commitment to the kind of company you wish to be. Maybe it is time for you to either create your own set of mission, vision what you want as far out on the horizon as you can see. A vision is usually a three to five year plan in a company or with a person, revising as you get and values or to re-evaluate your existing statements and test your employees closer. It is important that it will be long-term enough to make decisions. to see if you are all living by them. An example of a landscape company’s vision might be: “to double our Sincerely, revenue and expand into the Tucson market.” Robert Clinkenbeard, ALCA President 2016/17


Values are standards of behavior to which you say yes or no. You want the vision to happen in service of the mission but there are some things that are important to you, guidelines of behavior that you are not going to compromise, regardless. I believe people may not be able to become profoundly aligned with other people, but they can and will become profoundly aligned with a jointed developed mission, vision, and values. There are many great examples of a corporate vision and values but for this article I have chosen Johnson and Johnson’s credo. If you plan on creating or re-evaluating your own mission, vision and values then this example is well designed and stresses the importance of the behavioral alignment with the values. Let’s dive into these a little further:

Mission Drill Down

Discussions with your management team can start with answering any of these questions: • Why are we here as a company? • Why do we exist? • What are we going to make happen because we exist? Now you have your mission statement. This can continue to refine over time – but this is a starting place.




May/June 2017


New Members Alerus Financial

Greg Barrett 17045 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85255 (480) 905-2419 | With roots dating back to 1879, Alerus is an independent, multibillion- dollar financial services company, offering a broad array of banking, mortgage, retirement, and wealth management and services to individuals, families, and businesses.

Arizona CLA LLC

Jared Martin and Alex Sales 1409 W 10th Pl, Ste B112 Tempe, AZ 85281 (801) 836-0940 | We are a subcontracted labor company. (Payroll/Labor)

Arizona Sunscape Lawn Maintenance, LLC

Ruben Gomez 3440 W Catalina Dr Phoenix, AZ 85017 (602) 620-4800 | We design, install and maintain commercial and residential properties.

DTM Landscape, Inc

Justin Kett 1635 W Parkview Ln, Ste 1 Phoenix, AZ 85085 (602) 587-8170 | DTM Landscape has been in business since 2005. We are a landscape design and install company specializing

in hardscapes (pavers, travertine, BBQs, fire pit and fire places), irrigation, rock, planting, artificial turf, sod demo and install, and landscape lighting.

Western Sales Management

John Cadzow 1616 S 67th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043 (623) 936-3300 | We are a public auction company. We hold our auctions the 2nd Saturday of each month. We have been in business since 1971 serving the Phoenix area.

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ALCA Golf Tournament Deadline for Excellence in Landscaping Applications Phoenix Member Mixer - Sponsored by Relaxed Atmosphere ACLP Tree & Shrub Pruning - ALCA Office ACLP Tree & Shrub Pruning - ALCA Office ACLP Tree & Shrub Pruning - Tucson ACLP Planting & Staking- ALCA Office SLM (Spanish) - ALCA Office Memorial Day - ALCA Office Closed

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ALCA Board Meeting SLM Workshop - Tucson ACLP Pesticides & Calibration - ALCA Office ACLP Pesticides & Calibration - ALCA Office Phoenix Member Mixer ACLP Annuals & Perennials - ALCA Office ACLP Pesticides & Calibration - Tucson Pre-Certification Training Applicator Workshop - ALCA Office Irrigation Tech I- ALCA Office

July 4

Independence Day - ALCA Office Closed 19 Phoenix Member Mixer - AZ Wholesale Growers 20 ACLP Safety & Tools - ALCA Office 22 ACLP Safety & Tools - ALCA Office 22 ACLP Safety & Tools - Tucson 26 Irrigation Tech II - ALCA Office 27 ACLP Turf Care - ALCA Office *Dates Are Subject To Change*

May/June 2017





Five Trends That Can Help You Shape the Way You Do Business.


had the privilege to attend NALP’s Leaders Forum earlier this year and enjoyed the keynote speaker, Daniel Levine-Global Trends Expert, as he talked about trends. It is important to care about the long standing trends and how to embrace them in order to win customers and create more sales. Take a look at the top five trends that can help shape the way you do business. 1. I always said we were green before green was cool but now, green is getting even greener. Healthier and environmental conscience trends are and will be with us for the rest of our lives. The American Institute of Architecture asks its members to design all buildings so that they are carbon neutral by 2030. The sale of battery operated lawn equipment is expected to increase significantly with this trend. And hopefully sooner Judy Gausman than later, your customers should expect you to ALCA CEO use sustainable landscape management practices in their landscape projects. 2. Living spaces are getting smarter. There were a number of Amazon Echo items donated this past November for the silent auction at the awards program and they were snatched up immediately. More and more people (your clients) are asking for interfacing of remote control devices to operate landscape lights, fans, pool thermostats, irrigation, and other devices. 3. Simplicity is paramount. Look at your business from your customers’ point of view. Think about the clients you are working with and ask, “How can I make it as easy as possible for them?” When I go to google something, the only thing I see is the bar to type in what I am searching; it is quick and easy. Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required. Simply take your product off the shelf and leave the store; your Amazon account is charged and you are emailed your receipt. It’s not all about technology, some grocery stores have created a ‘man aisle’ so men can pick up their chips, salsa and a 6-pack and go. Simplicity and being easy to work with should be one of the services you offer your customers. 4. Corporate social leadership is the next trend. What is important to you and how can you take a moral stand? CVS stopped selling cigarettes and all tobacco products nationwide on October 1, 2014. $2 billion was replaced with a wellness center because they felt it was the right thing to do. Stay true to your values and say NO to anything else. 5. Wellness is evolving into well-being. It embraces mind, body, spirit, physical, and emotional spectrums. This is great news for the landscape industry that can provide beautiful outdoor livings spaces for unwinding, meditation, entertaining, hospitality, food and drink. Understanding and adapting to social trends should be a part of your sales process to understand your customers’ needs. In the words of Charles Darwin, “It’s not the large or strong that survive, but the ones most responsive to change.” Respectfully, Judy Gausman




