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There are two children in the photo: The name of the boy is Jonny. He is tall and thin. His hair is brown and short. He has got brown eyes and a small nose. He is ten years old. He likes meeting friends and playing football. He is wearing jeans, a shirt and a jacket. The name of the girl is Amanda. She is tall and thin. His hair is brown and long. She has got brown and small eyes, a small nose. She is ten years old. She likes meeting friends. She is wearing a red skirt and a shirt.The girl and boy are friends.There are also some trees.There is a big house in the photo. It is a big city. By Elena Milla Soto

There are a boy and a girl on the beach. They are playing with the sand. It it a summer day. It is sunny. The child is wearing a red and white cap and also a white vest. He has got black hair. The girl has a pink cap. She has got blond hair. Both children are playing with a rake and a spade on the sand. The sea is calm and the waves too. By Juan Montes Torres

In this picture there is a family. They are on holiday.The dad is 39 years old. He is wearing a blue shirt and brown trousers. His hair is black and his eyes are blue.The mother is 38 years. She is wearing a white shirt in stripes and grey trousers. Her hair is dark and straigh and her eyes are brown. Their daughter is 11 years. She is wearing a pink shirt and black trousers. Her hair is straight and dark and her eyes are brown. Their son is 7 years. He is wearing a white shirt and blue trousers. His hair is black and his eyes are blue. This family lives in Liverpool, England.The dad is a doctor and the mother is a teacher. By Alba MarĂ­a MuĂąoz Martos

In this photo there are two kids, a boy and a girl. They are in a big room with many diferents toys. The girl's name is Carla. She wears a red shirt and blue and red shorts. She is bigger than the boy. She has got blue eyes and curly hair. She is playing with her small brother. The brother's name is John. John is smaller than Carla. He has got brown eyes and straight hair. They are playing with a small house. The house is pink and blue. The house has got three windows and two doors. By Marina Ortega Tello

There are five kids. They are playing football. There is a football. Three kids are wearing a red t-shirt. One boy is wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts. The goalkeeper is wearing yellow gloves. The kids are wearing a number on their t-shirts. The football field is green and the lines are yellow. The weather is sunny.

By Antonio Parra Narvรกez

There are two girls and one boy. Their names are Tom, Anna and Charlotte. They are jumping. Tom is 7 years old. He is wearing black shoes, a pair of brown trousers, a blue sweater and a green scarf. Anna is 6 years old. She is wearing green boots, a yellow skirt, a red sweater, a red scarf and a red hat. Charlotte is 7 years old.She is wearing brown boots, a pair of green trousers and a blue sweater. There is a black cat. There are two birds. There are four trees. There is a white dog. There are some leaves on the floor. By MarĂ­a Pedrosa Rosa

The dogs are very similar to my dog. There are ten dogs. They are sitting inside a big and blue basket. I think the dogs are golden retrievers.There are three dogs with their mouths opened. Four of them are golden. Six of the dogs are golden and white. The five dogs in the middle are bigger than the five dogs on the left and on the right. The most beautiful dog is just in the middle and it has got the tongue out of the mouth. The ugliest dog is on the left, but it is beautiful too. By Francisco Revueltas JimĂŠnez

This is a photo of One Direction. There are five boys of a music band. They are singing in a concert. Niall Horan is on the right of the picture. He is 19 years old. He's Irish. His favourite food is chicken. Zayn Malik is on the left of Niall. He is 19 years old. He's British. He loves tattoo. Liam Payne is on the left of Zayn. He is 19 years old too. He's also British. He hates spoons. Harry Styles is on the left of Liam. He is 18 years old. He's British. He loves cats. Louis Tomlinson is on the left of Harry. He is 20 years old. He's British. He likes girls who eat carrots.Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall are singing Live while we're young. By Maite Rivilla Tello

In this picture we can see a football field and the players are playing.They are wearing a football kit and sneakers.One football players is wearing white equipment and the other two people are wearing purple equipment.The rival opponent tries to take the ball to another player. But the opponent tries to dribble them so that his team win the football match. By Francisco Salinas Aceituno

He is Niall Horan. He is a singer of One Direction. Niall is in a concert. He wears a red polo shirt, light brown pants, and he has got a microphone to sing. They are singing “More Than This� in the 02Arena in London. Tickets are sold in twelve minutes. Niall is Irish. He is nineteen years old. His father is called Bobby Horan and his mother is Maura Gallagher. He loves food of Nando's restaurant. He participated on X- Factor when he was only sixteen. He came to Bootcamp,but he was eliminated. But Simon Cowell gave him a chance to form a band with four other guys. His bandmates are Harry Styles,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. By Laura Saravia Puerta

In my photo we can see a landscape of an island. There are rocks and one island. There is a very clean and shallowsea. In the island there are some pines. In the sky, there are some clouds. The rocks are from granite and their colours are dark.

By Santiago Soto Lozano

This dog is called called Toby. It is a chihuahua dog. The dog is white with brown spots. It is small and it has got brown eyes. The dog is fourteen months. The dog is in the garden facing the direction where its food is. The dog is on a stone and it is surrounded by flowers and plants.

By David Torres Milla

In this picture, there is a castle. There are some clouds. The sun is among the clouds. The castle is dark. It is large. It has got six towers. The roof is red. There is an iron cross.

By Cristina Torres Padilla

Two children are playing with a ball, the ball is orange, blue, white, green, red and yellow. The day is sunny. It is summer. The boy is wearing a white shirt and grey shorts. The girl is wearing a short-sleeved, white shirt and red pants. The two children are blond. They are on the beach.

By Juan Torres Tello

There is a beach. There are four towers. There are some trees. The sky is blue and it is sunny. There is a village near the beach. There are some waves.I like this landscape. I think it is the Mediterranean sea.

By Francisco Javier Torres Torres

In this photo we can see five boys. They are singers. The band's name is AURYN. The sentence ''Don't give up my game'' is the name of their new disc. They are in the middle of the road near a field. The first boy is Dani Fern谩ndez. He wears a black polo shirt, brown trousers and white and grey shoes. The second boy is Alvaro Gango. He is tall and thin. He wears a black and white jacket, a white T-shirt, black jeans and black shoes.The third boy is Blas Cant贸. He wears a red polo shirt, a white jacket and jeans. His shoes are white and black.The fourth boy is Carlos Marco. His hair is blond and his eyes are brown. He wears a brown and black jacket, a white T-shirt, black trousers and white shoes.The fifth one is David Lafuente. He is good-looking, tall and thin. His hair is brown and his eyes are brown. He wears a white shirt, brown trousers and black shoes. By Ana Valdivia

There are many lightnings in the sky. The photo is made in the desert. This desert is in USA. The sky is scary. There are some cactus in the landscape. The sky is black and blue. The captus are green. By Francisco Zamora BermĂşdez

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