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Alcalá de los Gazules

Photo by Tony Pearse

Edition Features: • Alcalá de los Gazules • Hiking and Biking • What´s on • 2011 Oscars Film Review • Local Art

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Alcalá de los Gazules


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Alcala de los Gazules

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Painting by Claire Lloyd

Alcalá de los Gazules

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On the cover: Alcalá from the road to Ubrique courtesy of Tony Editor: Tony Pearse Designer: Graphicalist designs, Alcalá, using Adobe InDesign Information is correct at time of going to press. Magazine is published monthly by the Pueblo team at Calle Sanchez Flores 4, Alcalá de los Gazules, 11180, Cadiz. © 2011 All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited.

Only 2 km off the main motorway (A381) road between Gibraltar and Jerez de la Frontera and located at the foot end of the mountains of Cadiz is a town called Alcalá de los Gazules, which has remained relatively unchanged over recent years and the old town centre, in 1984, was given official Historic and Artistic status. This privilege was awarded in recognition of the town’s excellent eclectic examples of baroque and neoclassic architecture, as well as the typically Andaluz houses which give it an authentically local atmosphere.

Alcala de los Gazules

Alcalá de los Gazules is on the famous ‘Ruta del Toro’ and is at the heart of the vast Parque Natural de los Alcornocales (Cork Trees) a nature-lover and birdwatchers paradise. As well as many miles of greenery, tranquility, clean air and country walks (see next page) for contemplation. Not only nature lovers are attracted to Alcalá, but also those interested in both big and small game hunting. A hunters shop ¨Armeria¨ is located just off the middle square, ¨Alemeda¨. The town centre is compact, with its uneven streets; noble plazas and dazzling whitewashed walls. There are fewer bars and restaurants than in coastal towns but the bars and restaurants in town, provide reasonably priced food and tapas. Due to the recently imposed ban, you can spot the bars easily by the crowds of smokers relegated to the outside. There is also a good choice of where to stay, In the center of town there is a B&B (Antigua Fonda), an Art School with accommodation (see adverts below), a hostel, an Hotel (San Jorge) and many houses to rent. There is also an Hotel on the outskirts of the town on the Industrial Estate as you come off the highway. Every year, in the summer, Alcalá is host to a classical concert given by The Soloists of London. A professional and successful London based Orchestra playing a mixture of Classical music (see page 7) for more details. In September 2010, Alejandro Sanz (a very successful Spanish pop star) gave a concert in Alcalá and the population (normally 6000) grew to 16000. This was one of the biggest events in the villages´ history. In the village, there are around 25 bars, (some with restaurants and some only tapas bars) around 40 shops of varying sizes including a few supermarkets. In the top square, you find San Jorge´s church, a couple of bars including a Flamenco bar, a few shops and the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales offices, the Offices of the Cork Oak Park.

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The next square down: The Alemeda Square are 3 or 4 bars, a few shops, the entrance to the large, imposing Abbey, the council offices, banks and pharmacies. It then leads off to Calle Real where there are local, small shops selling everything from bread to baby clothes. The lower square is on the Paseo de la Playa (named after an old bar called the beach bar!?) Here there are more shops, more larger bars and restaurants, banks, post office and a municipal park where many village events are held, including carnival. The is also the ¨Cine Andalucia¨ a massive old cinema that was bought by the council for a cool €1m 3 years ago which has yet to be realised as a Theater/Mall or several unnecessary apartments as there are many empty due to the crisis. A little uphill from the lower square is the covered meat and veg market and our newly renovated ¨Cultural Center¨ where you can often find a programme of concerts and exhibitions. •Carnival the fourth week of March 2011 •August Classical Concerts by ¨The Soloists of London¨ •Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) •St. George’s Day in the second week of April “ San Jorge” is the patron saint of the town and the festival normally involves a bull run from the top square down to the bottom square. •The town celebrates its feria (Fair) the last week in August. •On the second week in September is the Romería (Pilgrimage) of Nuestra Señora de los Santos. This fiesta dates back to the 15th century and is the most popular one of its kind in the province of Cadiz. The proposed Alcalá golf course is still in dispute, the opposing political pa rties are in disagreement of the proposed site. (at the moment in the natural park)