May/June 2017

ARIZONA WHOLESALE GROWERS “Growing Forward” since 1982

Now with nearly 150 acres of premier growing facilities we are providing the Valley with the widest selection of shrubs, trees, ornamentals, small and specimen size Agaves, Aloes, cacti and succulents. We know that for you, Time is Money, so we are focused on improving your purchasing experience; with an expanded pre-pulled order area, increased delivery capacity, and enhanced ‘Plant Locator’ services to find the plants you need even if we don’t have them in stock.

Arizona Wholesale Growers 24032 N. 19th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85085 (623) 581-3100

Suncrest Nursery 4204 E. Lone Mountain Rd. Cave Creek, AZ 85331 (480) 488-1968

26th Annual Desert Horticulture Conference June 2, 2017 JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort Tucson, AZ "Early registration" discount until May 12 Multiple registrations for businesses discounted

Sponsors Welcome

WEED AND PEST MANAGEMENT Licensed? Did you know in Arizona companies must be licensed to apply pre-emergent or soil sterilant in any quantity? We can help offering pre-emergent applications for your business – simply sub-contract your applications to us and we’ll do the rest. Job walks, quotes just give us a call…. When it comes to Pest Management we’ve got the experience. Since 1983 “The Contractor” has been solving pest problems. Quality Equipment, Great Technicians and a Wonderful Office Staff. We strive to provide the best in pest management service! For pest and termite referral’s we offer a $10 gift card for every billable referral. Give us a call to explore the possibilities! Contact: Kevin M. Etheridge Contractors Termite and Pest Control, Inc. 24825 N. 16th Ave. Suite 140 • Phoenix, Arizona 85085 623.780.0908 • 480.991.3232 • License #5184

Get a lot more done, in a lot less time.



Any device.

Horizon 24/7 is available exclusively to Horizon customers. Scan here to learn more or to log in. Visit us online or stop in to your local Arizona Horizon store. Anthem .................. 623.551.6868 Chandler ................. 480.961.3311 Gilbert ..................... 480.279.2404 Goodyear ................ 623.882.3200 Mesa² .................... 480.964.1616 Peoria ...................... 623.876.9200

Phoenixê ................ 602.305.6046 Scottsdale²............ 480.596.8711 Tucson ..................... 520.408.1000 ê=Service Center on site ²=Outdoor Living Showroom

Accessible through the Pool360 app–available on the Andriod Market and iTunes, ABSOLUTELY FREE! shop online at


Register at

Tree & Shrub Pruning—*ISA CEUs available*  Provide basic plant biology as it pertains to pruning, decay,

disease and wound closure

 Demonstrate the safe use of basic pruning equipment  Describe the five basic tree pruning types: crown cleaning,

thinning, raising, reduction and restoration  Describe and demonstrate shrub renovation pruning  Explain common pruning mistakes and how to avoid them

DATES: May 18 or 20 — ALCA Office 5425 E Bell Rd #105 Scottsdale 85254 TIME: 7:30 AM—11:30 AM DATE: TIME: COST:

May 20 — Pima Community College 1255 N Stone Ave, Bldg CC Tucson, AZ 85709 8:00 AM—12:00 PM $60 ALCA Member / $120 Non Member

Tree Planting & Staking—*ISA CEUs available*   

 

Tree Selection: right tree-right place How to inspect roots and structure in nursery stock Steps to planting a tree: Blue Stake, soil percolation testing, planting hole, amendments, tree well, irrigation, and surface mulch Participate in hands-on tree planting demonstration Demonstrate how to stake a tree: anchor protection, support, tie materials, and alternative staking methods

Pesticides & Calibration—*PMD CEUs available*

 Gather health, safety and pesticide use information from

product labels

 Mix, load and apply pesticides correctly and evenly  Reduce the risk of contamination to us, other people, animals

and the environment by applying pesticides responsibly  Prevent, recognize & respond to pesticide-related emergencies  Properly calibrate pesticide application equipment


DATES: June 15 or 17 — ALCA Office 5425 E Bell Rd #105 Scottsdale 85254 TIME: 7:30 AM—11:30 AM DATE: TIME: COST:

