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Every sickness, every disease and every ailment can be TRACED to a mineral deficiency.

Diane Chapman Livin' Life Like It's Golden A hard act to follow? Maybe not. This woman was born to lead and lead she does. She's built a championship down line and become a leader in the MLM Industry. Her name and success are often used in the same sentence; however, she never forgets that the top sits just above the bottom. Ever mindful of that, she leads and builds with love and compassion. Living My Life Like It’s Golden by Jill Scott

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Destined for Greatness "Since Using Xooma's products, I feel like I got twenty years of my life back!" Diane Chapman National Director - Xooma Worldwide

Diane Chapman says she realized early in her life that she was destined for great things. "When I was a child I lived across the street from a golf course. Back in the day when it was a taboo for African Americans to be on golf courses, I was the one who at the end of the games would gather all the neighborhood kids and we would go and collect all the golf balls. I would go back later and resell the golf balls to the golfers for whatever I could get," Diane says with her signature, dimpled grin. Through the years it has not been enough for Diane to simply achieve her own goals, she has been committed to tapping that sense of destiny in others. She believes that everyone is born with a purpose and that God has been preparing her to lead others in the fulfillment of that sacred quest. Chapman said that she was never afraid of how she would be viewed as an African American female in corporate circles. "I learned early on, it didn't matter the color of your skin, your gender, or that you were from the rural south, people will still open up their hearts and give you a chance, if you are driven and sincere." Chapman worked as a registered respiratory therapist for many years after attending SC State College (now University), but soon realized that the traditional career track would not allow her to follow her dreams and make the kind of income that would finance them. She recognized early in her career that she wanted more than "just enough to get by." Diane was introduced to the concept of the three M's (man at work, money at work and multiples at work). With the "man at work" principle, there are human limitations that keep the amount of money that one can earn capped at a certain point because there are only 24 hours in a day. As a result, a person's hourly monetary resources are limited. The "money at work" principle is then limited by the "man at work" principle, because you cannot invest what you do not have. If one is only making enough money to pay one's bills and buy groceries, then one's money is not working toward the best end and investment and saving are not options. The "multiples at work" principle, and how a person uses it, makes all the difference in the accumulation of wealth. Diane explains this in the scope of a person owning multiple franchises of a store or restaurant. Being the owner of multiple franchises, allows an individual to earn an income in their absence, therefore leveraging their time to create massive income. The "multiples at work" principle eliminates the problem of "man at work" because you are earning income when you are working and when you are not.

When Diane learned the "multiples concept" she realized she needed to incorporate it into her life because until that point, her bank account was simply a "put and take fund." After Diane begun using the principle of the "multiples at work" to diversify herself, she created multiple streams of income and continues today teaching others how to do the same. Her success has yielded multiple features in several best-selling books, national and international public speaking engagements to audiences of tens of thousands. Even though she has been a part of several major business opportunities, Chapman now works as the National Director with Xooma Worldwide, which is her biggest venture yet. The 18 year old company, based in Hampton, Virginia, specialize in natural wellness products. Introduced to the products by a friend, Chapman's involvement with Xooma started as a consumer. She began to see immediate health changes in herself and others. In just one year, because of the tremendous health benefits of the products, she now has over three thousand customers and growing. Chapman believes that these products can make a huge difference in people's lives. In her words, "Since using Xooma's products, I feel like I got twenty years of my life back!" The flagship of the Xooma Worldwide product line is theXtrememX2O product. This tea bag like sachet transforms regular water into alkaline water and releases over 70 organic trace minerals and 40 electrolytes. Alkaline water works to adjust the ph of the blood, helping dispel acid. A person's body can be acidic because of many things, though a lot of acid comes from stress, and acidic food and drink. Other products the company sells include Xooma Blast, a natural drink mixture that added to regular water gives you a great tasting beverage with few calories, no artificial coloring or sweeteners and the ORAC value of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables. FocusUp tm supplements comes in a capsule or drink powder and has improved the memory, mood, concentration, energy levels and focus of its users. People can use FocusUp rather than constantly drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated and diet beverages, because it has seven major ingredients that directly nourish the brain. Chapman says that she believes in Xooma Worldwide and the corporate team. Diane has been married for 27 years to Ronald Chapman and is the proud mother of Gregory Chapman age 25 who graduated from the University of South Carolina and Evan, age 10, who is going to the 5th grade. The Chapmans reside in Columbia, SC.

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Here's How Xooma X20 Helped Ronnie, Robin and Mitch. Xooma members have been sharing their personal stories about how X2O has positively impacted their lives. We’re also hearing from many that by adding X2O water to their daily regimen, they experience weight loss. For many people, weight is becoming a growing concern. Maybe you’re like some of them and would love to lose some weight or excess body fat but for whatever reason, it hasn’t been that easy. Most people have tried one fad diet after another, only to find that even if they lose some weight, their results don’t last very long. The fact is that obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic. What if there really was a solution? A simple place to start that would work for just about anyone. A solution that has been on our planet since the beginning of time. What’s the solution? WATER! But not just any water – mineral-rich, alkaline water that effectively hydrates your body. Water, as it was originally found on earth was different. It was fresh and pure. It came from natural springs, fresh mountain streams and was loaded with important trace minerals that are essential to our health. Unfortunately, the water coming out of our faucets today is no longer that way. And while more and more people are reaching for bottled water these days, the problem is that in most cases, bottled water is simply recycled and filtered municipal tap water. Thanks to a breakthrough discovery in natural science, Xooma Worldwide gives you a way to transform ordinary water into a powerful beverage that can help you lose weight and shed excess body fat. We call this revolutionary product “X2O”. X2O supports your weight loss efforts in 3 ways ... 1. X2O helps to hydrate your body at the cellular level. Think about it. You’ve probably never seen a weight loss system or diet program that didn’t recommend that you drink more water. Why? Because your body needs to be properly hydrated in order for you to be successful in your weight loss goals. The problem is that most tap water and bottled water is not effective for optimal hydration. But, when you add just one sachet of X2O to that water, it provides improved hydration by allowing the water to be more easily absorbed by your body. In addition, X2O delivers vital electrolytes into your water that improve your overall hydration at the cellular level. 2. X2O provides ionic trace minerals which support healthy weight management. Ensuring that your body gets the optimal level of minerals it needs is a vital component to not only being healthy but also to optimize your weight loss goals. This is because minerals play a key role in important bodily functions that relate to your metabolism. Minerals have a direct effect on appetite control, blood sugar balance, food cravings, adrenal and thyroid hormone functions, and the use of fat for energy in your body. X2O sachets contain an all-natural mineral complex that releases beneficial trace minerals into the water which can be easily absorbed and used to support your body’s metabolic functions. 3. X2O gives your water a healthy alkaline boost which helps burn fat. If you want to shed excess body fat with less effort, it is important to maintain a healthy pH balance in the body. This is the “hidden secret” to continual fat loss that keeps most people from getting the results they desire. Unfortunately, most of the foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis cause our bodies to become acidic. And the more acidic we are, the more likely we are to store fat. But, with just one sachet of X2O, you can transform your water into a highly alkaline beverage that helps to neutralize acid in your body and trigger the release of excess fat. In addition to promoting healthy weight loss, X2O also provides your body with a host of other incredible health benefits!

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Diane Chapman  

Xooma Worldwide National Director, Dian Chapman has reached a level of greatness in Xooma and in Life. Read All about Diane Chapman's Xooma...