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Printing / Copying

1 High Quality - (Laser Printing) Our highest quality printouts are done on the Canon imagePRESS C1+ which produces remarkably high quality images and precise, vivid color graphics that will give your project a “WOW� factor. This printer is ideal for business cards, invitations, and digital proofing.

2 Standard Quality - (laser Printing) Printed on our Canon Image Runner printers, these printouts are ideal for everyday business presentations, manuals, school projects and much more.

The C1+ also has the ability to handle a wide range of paper stock including coated and textured stocks in thicker weights as well as adding a clear toner to your designs. You will immediately identify the visual difference with the results of this printer.

3 Economy - (Inkjet Printing) Our most affordable option of printing uses our RISO machine, which delivers high speed, low cost prints delivered to you in record time. You will not find better pricing on the island! These printouts are ideal for fast drafts.

Clear Toner option The unique clear toner feature of the Canon imagePRESS C1+ creates a visual texture treatment that expands design capabilities. From subtle delicate suggestions to a bold creative image, this effect will give your designs something special that will stand out from the rest. 4

Large Format Printing Large Format Printing H i g h q u a l i t y d i gi tal l arge f ormat co lo r p i c t u re s , p o ste rs and b anne rs, co nv en i e n t l y p ri nte d d i re c tl y f rom our comp u t e rs f o r b e auti f y c onti nuous full to n e c o l o r p ri nts. We of f e r a variet y of p i c t u re p ri nti ng, p oste r p ri nti ng and b a n n e r p ri nti ng. Qual i ty, f ad e- resista n t i n k s a nd d urab l e me d i a opt ions en s u re l a rge f ormat p i c ture s, post ers a n d b a n n e rs w i th vi vi d c ol ors, excelle n t i m a g e q ual i ty, and l ong last ing d i s p l a y c a p ab i l i ti e s.

Large format posters and banners are excellent for: • Maps

Large format Media Types:

• Trade show banners and graphics

• Regular Bond Paper

• In-store point-of-purchase displays (retail store displays)

• Coated Paper

• Courtroom graphics • Research posters for medical, scientific presentation • Event signs and promotional signage • Outdoor banner display • Presentations • Business or personal artwork display • Anywhere you need to display large photographic-quality images.

• Canvas Vinyl • Fabric Canvas • Film Paper • Vinyl Sticker • Glossy Photo Paper • Semi-Glossy Paper


Photo Printing Sony Picture Station - Instant Digital Photo Printing Our “Do It Self” Sony Picture Station offers high-quality instant photos with a complete range of instant digital photofinishing solutions at high speed while maintaining superior quality, providing: • Beautiful quality prints in Glossy, ProMatte™ and Luster finishes • A full range of print sizes: 4”x 6”, 5”x 7”, 6”x 8” • Standard photos, enlargements, photo cards, invitations and creative borders Unleash your creativity! Overlay borders and text or use the built-in templates to create anything from ID cards to novelty products and add value to each print. zz Memory cards / Memory Sticks zz SD memory cards zz Multi Media cards zz mini SD cards zz CompactFlash zz CD/DVD zz CD-R/RW zz DVD-R/RW

We also offer full page letter, A4 and A3 size photo printing done on our professional inkjet machine and large format photo printing on our large format printer.


Book Copying We provide high quality service to those who seek to reproduce books without harming the originals, which are often irreplaceable and priceless. The latest in book copying technology allows us to accurately recreate anything from school books to out-of-print novels, with no danger to the original. Coupled with our binding services, we can replicate your book collection with the highest degree of quality.

“Our Canon copiers deliver high quality copies within record time�

Badges & Membership Cards High quality photo ID badges...accurate, timely and at a reasonable price. That is what you can expect from our ID badge & membership card service. Whatever industry you are associated with, Antraco Copy Plus can design a card that will meet your requirements or bring your own design. We also have name badge holders in stock. When you provide us with your logo and ideas about your badge layout, we will design a proof for your approval. Once photo images are received, full-color high quality Photo ID Badges will be completed within one to two days. Complete with name badge holders as desired.

Specialty Custom Cards are also available. These include: zz Membership Cards zz Gift Cards zz Loyalty Cards zz Frequent Shopper Cards zz Access and Security Cards zz Custom badges needed for your Company


Rubber Stamps High-quality, custom made stamps save time. Created in just minutes these stamps have unlimited uses for work or home. The stamp sizes are: zz Stamp 1212 = 0.39 inch x 0.39 inch Gift Cards zz Stamp 1060 = 0.39 inch x 2.36 inch zz Stamp 2770 = 1.06 inch x 2.76 inch zz Stamp 4090 = 1.57 inch x 3.54 inch

The stamp colors are:

33 Blue 33 Red 33 Green 33 Black CD and DVD Burning Share your documents, photos and video on CD or DVD. Antraco Copy Plus is your destination for all your CD and DVD duplication needs. Now it’s easier than ever to send important videos, photos or documents to family, friends and business associates. Want to make a lasting impression with an important client? Leave behind an electronic copy of your presentation on disc. You can do it all using the high storage capacity, convenience and portability of CDs or DVDs. You can even personalize each CD or DVD with surface printing of full-color custom images, logos, your company or your customer’s name.