Annuals & Perennials

 Discuss selection and transportation of annuals  Demonstrate bed preparation for annuals or herbaceous

perennials: soil preparation, calculating amendments or mulch needed  Identify the blooming season for common annuals and herbaceous perennials  Demonstrate proper planting techniques

May 25 — ALCA Office 5425 E Bell Rd #105 Scottsdale 85254 7:30 AM—11:30 AM $60 ALCA Member / $120 Non Member


June 24 — Pima Community College 1255 N Stone Ave, Bldg CC Tucson, AZ 85709 8:00 AM—12:00 PM $60 ALCA Member / $120 Non Member

June 22 — ALCA Office 5425 E Bell Rd #105 Scottsdale 85254 7:30 AM—11:30 AM $60 ALCA Member / $120 Non Member

What is the ACLP certification process? Anyone may attend the workshops to increase their knowledge and skills. To become certified, each student must attend all workshops and pass the online exams. Participants will be declared an AZ Certified Landscape Professional when he/she receives a minimum score of 70% on each exam. Questions: Contact the ALCA office at (602) 626-7091 or email 8



May/June 2017








SURPRISE SCOTTSDALE 623-583-6307 480-585-3266

CHANDLER 480-802-6508

MESA LANDSCAPE 480-986-5800


MESA BLOCK YARD 480-984-0099


Awards of Excellence

2016 Excellence in Landscaping Awards Azul- Verde Design Group, Inc SFR Installation $150,001-$170,000 Amaral Residence This rustic ranch home’s architectural feature extends into the landscape. Foremost is the Ramada. Its large beams and lattice above offer shade over the barbecue and dining areas. At its base are steel frame gabion baskets which anchor the structure and are repeated in the landscape as a connection to the pool area. The raised swimming pool is veneered with native stone at one end and a simple yet elegant 3-piece wall fountain at the other. The pool is capped with an unpolished travertine stone. This stone is also used as stepping pads infilled with synthetic turf which visually cools the scene. The landscape provides a mix of desert trees and colorful arid region shrubs and vines. Check out the old millstone water fountain on the front cover of the magazine.

Photograph by Chad Ullam

DTR Landscape Development LLC Commercial Installation Under $50,000 Phoenix Zoo Administration Building This project consisted of the installation of 18 Saguaros, 6 Ocotillos, 10 - 36” Box trees, 100 – 5 to 15 gallon plants and cacti, 60 various sized boulders, 200 tons of granite and gabion walls filled with rip- rap. This project is an all-natural landscape and only required a temporary above ground irrigation system that will be removed by the owner in a year.

The Groundskeeper Commercial Maintenance $90,001-$150,000 Splendido at Ranch Vistoso The Splendido community, a retirement and assisted living facility, is perched towards the top of the Rancho Vistoso community loop. Natural desert and mountain views surround the property on all sides. The plant pallet consists of a desert adapted species of trees, shrubs, and groundcover. We are currently in year two of a three year plan to renovate native shrubs, converting from sheered appearance to a natural pruning technique. Approximately 1.5 acres of turf lay in the retention areas near the main building wings, all watered with reclaimed water systems. Turf areas include an 18 hole putting course and a bocce court. We also maintain two annual flower beds, one near the front valet circle and one in the east courtyard patio, both of which surround water features.

Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management Commercial Maintenance $150,001- $200,000 Rovey Farm Estates HOA The Caretaker team along with the Rovey Farms community is very much aware of the ever changing needs of the communities’s landscape. We constantly assess the community looking for sustainable practices, versus just repairing the problem. Items such as right plant, right place, the continuation of a low water use plant pallet, and proper maintenance practices have been instrumental in correcting issues that have caused numerous early failures in the community. The development of a sustainable turf program that keeps the park inviting while saving water and reducing the amount of necessary chemicals for turf quality has been a huge success. We are now working with the community to potentially further assist the water conservation efforts by reducing the turf square footage and converting to decomposed granite.




May/June 2017


Sponsored by:

Awards of Distinction

Vox Landscaping & Construction Company SFR Installation $40,001- $55,000 Buchanan Residence

Desert Classic Landscaping Commercial Maintenance $90,001-$150,000 Milano Terrace

Azul- Verde Design Group, Inc SFR Installation $150,001-$170,000 Vivian Residence

AAA Landscape Commercial Maintenance $150,001- $200,000 Sunflower Community

Mariposa Landscape Arizona, Inc Commercial Installation Under $50,000 Mesa Musical Shadows May/June 2017





2016 Excellence in Landscaping Awards Judges Awards

Horticulture Unlimited, Inc. SFR Installation $40,001- $55,000 Brody-Heyl Residence Think Green, Inc. SFR Installation $40,001- $55,000 Phipps Residence

CareScape, Inc. Commercial Maintenance $150,001- $200,000 Valley Vista Parcel A and B

Solana Outdoor Living SFR Installation $150,001-$170,000 Private Residence Think Green, Inc. SFR Installation $40,001- $55,000 Lone Mountain Project

Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management Commercial Maintenance $150,001- $200,000 Coldwater Springs HOA

Xeriscapes Unlimited, Inc Commercial Installation Under $50,000 Peoria Apartments Think Green, Inc. SFR Installation $40,001- $55,000 Ralph Residence




Integrated Landscape Management LLC Commercial Maintenance $90,001-$150,000 Arizona Center

May/June 2017

There’s a new grass in Town!

less waTer + less FerTilizer = More $ in your pockeT and a “greener” grass for the environment

Platinum t.e. now available!

