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I, the undersigned,

[insert full names]

[insert staff number] do hereby: 1.

accept the university’s offer of a 4.25% pensionable salary increase, backdated to 1 January 2013 and that the leave buy-out will be in terms of the 2009 agreement, as read with the 2010 addendum;


disassociate myself from the strike action and commit to not strike again in respect of the current dispute (i.e. the mutual interest dispute referred to the CCMA by the unions);


commit to resume normal duties when instructed to do so;


agree that notwithstanding the fact that the lock out will be lifted the day after I submit this undertaking, I will not go onto university premises until I am instructed by means of official communique; and


confirm that from date of signature of this undertaking, not to in any way support or promote the current strike action.

This undertaking is given on the understanding that: i)

I will start to earn my normal pay/remuneration from the day I submit this form. This payment will be made at the next salary run;


the back pay in respect of the increase – for the period 1 January 2013 until 29 July 2013 – will be paid as soon as circumstances allow;

_____________ Initial here



I will report for duty when called upon to do so.


I understand that, after signing and submitting this undertaking, if I do not resume duties when instructed to do so, or in any other way associate myself with the strike action, I will make myself guilty of serious misconduct.


Print full name

______________________ Date

This undertaking must be returned together with proper identification (i.e. copy of ID document; driver’s licence or passport as follows:

FAX TO: 086 515 6011 OR 043 – 721 0958 Before the closing date: Thursday 22 August, 2013 at 16:00 (4PM)

WSU Undertaking strike lock out 20 8 13  

Walter Sisulu University undertaking August 2013

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