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Alcala de los Gazules

The Alcornocales Natural Park has an area of 170.000 hectares, situated between Tarifa at the south, Alcalá to the west, Castellar de la Frontera to the east and Ubrique to the north. Most of the Natural Park consists of cork oaks, wild olives, gall oaks and many other mediterranean plants and trees. Cork trees have deep roots for taking water easily and its leafs have got a strong cuticle for hiding lots of transpiration, which would mean a loss of water by the tree’s surface. The cork’s bark works as a shield against fire, which is important because at the Mediterranean region exists a high risk of fire during the summer.

El Aljibe

Some of the best hiking and cycling routes around the Alcalá area are listed here. Some of these we have done, some not, but have documented others experiences.

The two walks split when you reach the main road after the charcoal information board. You have to cross the road to go to Picacho, The path to El Aljibe is along the road a little way on the left. This is also signposted. This walk is mainly up a dirt road and is less steep than picacho, but longer. Well worth the hike when you reach the cistern at the top, stunning views of the countryside and the ministry of defence radar station which, some say is also an observatory. Picture below

El Picacho Location: Alcalá de los Gazules (Cádiz) Start: Km 30 on the Ubrique road (A375) out of town around 9km from the Municipal Piscina roundabout, the second parking spot after the white building (it is the only one you will see on this road) Opposite the car park there is a walk information board. Altitude: 800 m Difficulty: Medium Duration: Around 4/5 hours if you do the summit as well. It is well signposted most of the way, however, when you reach the halfway point, you have to backtrack a few meters to pick up the path again. At the halfway point which also has stunning views over the countryside, great view of Alcalá. Climbing all the way up, some gentle inclines, some scrabbling involved but well worth the effort. Take water and lunch, make a day of it.

El Aljibe climb to the Cistern Trail Location: Alcalá de los Gazules (Cádiz) Altitude: 1091m Difficulty: Medium Duration: 4/5 hours To do this route will (officially) need permission from the Office of the Natural Park de los Alcornocales which is in the top square near the Church, Alcalá de los Gazules. Start: Same as El Picacho, Km 30 on the Ubrique road (A375) out of town around 9km from the Municipal Piscina roundabout, the second parking spot after the white building (it is the only one you will see on this road) Opposite the car park there is a walk information board.

Photography Cork oaks - Mary Chapman Path to El Aljibe - Tony Pearse Observatory - Nicola Chapman

Alcala de los Gazules

Cañada de los Ratones Location: Alcalá de los Gazules. Cádiz. 253,841.00 UTM coordinates (X) 4,036,887.00 (Y) Altitude: 30 m level terrain Difficulty: Easy Duration: 2-3 hours Length: 14 km Permits: Not required Start and end point: A relatively straight path beginning at the Alcalá (El Aljibe) Visitor Center, and ends at the shores of the Embalse de Barbate Follow the various cattle trails that go parallel to the road to Benalup CA-2112, among olive trees and huge palms. Views of the huge Embalse. Continue along the path (passing by Juan Lobón Recreation Area, under construction) and turn left along the Cañada Real Mercegal, from which we have a great view of the town of Alcalá and its surroundings. We move through bushes, including a well preserved cork forest, and to the edge of the lake where is located the necropolis of Paraje de Monte Bajo, which belongs to a community in the Copper Age. So far 4 tomb like structures have been excavated that were wholly or partly carved in the rock, inside which the bodies were placed together with their regalia. These are all cases of secondary burials, which were introduced in the tombs after applying diverse and complex rituals. The return is via the same route.