Find out more at 800/832-8873

• • • • • • • •

Extreme salt tolerance Advanced striping ability Shorter dormancy period Shiny exceptionally dark green color Versatile mowing heights from ¼” – 1” Superior low light intensity tolerance Uses 66% less nitrogen than bermuda Excellent drought and wear tolerance

From the growers of bobsod— the Official Turf of the D-backs and Chase Field


Thank you to Brilliance LED for Sponsoring the March Member Mixer in Phoenix BRILLIANCE LED - EVERY DAY WE GO TO WORK LOOKING FOR WAYS TO MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER. A Veteran owned Company


ince 2008, Brilliance LED has been a leader in the LED and Green Industry. We are a manufacturer of high-performance landscape retrofit lamps serving both commercial and residential markets. We take pride in finding innovative ways to produce energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED retrofit lamps. Brilliance LED strives to provide high-quality products, processes, and services to give us the competitive edge that keeps our customers coming back time and again. We do this by continuously taking the time to understand our customers’ needs and then exceed their expectations by always being the first to produce the best products in our market.

Our Mission

Brilliance LED is passionate about leading the landscape lighting industry into a fully energy efficient LED market with only the highest quality products at the most cost effective prices. We strive to provide honest and exemplary customer service to our international network of distributors. At the forefront of all that we do is the mission of preserving our planet through sustainable goals.


WE WATCH THE GRASS GROW SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper or groundskeeper, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is prepared to help you. Call today at 602.271.4266

Our Purpose

Here at Brilliance LED, we value respect, faith and humility. We seek to offer the finest craftsmanship and tooling of products, the highest quality control, the best warranties, the best in-house engineering and contractor tech support and the most outstanding customer service. For more information on Brilliance LED, contact Kevin Smith at kevin. or Sam Henritze at 7202 E Cave Creek Rd | Suite 3A PO Box 2281 | Carefree, AZ 85377 P: (800) 867-2108 | F: (480) 575-0078 |

Tree Relocation Service 90” Tree Spade Please contact Bonnie Ervine phone 602-541-7762 fax 623-772-0205

ISA Certified Arborist on staff. We locate plant material of all types and sizes.





May/June 2017


Electrical Over Stress


ack in the halogen and incandescent days of landscape lighting, it was a common practice by many contractors to install lamps while the system was on. This is known as a “hot plug-in”. This practice has been widely used especially if a contractor was out providing maintenance on a lighting system. As we have evolved into the era of LED light sources, the practice of hot plugging should be avoided. The reason for this is that it is virtually impossible to be 100% sure that there will not be the slightest electrical arc when a lamp is inserted into a socket or a connection is made with live cable. A hot plug-in can cause an “electrical over stress” (EOS) on many parts of the internal circuitry of an LED lamp or integrated fixture. EOS can simply be described as an electrical component that is operated beyond its maximum rated electrical limit accidently or deliberately according to its rating on the specification sheet. In landscape lighting EOS can occur with a hot plug-in, a lightning strike, or a poorly made connection. Some common signs of EOS are as follows: One or more diodes out; in this case, the bonding wires inside the LED device have been broken. Another sign could be a pungent burnt smell emitted from the lamp. In some cases the back of the lamp may show a burn hole, especially with lightning. EOS can also have an adverse effect on a fixture that requires a remote low voltage driver. If a driver is connected live when attached to its respective fixture, it can cause an EOS failure. The question now is how do we change the hot plug-in install? My suggestion would be that when performing maintenance on an older system, unplug the transformer before installing the LED lamp or integrated fixture to insure the power is off to the socket. This same method can also be used on new installations with a standard landscape lighting transformer. If you happen to be working with a smart app driven transformer, ensure the remote control has the system off. Most of the smart phone apps will allow for a simple on and off for the transformer. Ultimately, to avoid EOS, make sure to have solid potted cable connections and no power to the fixtures upon installation. If a situation arises where lightning has caused the EOS, check to see if the homeowner’s insurance will cover lightning damages. Kevin Smith National Technical Support and Trainer Brilliance LED LLC

Workplace Fatalities Rise for First Time Since 2008


total of 4,836 deaths in the workplace were recorded in 2015, according to official Bureau of Labor statistics, a 0.3% increase over 2014, and the highest number of workplace deaths since 2008. The 2015 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries was released in December. Here are additional findings from that census: The 903 deaths among Hispanic or Latino workers and 495 deaths among African-American workers were the most since 2007 and 2008 respectively. Some 650 deaths occurred among workers 65 and older, which is the second highest in this age demographic since the census began recording the data in 1992. Roadway-related fatalities climbed 9% to 1,264 accounting for 26% of all fatal work-related injuries in 2015. The private construction industry recorded 937 deaths, the highest level since 2008. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers experienced 745 fatal injuries. Falls to a lower level accounted for 81% of all fatal falls. Workers were fatally struck by an object or equipment 519 times in 2015. Workers were most frequently struck by plants, trees, and vegetation (110); highway vehicles (104); and construction, logging, and mining machinery (54). “These numbers underscore the urgent need for employers to provide a safe workplace for their employees as the law requires,” said former Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez in a department prepared release on the figures. “We have a moral responsibility to make sure that workers who showed up to work today are still alive to punch the clock tomorrow,” Perez added. Copperpoint’s safety library is full of workplace safety tips covering nearly every occupational hazard. Use the Safety Materials Order Form available at to order safety cards that fit your business. Or ask our Loss Control & Risk Management Team about the DuPont Learning System.