T-shirt Printing & Heat Press T-Shirt Transfers We provide high quality inkjet and Laserjet T-Shirt transfer print outs. Bring your own design or artwork or have one of our Copy Plus design artists do this for you. Most of our transfers are easily laundered. Your design will be pressed by our professional heat press machine.


Finishing Make your documents easy to use, long lasting and memorable with our finishing and binding options. Keep it together. Make your document simple to distribute and manage with your choice of binding. It’s also a great way to increase the shelf life of your work, so it can become a convenient reference for your audience.

Comb / Ring Binding

Thermal Adhesive Binding

Re-usable binding combs. Ideal for projects, assignments, books or even just keeping various loose sheets together in a book format (e.g. bank statements, insurance documents, various manuals, etc).

Tired of traditional ring binding? No more punching and waiting, cumbersome plastic combs or wires! Wherever you work - from advertising to government, technology to finance - you can say goodbye to awkward punching and binding. Our Fastback binding machine uses a revolutionary thermal adhesive bind to create strong, beautiful tape binding.

Available in different colors, including white, blue, black and red. Rings available in different sizes, including: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ½” Available for A4 and Letter sized documents.


Strips available in different colors, including Black narrow, White narrow and Dark Blue narrow. Available for A4 and Letter sized documents.

Other finishing options Tabs Organize your document into sections

Inserts Use color to create sections

Covers Vinyl Covers Make presentations professional with covers

Clear Covers Frosted/Clear Covers Give presentations a polished look

Hole punching 2 or 3 hole punch for binders

Laminating Increase durability for sales, pricing, or promotion sheets

Cutting Trim your project to the size you need

Folding Create menus, invitations, brochures, or letters

Collating Organize documents and large projects

Stapling Use for booklets, reports or catalogs


Scanning Antraco has state-of-the-art equipment which can perform small to large-format copying, scanning and digital printing. Copy black & white plan sets fast. Our team members can assist you with full-service reprographics.

Oversize Black & White Printing Services Does your firm need to reproduce technical drawings or plan sets? Turn to Antraco Copy Plus for a comprehensive range of large and wide format services including oversized copying, scanning and digital printing. We offer everything from a single oversized copy to a complete package of bid sets including engineering prints and architectural plans and specifications to help ensure your firm looks professional while helping you design, bid and build effectively. zz Produce oversized copies and digital prints at 600 DPI print quality zz Scan to digital file in black & white or high-resolution color zz Submit files in PDF and TIFF digital formats for printing zz Make enlargements and reductions zz Mount or laminate your work


Design Services Our designers work creatively, quickly and efficiently as possible, with high quality results. First, we have a consultation meeting with you to discuss exactly what you would like designed and collect all the needed information. After we have completed your design, we will get your approval and feedback before it is printed. You are allowed a fifteen minute revision session to give feedback and make change suggestions. After those fifteen minutes, additional design fees will apply. Before we start your job, you are required to pay the project fee (see our “Design Pricing Guide�), which is based on the average amount of time we spend on the type of job being done. If your job requires more time or is very complex, additional fees will apply. At the conclusion of your project, any additional design fees will be collected and your project will be delivered. You have the right to all your project files for your future reference and work. Note: Please bring your own USB for us to put your files on, or we can burn them on CD for an addition fee. Our design rates are subject to change. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at: Tel: 582-3434 ext. 244 or e-mail:

zz Business Cards zz Letterheads zz Birthday Invitations zz Wedding Invitations zz First Communion Invitations zz Birth Announcements zz Signage Design zz T-Shirt Design zz Menu Design zz Ticket Design zz Flyers/Brochures zz Logos/Branding zz Posters/Banners zz Booklets/Pamphlets zz Photo editing and retouching zz Social Media


Antraco Design Pricing Guide ITEM



PRICE (Estimation)

Text editing, email and google

0-15 min is Afl. 20.=

research, internet use, resizing

16-30 min is Afl. 35.=

and all other small editing

31-60 is Afl. 60.=

Includes the following: LOGO

-One logo design -One, 15 minute revision session

Afl. 120,=

-One color proof ( 1.5 hours ) Business Cards

Includes the following: -One business card design & layout

Afl. 60,= (Simple)

-100x cards for Afl. 60,=

-One, 15 minute revision session

Afl. 100,= (Complex)

-100x cards for Afl. 100,=

-One color proof


Brochure Flyer 1-Sided Poster Large Format

(30 min - 1 hour)

Includes the following: -One design & layout

Afl. 145,= (Simple)

-One, 15 minute revision session

Afl. 200,= (Complex)

-One color proof

( 1-2 hours )

Includes the following: INVITATION

-One invitation design & layout

Afl. 80,= (Simple)