Pueblo 5

La Teja Location: Old service road off the A381 before Charco Redondo inbetween Alcalá and Los Barrios Altitude: 200 m Difficulty: Easy Duration: 1/2 hours This circular walk is in the middle of the Parque Natural Alcornocales. Nice views of the Charco Redondo and the Valdespera tunnel in the distance. Schoolchildren are frequently involved in a regeneration project to replant some Pine, Cork oak groves and original vegetation due to deer creating a clearance over a number of years. A fire break has been created on the walk, (and indeed is part of it) to hinder the dry scrub from catching fire either side of it from spreading in the summer months Pine Trees

Climbing up the firebreak

Photography Pine trees and firebreak - Claire Lloyd

Pueblo 6

Caballos El Alamo

Finca El Alamo

Lucíe Brossette

Sebastián Zambrano

Sebastian Zambrano and Lucie Brossette offer comprehensive training in the equestrian art of classical and High Schooldressage as also “doma vaquera” (preparing you for the passage of Federal Review, for competitions or to enter into a riding academy as the Academy of equestrian art of Versailles). We have quality of facilities, 2-3 horses for each student, and housing professionals in the world of horses for your goals.

A rider with a very comprehensive training, was born in France. She worked as a pupil of Nuño Oliveira in France, and later at the classical dressage school overseen by Michel Henriquet in Belgium. She qualified as an instructress, (awarded by the french government), in Bazas, S.W. France, while working on the team of olympic three - day event rider, Antoine Shoenower.

Known as ‘Chano’ was born into the bosom of a traditional equestrian family in Jerez de la Frontera, presided over by his father who was noted for his talent in training horses in high - school dressage. Sebastian was able to assimilate all his father’s knowledge and so become an incomparable horseman, as recognised by all fellow professionals. He was one of the best ‘rejoneadores’ (mounted bullfighter) and has prepared countless horses in classical and ‘vaquera’ dressage. He lives for horses. He loves them, understands them, and brings out the best in every one.

Riding Classes We give riding classes in all disciplines at all levels. We speak French, Spanish and English Prices: 1h30 private class - 50€ 10 classes forfait - 420€ We are located in South-west Andalucia, on the edge of the Nature Reserve “Los Alcornocales”, where the fighting bulls and the famous Spanish Pure bred horses can be found, within sight on the “Sierra de Cadiz”. The scenery surrounding the El Alamo Finca is a perfect setting to enjoy long rides out. Call us to arrange a date and time.

LUCIE BROSSETTE Apartado de correos 154 11178 Paterna de Rivera Cádiz Tel. (0034) 956 233 102 Sebastián - (0034) 609 631 025 Lucíe - (0034) 615 648 261

What to do, where, when

Pueblo 7

Events in and around the Cadíz region March - May

Flamenco calendar: Jerez Flamenco Festival Flamenco in Jerez. Courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Jerez when: Feb - Mar 2011 (various dates) where: Jerez de la Frontera See below for programme Website for Jerez Flamenco Festival

Alcalá Carnival 2011 March 28, 29, 30 in Alcalá Courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de los Gazules Various parts of the village, starting in the top square (San Jorge) and working its way down to the Municipal Park on the lower square. Various activities throughout the 3 days.

The Soloists of London

MotoGP Jerez de la Frontera - Circuito de Velocidad. April 1st - 3rd 2011 See the time schedule on the official website:

The Soloists of London is one of Great Britain’s finest ensembles. Eleven hand-picked string players that are leaders from some of the world’s most famous orchestras: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Academy of St Martins-in-the-Fields, The English Chamber Orchestra, The Orchestra of the Welsh National Opera, The Philharmonia Orchestra. These eleven soloists are some of Britain’s most distinguished musicians in their own right collaborating with artists as diverse as Madonna, Pavarotti, Sting, José Carreras, Barbara Hendrix, Diana Ross and Sir Paul McCartney of ‘The Beatles’, to concerts performed in front of the late Pope John Paul II, the Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Elizabeth II and recordings from Oscar-winning soundtracks ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’ to music for television and radio in many countries. They will be playing in Alcalá in August this year.