Compatible with all Brilliance LED lamps Wattage 120 Operating Range 12vac IP 63 warranty (years) 3

800.867.2108 | www.

May/June 2017





Rodeo Ford


you are like most landscapers right now, you are setting up for a very busy season ahead. You’re bidding on business, locking in projects for the coming months and getting things planned out. The more proactive you are, the more money you will make. Spring is a great time to get on top of things and maybe spend a little money to save a lot. Ensuring that maintenance and service work is done now on your work vehicles will mean that you can keep them working when the work comes in. Also, with lead times for work trucks getting longer, now is the time to plan for new purchases so that you have the truck when the work needs to start. Rodeo Ford has been a business partner to landscapers in Arizona for years. My company has been part of the planning cycles of many of our customers and has been able to save them a lot of money. A little advance notice is all we need to make sure that you have the right vehicle available to you when you need it. The best part is that you don’t pay for it until it rolls off the lot. This is just one way that Rodeo Ford has become a trusted advisor to so many businesses, especially those in landscaping. We all know that when the peak season comes, all that matters is keeping the work flowing. This means ensuring that you are delivering great customer service on time and on budget. To do this, business managers need to keep the vehicles in top shape and the work crews safe and productive. Rodeo Ford and the Ford Motor Company have long been innovators with providing superior products and superior service to back them up. To extend this leadership, we are offering customers Ford Telematics, an innovative solution to help landscapers get the most out of their business. It improves worker productivity, safety and reduces operating, maintenance and even insurance costs.






May/June 2017

Here are a few examples: Business managers will know where their work crews are at all times. If an urgent job comes in, managers will be able to identify the closest team with the right equipment to respond and then dispatch them with directions. The result is a happy customer and more revenue. Rodeo Ford also offers the ability to monitor our customers’ fleets for them so that they can focus on their business. If a vehicle’s oil life is getting low or if there is water sensed in the diesel, Rodeo Ford is alerted and proactively schedules preventative maintenance without unnecessary downtime and lost revenue. Catching problems like this early saves a lot! Further, with Ford Telematics, customers have been proven to save thousands per vehicle in operating costs. Landscaping is not an easy business, let alone one to be financially successful in. Business partners like Rodeo Ford can provide solutions to problems and identify ways to work smarter that weren’t available until now. Most importantly, business partners like Rodeo Ford stand behind you and the products and services that Rodeo Ford provides to you. I am proud to have had the opportunity to be the trusted partner to so many Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association members. All of us at

Rodeo Ford are inspired by the commitment to service that all of the ALCA members have and we do our best every day to provide that same level of commitment. We measure ourselves by our ability to support and grow your business, which is why we are continually looking to provide innovative products and services like Ford Telematics. Springtime is a great time for us all. So much lies ahead for us all in the coming months. As we all prepare for a busy season ahead, just know that Rodeo Ford is proud to be a committed and engaged ALCA member and one that is ready to stand by you to help you grow and manage your business. Jim Mitchell, Rodeo Ford 623-298-3938


Rain Bird


ore than three decades ago, Rain Bird pioneered remote irrigation system access for golf courses using radio controls. Now, Rain Bird has made smartphone control available for residential and lightcommercial irrigation systems with its new LNK WiFi Module. This small little device (size of USB memory stick) plugs into the accessory port of compatible Rain Bird controllers and upgrades them to a smart controller and a web based controller with smartphone control.

Over the past few years, home automation has become increasingly popular, allowing individuals to manage lighting, thermostats, appliances and more from their mobile devices. The irrigation and landscaping industry is no exception. End users want to be able to remotely manage and control their irrigation system. In order to make a product to meet customer’s demands, Rain Bird sought out advice from industry experts on how their product should work. These experts were contractors. The number one sentiment that contractors expressed is that it’s got to be easy. Contractors didn’t want: • Something that generates callbacks. • Something that they have to re-train their entire crew how to use. • Something that required Wi-Fi signal and/ or a smartphone in order to work properly. Rain Bird met these requests by creating a separate device that can be installed with the controller or at a later date. This allows the controller to operate like a controller and not create unnecessary confusion for end users not interested in connecting their irrigation system controller to their Wi-Fi and it allows contractors to keep working the same way.

