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Work experiences. 2009. 3-months internship at Middion Projects - Valencia (Spain) 2008. 3 weeks collaborations for interexchange programme between Regione Toscana and Kyoto Prefecture in mr. Nanzan Ito’s pottery laboratory, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto (Japan) and in mr. Tomonori Fujioka’s lacquer laboratory Ohtsu-City, Shiga (Japan) 2007. 6-weeks internship at Ariete s.p.a. - Florence (Italy)

Personal data. Full name: Antonio Scribano Place and date of birth: Ragusa (Italy) - 20/02/1984 Address 1: Viale Europa, 90 - 97100 Ragusa (RG) Address 2: Via dei Pepi, 8 - 50122 Firenze (FI) mobile: +393283627200 e-mail: skype ID: chemicalrulez School. 2008. Enrolled in Product Design course at Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche (ISIA) - Firenze. 2007. Industrial Design degree - University of Florence Faculty of Architecture with final work on “Rock Café - Automatic coffee maker” for Ariete s.p.a, supervisor: Prof. Arch. M. Ruffilli, Co-supervisor: F. Curreli. Final mark: 110/100 e lode. 2006. Erasmus experience at Technical Educational Institute (T.E.I.) / Department of Decorative Arts and Design of Athens (GR). 2003. Secondary-school diploma at Istituto Tecnico per Geometri “R. Gagliardi” - Ragusa with final mark 100/100

Approach. Design = critical analisys, questioning of the established Design = ethics towards people and environment Design = in-depth research on social, economic and environmental context Design = renewing experience over the time drawing on new people’s needs Known languages. Italian (mother tongue) Good English knowledge (written and spoken) Good Spanish knowledge (written and spoken) Software. OS: Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite Web design: Frontpage, HTML language. Graphics: suite Corel (Corel Draw, Corel Photo Paint), suite Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash), Autocad. 3D-Modelling: Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max. Renders engine: V-Ray, Maxwell, Flamingo. Personal interests. Photography and digital photography.

Project name Jose Happy-hour tray

Competition Monetti International Tray Design Competition Year 2007 Author(s) Antonio Scribano Federico Trucchia

Top and bottom view

Happy Hour Tray

The mathematics of happy-hour (Items)


Project concept







> = ) =

(Human capability)

+ + +

Project name Pirandello Curved glass lounger table

Institute ISIA Florence Year 2008 Author(s) Antonio Scribano

Transparent version




aspect Complementary furniture

which shape?

Glass peculiarity

paradosso High Density heavy


The reader Functional element

Depending on use

Functional aspect

which use?

Project concept

The charming man The party animal

Gli elementi aggiuntivi



Pirandello: the charming man


Transparent version

Additional vengono incastrati nei due elementi di aggancio element


uro Elementi aggiuntivi

Pirandello: the party animal

Pirandello: the reader

Technical drawings

Project name Ota’s Table Lacquered recovered table

Client Biichi Kyoto Craft Art Customized Laboratory Year 2008 Author(s) Antonio Scribano Giulia Ciuoli

Original table

Color palette

Project concept

Product chain









e s u e R

Bump effect on real table Decorative pattern

Decoration placement

The design team

Project name Tetris Concept for a kitchen/living system

Client Snaidero Year 2008/2009 Author(s) Antonio Scribano Nadia Spinosa


Expressive Essential



Memory Technology



Naturalness Artificiality

IDENTITY Decorative Minimal

SUSTAINABILITY Emotional dimension Functional dimension

Project values

Inspiration sources

Research on model


Modularity (concept) Legenda può aggiungere... Ambiente di partenza

Elemento cucina

Pannelli a parete

Elementi contenitori



Maniglie può combinare...

Gamma di colori

Legend Relations Invitation to dinner real or virtual



Local area

of kitchen elements

region, country


Global area

social network

Creating relations

Video terminal

continent, world

What is design? (Projects timeline)


skype: chemicalrulez

Is design about being “local”?

Is design about giving life again?

2008 Z gr en ill

H ap py -h ou J r t osè ra y


ar C r l el adi ove em at r en or t

2005 2007 m od



sa ili M ng o bo jito at


Is design about emotion?


gl se as t se of s a 2 Lo nd pla tu 1 tes s ju , g

be Hel at ix er eg g

Is design about the way you do something?

P lo cur ira v un e nd ge d el r t gla lo ab ss la cq le ue re O d ta re ’s co Ta ve bl ta red e bl e

Is design about ornamentation?

Is design about the way you use something?


Is design about starting from a shape?

Is design about materials?

Is design about creating relationships through products?

Is design about pop?

c ki on tc ce T he p e n/ t fo tri sy livi r a s st ng em pa in cka su gi la ng B tin /h oc g ea s ba t g

Is design about living everywhere?


Antonio Scribano - Portfolio  

Industrial Design Portfolio by Antonio Scribano

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