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META-Health Explaining Women’s Health A year ago, I visited Chandigarh in North India, where I meet a beautiful young lady, suffering from cervical cancer, who was given five months by her doctor to live. After this every other woman that I met was either suffering from illness of uterus like endometriosis, cancer of uterus and fallopian tubes, uterine cervix cancer, excessive vaginal discharge or breast cancer? My curious mind stated ticking loudly. Why was it that, these successful, beautiful, well-groomed, smart, rich and famous women had these health issues? This started battery of questions in my mind.

I love this quote written by Mother Teresa, which explains women’s life in such simple and amazing way with such powerful words “ Everything that a women does is the fruit of love, because her life is an expression of love.” What does the word Health mean? Health is a state of being free from illness and injury.

So META-Health gives a more holistic view above the way doctors think and My hunger to be healthy and happy and to see conventional medicine operates. other women happy, lead to this research. I present my research today for the entire What is META-Health? META-Health, spectrum of women from all walks of the explores a connection between physical and the exact society, with the intention and hope that this condition research would make women understand the emotional/biological stress that caused it.

What does word META Mean? The word META here simply means beyond

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Meta-Health looks at symptoms as signs that need to be investigated on the basis of; • What is the biological meaning of the symptoms? • Is the body doing something meaningful or is it making a mistake by creating these symptoms? • If the body is doing something meaningful, what is the meaning behind it? • Is the body doing everything to kill us or is the body doing everything to save us? • Is the symptom a disease or has the disease started long before the symptom appeared? • How long will the disease remain?

Meta-Health attempts to answer all the above questions and explain which stressful event causes your physical and mental health issues Before we understand Women Health issues we need to know: What is a Uterus? Uterus is also called the womb. The womb is a child's first home.

What does the break up of word Uterus mean? In my opinion the uterus word can be broken as follows When we break the word Uterus: ‘U’ means ‘you’, ‘Ter’ means ‘three’, ‘Us’ means together. Interesting isn’t it! When two people love each other, they then create another life, which connects them as


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What is the connection of uterus with issue, word date Hysteric? Did you know that word hysteric came from Greek literature? Incidentally, uterus in Greek also means hustera or hysteric; which actually means a wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction. Since uterus is the first home of every human being and mammals on our planet earth, so uterus problems metaphorically represents fights and reactions in the home front. Thus fights at home and not feeling comfortable in your space because of emotional turmoil, which is likely to impact, your uterus.

What are the three layers of a uterus? Uterus is made up of three layers called perimetrium (outermost layer), myometrium (middle layer) and endometrium (innermost

What is endometrial layer?

How many kinds endometrial lining?

The endometrial is the innermost lining of the uterus, made up of blood vessels, which acts as a red carpet for the unborn child. The blood in the endometrial lining symbolizes meshwork of blood relations and identity. These blood relations after the birth will give the child his/her identity like his name, religion, language, his value system, and beliefs. If the conception does not occur, this layer sheds off during

They are of two types


• One, which sheds of as menstrual layer during menstruation. Other, which continuously recreates during menstruation. What is the function of endometrial lining? This lining is necessary for a healthy menstrual cycle and pregnancy. A fertilized egg needs the lining of the uterus to be a certain thickness to implant and begin growing.

What creates menstrual flow? So if the sperm and egg don’t meet and conception does not occur, thus pregnancy does not occur, causing levels of hormones, estrogen and progesterone to decline. Decrease in progesterone, triggers your period, the shedding of the lining. If you do not ovulate, progesterone is not made and the lining does not shed. 3

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and female hormones?

Female and male both have hormones which make them look and function like a male and female. Every male has female hormones and every female has male hormones. So a male has Andosterone and Testosterone as well as Estrogen and Progesterone. A female has Estrogen and Progesterone and also Andosterone and Testosterone. At the time of puberty male secretes more of Andosterone and Testosterone, which develops male secondary characteristics like facial hair, crackling of voice and creation of sperms. Female at puberty secretes more of Estrogen and Progesterone, which develops her female secondary characteristics which helps her to create breasts, and roundedness of her body and onset of periods or menstruation What is the thickness of endometrial layer dependent on? For the endometrium to thicken it is reliant on adequate levels of estrogen. In fact the entire menstrual cycle is dependent estrogen To understand how endometrial-lining and its development, it may help to first understand how hormonal changes during a typical menstrual cycle affect your uterine lining. Estrogen is a female hormone made by the ovaries during the first part of your cycle. That leads to growth of the lining to prepare your body for pregnancy. However, after an egg is released (ovulation), progesterone increases with the goal of supporting a fertilized egg.