-One, 15 minute revision session

Afl. 160,= (Complex)

-One color proof

( 1-2 hours )

Includes the following: PERSONALIZED STATIONERY

-One Stationary design -One, 15 minute revision session -25 3.5” x 5” note cards -25 colored envelopes



Afl. 72,=

Includes design, Production, photo

( 30 min ) Afl. 100,= per hour


Advertise with us! Too many small-business owners think marketing is like a trip to the dentist something you just have to do every six months or so. But when marketing is continuous and targeted rather than occasional and generic, business gets easier. If prospects have a positive view of your wares and reputation before you call or before they start shopping, you’re that much closer to getting a sale. The next news flash is that on-going marketing isn’t tied to a price tag. It’s defined only by putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Here are 10 ideas for doing that on the cheap.

4. Develop an electronic mailing list and send old-fashioned letters. Most businesses have harnessed the power of e-newsletters and you definitely should be sending out one, too. It’s very cost-effective. But because e-mail marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, you can

business leadership skills. It lets you reconnect with current clients and impress potential clients. 7. Create a destination. Why? So customers gravitate to the stores to enjoy an experience and hang out for a while. 8. Become an online expert. Research active e-mail discussion lists and online bulletin boards that are relevant to your business and audience. Join several and start posting expert advice to solve problems or answer questions. You may need to keep this up for a bit. But the rewards come back in paying clients and referrals.

Stand out from the rest, beat your competition!

We offer newspaper placement services and innovative advertisement design that get results. Get more for your money and call today!

1. Take steps to make customers feel special. Customers respond to being recognized, especially in these rush-rush, get-thelowest-price times. “Even with a Web-based business, good customer service is possible”.

2. Create business cards that prospects keep. Most business cards are tossed within hours of a meeting. Instead of having your card tossed, create one that recipients actually will look at. 3. Stop servicing break-even customers. If this idea makes you gasp, think harder. You’re falling for the fallacy of increasing sales instead of boosting profits. If you stop marketing to unprofitable customers, you have more time and resources for customers 16

who actually grow your business. Take a detailed look at your customer profitability data and then direct premium services and marketing to customers who count.

quickly stand out by occasionally sending personal, surface mail letters to customers and prospects. 5. Boost your profile at trade shows and conferences. You can quickly create signage, glossy postcards with your contact information, product news inserts or an event mini Web site. 6. Combine business with pleasure and charity. Spearhead an event, party or conference for a cause you care about. That puts you in the position of getting to know lots of people, and shows off your small

9. Court local media. Editorial features convey more credibility with prospective clients than paid advertising does. To get coverage from the local media, whether from the town newspaper, from TV or radio stations, or from trade journals, you need a fresh, timely story.

10. Finally, don’t let customers simply slip away. Make an effort to reel them back in. It costs a lot less to retain a disgruntled or inactive customer than to acquire a new one. If you haven’t heard from a customer in a while, send a personalized e-mail, inquiring whether all is well. For a customer who suffered a bad experience, pick up the phone, acknowledging the unpleasantness and ask if there’s anything you can do. A discount can’t hurt either. Being kind to customers is the smartest lowcost marketing you can do.

Media Layout Rules Antraco Media Services include: • Newspaper Advertisement Design • Newspaper Advertisement Placement We provide a complete range of Advertisement Design services, including advertisement placement. In your initial meeting with our marketing and design professional, we will discuss your advertising goals, strategy, concept, aesthetic, and target market. You provide us with any company logos and pictures you would like to include, as well as the text of your ad. After the ad is designed and laid out, we will email it to you for approval. With your final approval, making sure everything is correct, we will place the ad in the newspaper for you.

Advertisement Design Steps: 1. Consultation appointment and intake of information 2. Design feedback and approval (Can be in person or via mail, which ever you prefer) 3. Final approval and newspaper placement

Advertisement Design Rate: Afl. 100,= per advertisement Advertisement Placement: Varies depending on the size of the ad


Business Solutions Business Imaging / Printing / Shredders Our unique staff of specialized Canon experts can provide assistance, service and support for all your printing and shredding needs. We carry Copiers, Multi Function Products, Digital High Speed Scanners, Large Format Scanners, Document lmaging Systems, Laser Printers, Large Format Printers, Laminating Machines and lots more. We not only focus on lowering your cost per copy as we also can provide access control that can enable you to save a lot by managing the quantity of prints per person as well as the type of printing to be done per user. Computers / Scanners / Security Solutions Our staff can provide assistance in configuring, quoting and do installations of larger computer business needs. We also sell and install top of the line scanning systems that enable any office to work towards a Paperless office. We also have experts on Computer Security and treats Solutions that are certified by Watchguard. Stationery For all your office supplies, we have over 27,000 stationery products available. We carry in stock all your paper needs, writing pads, scissors and cutting tools, writing utensils, filing materials, ink and toners, tapes, staples, labeling and mailing products as well as media products.

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