The compatible controllers are the ESP-Me (pictured below) and the new ESP-TM2. The ESPMe which is often referred to as the ESP Modular, is familiar to contractors as it’s Rain Bird’s most popular controller and product of choice for thousands of contractors. It features an expandable station count up to 22 zones, 4 programs, one touch manual watering and a contractor default, a favorite amongst our readers. Be sure to look for the LNK Ready icon on the front of the ESP Modular, as older versions aren’t compatible. If you find yourself with one of the older versions, don’t worry, Rain Bird has a

controllers.The other controller that supports the WiFi-Lnk module is a brand new controller for 2017, the ESP-TM2(pictured below). This is the perfect controller for residential applications. It features a fixed station count, available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 stations. It’s an indoor and outdoor unit in one, and comes with a pre-installed pig tail. It has three available programs and back lit screen for low light conditions. Regardless of which controller, you pair the LNK WiFi Module to; it provides complete irrigation system management via a free downloadable mobile app. The module receives weather information from the Internet, automatically adjusting system run times on a daily basis. It also provides users with notifications on their mobile devices that assist with troubleshooting, system diagnostics and operation while providing meaningful weather event alerts. Pictured to the right, you can see how easy it is to adjust a controller’s schedule using Rain Bird’s smartphone app. This exciting new product from Rain Bird is creating a lot of excitefaceplate upgrade option for you. The WiFi LNK ment with contractors who finally have the WiFi module enables the controller to receive weather enabled irrigation controller designed for them. updates and automatically adjust irrigation schedYou can find out more by visiting http://wifi-pro. ules based on weather conditions. When paired with Rain Bird’s wireless rain sensor, this meets the strict water saving requirements to be certified an EPA Watersense product. End users can save up to 30% water compared to normal time based May/June 2017





Southwest Sod


ur team talks turf. That's right. We not only talk turf, but we grow it too. For more than three decades, Southwest Sod Inc. has been growing premium turfgrass on our local Arizona farm. Whether your clients are interested in sodding their backyard or their ballpark, we have you covered. Since we have been watching the grass grow for years, we have learned a thing or two about growing grass that might be helpful to you. Let me start with some watering wisdom.

Since summer is just around the corner, our turf team wanted to share with you how to transition your client's lawn. Be on the lookout for an increase in temperature, because once nighttime temperatures are consistently above 65 degrees, you may want to consider preparing the lawn for the summer season. For grass that has been overseeded, keep the grass mowed short, leaving only about 50% of the leaf blade. Then you can reduce watering for 5-7

Always water established turf in the early morning to prevent excessive evaporation. Next, if footprints stay in your grass for more than 5 minutes, it's time turn on the sprinklers. A bluish gray tint also indicates stress and lack of water. If the dry area is not getting the same amount of water as the green area, adjust the sprinkler heads accordingly. Grass needs water, but it loves fertilizer. A properly fertilized lawn has good density and deep color. Fertilizing not only strengthens the plant, it also protects your lawn from drought, disease, and weeds. Because of the increased daylight hours during the summer growing season, an application of something similar to 21-0-0 analysis once a month works great. Nitrogen is one of the necessary ingredients for the long summer months because the blades of turf absorb a substantial amount of sunlight. A good nitrogen based fertilizer will help your lawn maintain its deep green color. For winter months it is best to use a 16-20-0 analysis or something similar. The shorter daylight hours mean the turf needs an additional nutrient source, namely phosphorus. We recommend an application every 4 to 6 weeks for a healthy winter lawn and to keep the ryegrass growing.

days to 70-80% of your normal use. This stresses the ryegrass and allows the hybrid to flourish. Next, fertilize with 21-0-0 analysis or a fertilizer with a similar rate of ammonium sulfate and return to a regular watering and mowing schedule. Be sure to rake the ryegrass off as it dies out so the underlying hybrid bermudagrass gets plenty of sunshine and watering. What's normal? Well, you usually should be watering 10-15 minutes every day and mow once a week. You can transition gradually, and still maintain a green yard. If you wish to transition totally, reduce watering. Be sure to remove all of the grass cuttings and excess plant material to avoid plant diseases. For those lawns that have not been overseeded, mow your lawn, but be sure to remove only about 1/3 of the leaf blade. Next, carefully rake the yard to remove cuttings and any dead grass that has accumulated over the winter. Fertilize monthly with a 21-0-0 or similar analysis and water twice a week for 15 to 20 minutes. As your grass comes out of dormancy, be sure to increase your watering schedule to every day for 10-15 minutes. If you follow those steps, you can bet that your client's lawn will look as if it just came from our farm. We really do have a talented team of turf




May/June 2017

experts and they would love to assist you in helping make your turf dreams come true. We may just be watching the grass grow, so please call us anytime at 602.271.4266 or visit our website at if you have any questions or would like more information on our products.

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IRRIGATION TECH TRAININGS Irrigation Tech I—June 30 (7:30 am—12:30 pm)

This course will focus on the most common parts of an irrigation system: how they work, how they most often fail and what to do to solve a problem. You will learn how to use the tools that every irrigation tech should have at hand. This is a basic class for novice irrigation techs to those more seasoned individuals looking to polish their skills. Students will break out into stations for interactive hands-on activities which include the following: Valves Sprinklers  Opening a valve and seeing all of the parts  Determine precipitation rate  Putting a valve back together correctly with the right  Adjust and replace rotors and nozzles tools Pipe  Use a multi-meter and realize that it won’t hurt you  Glue pipe  Troubleshooting  Compression coupling Controllers  Slip fix  Program most commonly used controllers  Troubleshooting

Irrigation Tech II—July 26 (7:30 am—2:30 pm) This advanced course is designed for those who have completed ACLP, Irrigation Tech I or have equivalent field experience.