Conditions that can cause discomfort related to endometrial lining are: • Endometrial Hyperplasia • Absence of period-Amenorrhea • Endometriosis • Chocolate cyst • Menopause In this article I, will explain Endometrial Hyperplasia in detail

What is break up of endometrial mean? According to me Endo means inner most, Metrial means matrix or meshwork. So Endometrial layer means innermost layer made up of mesh work of blood vessels and

What is meaning of Hyperplasia? According to Greek language, if we break hyperplasia into hyper + Plasia. Hyper means “Over” and Plasis means “Formation”. So in simple language it means over formation of an organic tissue.



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My Story

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Every story begins by being our own story. Either we experience the problem and want to find answers or someone else’s illness that is dear to us touches us. I developed this condition on and off after my children left for residential school. Could my condition be connected to my children leaving the home nest?

Could my condition be connected to my children leaving the home nest?

I also later discovered that my grandmother and her daughter that is my aunt and her daughter all suffered from the same condition. They dealt with this condition by going in for removal of the uterus or called hysterectomy.

My story about Endometrial hyperplasia began as my own and then got further triggered after I meet number of women in north India suffering from the same. This made me realize that this is a very common problem that needs future exploration as to ‘Why does this happen?’

Lets understand what causes Endometrial Hyperplasia according to convention medicine? According to Conventional medicine, If your body has too much of the hormone estrogen without the hormone progesterone, then you may develop endometrial hyperplasia. So the lining may keep growing in response to the estrogen and, in time, the cells in the lining can become abnormal. In some women, the overgrowth, called hyperplasia, can lead to cancer.

What is the understanding according to METAHealth? In embryology the endometrium lining of the uterus is connected with Endoderm and belongs to brain layer called Brain Stem issues, but the formation of this layer is connected with estrogen and progesterone hormone supply which is connected with ectoderm and brain layer called the cortex. 5

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The conflicts with Cortex are connected with

So lets understand why uterus lining

semi sexual or sexual themes. Rejection by

becomes thin or thick?

her partner may not make her feel like a woman enough. Rejection may also happen if she finds out that her husband is having an affair, basically if her man treats her badly she can trigger the feeling of rejection, which in turn can create the feeling of separation. She may have felt sexually violated during lover making.

While experiencing stress the hormone estrogen will become stunted in secretion and so the lining will become less and lead to absence of period-Amenorrhea and when a person is off stress the person will have excess secretion of hormone estrogen which in turn will increase the lining of the uterus making it hyper or

We also need to remember that conflicts





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hyperplasia. The shedding of the lining

with our identity. Both Brainstem and Cortex

is called Healing Crisis in META-Health


create conflicts move hand in hand creating this complex problem. Case study: MRS X, lived in east Europe, she had a perfect life. Her kids went to the best school in Europe, her husband had a great job, and She had a great house and an amazing life style. She often said to herself that she was the luckiest woman on the planet earth. One fine day her husband lost his dream job. Her world came falling upside down. She had to return back to her home country. This mother of two children had to part with her kids, as she had to send them to the residential school. She let go of both her kids within a week’s time. This was a massive shock to her. Whenever her kids would come for holidays and family ipsum dolor could havelorem a great time together she would land up having very heavy periods. When kids

would be gone her periods were normal. So we now need to understand that her family coming back dissolved the shock of parting with kids and her body was busy creating a red carpet treatment for her children. So separation and connection with her kids had an impact on her health. 6

We all need to understand that our body is very intuitive; it does everything in its power to preserve the body in healthy state. If we understand our symptoms we will then stop getting scared and that by itself will solve various problems around health

Written by Anu Mehta Blog :AnuMehta.co.in

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