This course will increase your understanding of hydraulic science, improve irrigation design troubleshooting as well as teach you how to isolate electrical problems in the landscape. You will work in small groups to determine the source of the irrigation issue and then discuss solution recommendations in your group. Students will break out into stations for interactive hands-on activities which include the following: Hydraulics  Review how water moves through a system and what impacts its motion  Determine precipitation rates and if your system is performing efficiently  Identify causes of hydraulic problems and discover solutions Electrical  Discover the proper techniques and tools required for isolating line breaks  Identify cable paths and locate faults Design  Uncover flaws in an irrigation design  Locate design changes that impact the efficiency of the system WHERE: ALCA Office 5425 E Bell Rd #105 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 COST:

Member: $100/person Non Member: $200/person

REGISTER: CEUs: Four IA CEUs available


Tree Pruning Tips for Monsoon


give clients the same recommendation each and every spring: Be sure to prune your trees before monsoon season. But between dealing with summer turfgrass transition, changing out annual beds and then irrigation must be adjusted because, oh darn, it’s hot. Trees seem to get forgotten until the wind of monsoon starts taking them down. The time to schedule your pre-monsoon tree punning was yesterday. There are many reasons why we typically prune our trees: risk management, tree health, aesthetics, but in the Desert Southwest tree preservation is also an important goal. Many of us have seen how a strong wind storm can take down a considerable number of trees in a community. But often these downed victims have similar characteristics: heavy canopies and small root masses. Unfortunately many of our desert and desert adapted trees outgrow their root mass in a short period of time, making it difficult to withstand the pressure of a strong wind. If the canopy has not been thinned to reduce this air pressure, it may be more likely to fall. Established trees can also be subject to damage in these high winds. Rapid growth in the presence of an abundance of water can weaken limbs which are prone to failure during the monsoon season. This excess weight on limb tips not only makes trees at risk for failing, but a liability for you as a landscape contractor. Reducing excess limb weight on young and BEFORE mature trees prior to monsoon season can help prevent these losses on your properties. Reduction pruning addresses canopy density and helps reduce the wind resistance, allowing air to move through the tree, not at the tree. Concentrate your efforts at the outer third of the canopy, reduce trees by 10-15% at branch tips to remove weight on scaffold branches. Also, performing crown AFTER thinning (10-15%) will increase wind movement through the canopy. What does NOT help is ‘lion tailing’, or elevating the canopy by stripping trees of smaller branches. This leaves the trees vulnerable to failure since all the weight is now at the limb tips. There are a few other circumstances that can make trees more prone to failure during the monsoon season. (1) Inspecting trees for poor branch attachment such as included bark or acute and wide angle attachments and removing high risk limbs before they fail is recommended. Having an arborist review the tree’s health and structure annually will isolate any predictable weak limbs before they fail. (2) If a tree stake has been neglected and girdling or damage has been done to the trunk, it may be more prone




May/June 2017

to snapping off in a microburst. (3) Overwatering trees prior to high winds can soften the soil enough to make trees mimic the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Reducing water or capping emitters on established desert trees can help the tree stay anchored in the soil. We know it’s ok to cap emitters of mesquite trees after a year in the ground, right? (4) Poor quality nursery stock can also influence how well a tree stays anchored in the ground. If a root bound tree is planted and roots do not grow out into the soil, it is likely to fall over. Unfortunately, restaking these trees may be wasted time and energy. Tree replacement is the best option in this situation. Always remember to check your nursery stock for ideal branch structure and ensure it is not root bound in the container. As you work on your weekly to-do list, add this as #1 priority: Prune trees. Ideally, plan on performing pre-monsoon pruning from May-June, making sure you can cross it off your list by July 1st. Trees are one of the biggest assets on your properties, preserve and protect them! A study out of Texas A&M shows that looking at trees for 5 minutes reduces stress by lowering blood pressure and muscle tension. We could all use a bit less stress in life. Stop, breath and look at a tree. Then schedule your tree pruning. Kasey Billingsley, ALCA Education Coordinator

Chapman has been in the commercial truck business for over 30 years, and we’re still family owned and operated. That means you can count on an old-fashioned commitment to quality, service and caring. Things that seem to be missing in business lately. But at Chapman, we’ve always placed a higher value on reputation than on finances. Maybe that’s why we’ve got the highest customer service index in Arizona. We lease and sell the best commercial vehicles available. We back them up with the best customer service in the Valley, including dedicated commercial service facilities. Plus, we respect and appreciate your bottom line, so we make the deal fit. And we do it all with a big smile and a warm handshake. Yes, you can buy or lease a truck anywhere. But there’s only one Chapman Experience.




hile you may not know what BYOD is, you do need to worry about how it is affecting your business. It does not matter if you are a micro business with two employees or a large corporation with hundreds. No matter where you are located, what kind of work that you do or how long you have been in business; you need to understand the benefits and risks associated with BYOD. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is a term created by Intel in 2009 to indicate the growing trend of employees utilizing their personal devices in their work environment. While employees have been bringing their cell phones to work with them from the day they proudly brought that fancy flip phone home from the store, it wasn’t a big concern until personal devices like tablets and Smartphones started to be used by employees for business critical tasks.

The Silver Lining

There are actually quite a few benefits of the BYOD movement for the business owner. The typical employee, like all consumers, loves to have the latest and greatest technology available. They are buying and becoming experts at using top of the line products, and since they are so comfortable with their specific phone or tablet, they can begin seeing productivity benefits immediately. This trend is keeping your business at the leading edge of cell phone and tablet technology without spending any money. The business does not have to purchase these expensive devices or train their employees how to use them. It is estimated that employees gain 45 to 60 minutes of productivity per week simply by having the anytime, anywhere access offered by their personal devices.

And Here Is the Rub

While the business owner can rejoice at the large savings in technology spending and the dramatic increase in productivity, these benefits do come with risk. Allowing your employees to openly access your business network environment opens up many potential risks. For example: • What if one employee’s device becomes infected with a virus and that virus accesses your network and takes your entire business environment down? • When an employee leaves your company, they can possess a lot of confidential and important information that your business can no longer access or control. • Every device that is not properly secured becomes a potential doorway for hackers and data thieves.

How to Embrace BYOD and Stay Safe

If your business has decided to continue to allow BYOD in your business, you can take steps to protect your business. Here are the two most critical steps that your business needs to consider immediately: 1. Develop a comprehensive BYOD security policy for your business. 2. Enforce your policy with regular audits to make sure your employees are adhering to your policies. For more information, contact Tomás Payet at Computer Troubleshooters at or 480-423-BYTE (2983).

Misting and Moisture in a Dry Climate


Mercola (, Health Articles) has stated “Humidity, or the amount of water in the air is an important health variable that is easy to overlook – yet very easy to remedy. Ideal humidity is generally described as between 40 percent and 60 percent.” Phoenix and Tucson average around 14%, while Yuma, known as the least humid city in the US, comes in with a measly average of 3 inches of precipitation per year. Misting helps to inhibit upper respiratory illnesses by eliminating dust (Haboob’s) and airborne pollutants. This is especially true for seniors and young children.

Assisted Care Facility in Tucson with Misting

• Breathing dry air is a potential health hazard which can cause such respiratory ailments as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and nosebleeds, general dehydration and even Valley Fever. • A lack of moisture can cause skin irritation and eye problems. • Static electricity can cause mild shocks and are common when the air is dry. Dr. Mercola goes on to report that “by elevating the relative humidity in surrounding areas by misting, the immediate effects to the human physiology is dramatically enhanced and often improves respiratory functions.” Plants require moisture too. In struggling to survive in a hostile desert climate, plants must find ways to cope with the same uncomfortable environments as humans, pets, and livestock. Some desert plants have adapted to minimum rainfalls and a lack of moisture, but other plants struggle for survival through our soaring summer heat and freezing winter nights. There is a solution. For professional landscapers, the answer lies in understanding the required moisture levels for each plant, and then design the project’s topography so that adjustable nozzle misting lines are installed where needed. Because we live with the

Professional Nursery with Misting extremes of heat, drought, and cold, the amount and timing of precipitation and moisture is the essential element to successful and sustainable landscaping. Elizabeth Houde / Chief Operating Officer Pressure Systems – Mist Air, (602) 253-9579,

May/June 2017





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2:44 AM

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Variety ‘AZT’

Quality, Uniform, Desert Adapted Trees

SIMPLY THE BEST Prosopis Hybrid ‘AZT’ Thornless Mesquite Cercidium praecox ‘AZT’ Sonoran Palo Verde Olneya tesota ‘AZT’ Desert Ironwood Cercidium Hybrid ‘AZT’ Thornless Hybrid Palo Verde Chilopsis linearis ‘AZT Bi-Color’ Desert Willow Chilopsis linearis ‘AZT Desert Amethyst’ Desert Willow Cercidium Hybrid ‘DM’ Desert Museum Hybrid Palo Verde* *AZT propagates the ‘Desert Museum’ with the guidance and permission of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Specimen Trees for Desert Landscapes


phone (480) 987-9094 fax (480) 987-9092 e-mail:



CUSTOMERS DEMAND THE BEST These days, modern homes aren’t just beautiful — they’re high-tech. Alfred and Tony know that their clients don’t want just any controller for their irrigation management needs. They want the best. Discover awesomeness at ▼


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The possibilities are endless Low Voltage

30,000+ Colors

Line Voltage

With ZD and ZDC technology and Luxor Accessories, the Luxor® ZDC controls, zones, and dims almost any brand of 12V or 110V fixture. And it powers any relay-driven elements, like fountains and fire pits, all wirelessly. Plus, with over 30,000 color lighting possibilities, it’s the ultimate system for outdoor automation.

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