Pueblo 8

Alcala Artists

Andy Russell

Claire Lloyd

Alcalá is fast becoming a cultural focus in the region, now

Claire comes from the South of England and worked in a

complemented by the Painting in Spain Art Centre. Andy

publishing house in Oxford until she took early retirement

Russell, the lead tutor is a professional painter and teacher of

in 2008, when she moved to Alcalá de los Gazules with

wide experience. His style is perfectly suited to the light of

her husband Bob and two cats. Claire has been attending

Andalucía, and his strong acrylic works reflect the locality.

the Alcornocales Art Studio since its opening in 2008. She

Painting in Spain offers painting holidays and local classes (see

particularly enjoys painting animals and scenes from her

ad. Pg 3), Andy specialises in de-mystifying and encouraging

adopted home town with its ever changing light and colours.


Poster of Alcalá (below right) for sale at €7.50 inc p&p, email



Jude Wiseman

Tony Pearse

Jude moved to Alcalá de los Gazules with her husband Clive 4

Tony moved to Alcalá de los Gazules in 2005 with his partner

years ago. For some years she worked as a garden designer near

Nicola, they bought a renovation project which took 2.5

their home in Cambridgeshire.

years to come to fruition. Tony worked for an IT company in

Under the excellent tuition of Andy Russell at the Alcornocales

Holland (Nicola still does but from home) before coming to

Art Studio, she enjoys painting many subjects but has

Spain. Tony re-discovered Adobe 3 years ago and has since been

discovered a particular interest in drawing and painting

an avid fan, and has since developed an affinity with photoshop,

portraits. Jude has had some commissions from her portrait

InDesign and Illustrator.

work in Gibraltar.

It´s just another form of art.


Pueblo 9

Birding Cadiz Province – late winter/early spring Written by John Cantelo For birdwatchers more used to a less forgiving northern climate, February and March are great months for heading south to Andalucia. Mountain tops and the odd chilly night aside, it’s an area that’s rarely troubled by winter’s frosty grip. Spring, that welcome harbinger of summer, arrives early so that February days can often feel more like those balmy days in late April or early May the thought of which keep us going through a British winter. The Swallow, summer’s litmus paper, never quite leaves this part of Spain and sometimes breeds even in December. By February migrating flocks of hirundines start to push north. These include not only the expected Crag and Sand Martin, but also a few Red-rumped Swallows and House Martins. To the British mind swifts are so firmly linked to the summer months that it’s still more surprising to find that they too can be seen before the end of February. Alpine Swift arrive in numbers in March, but intrepid early birds are quite usual well before the end of February. Not far behind come Pallid Swift which start to appear in small numbers by the end of the month. With Common Swift arriving, on average a month or more later, this is also a good time to get to grips with this tricky species. However, the most surprising aerial acrobat to be found at this time is Little Swift. Although a recent arrival to Europe, it is now appreciated that this engaging and paddle-winged bird is resident in small numbers here. With luck, they may be encountered at the few localities where they are regular. Bolonia is the best known site, but birds are regularly found at the mouth of the Guadalquivir. There can scarcely be a greater contrast to the grizzled cold of February birding of northern Europe than the delights of watching a selection swifts, swallows and martins hawking across an impossibly azure sky bathed in the relatively weak, but still effective, Mediterrranean sun.

February and March is too early for the largest passage of spring raptors, but it is still not difficult to amass a good total of raptors, both in number and variety at this time of year. A few Lesser Kestrels remain here through the winter, but surprisingly large numbers may be present by mid-February. By March flocks in their dozens may be found noisily ‘playing’ above favoured villages (Alcala de los Gazules, in the centre of Cadiz province, is particularly good). Black Kites will be arriving in force across the straits too. Red Kites are less frequent, but still not hard to find (esp. around Bonanza). A third species of kite, the handsome Black-winged Kite, can also be found in the province. The numbers found wintering on La Janda (near Vejer de la Frontera) now regularly reach double figures. This latter site, along with the area around Espera, is also good for immature Bonelli’s Eagle which winter at lower elevations. Another iconic raptor species found at both sites is Spanish Imperial Eagle. By late winter the family parties of wintering Common Crane that dot La Janda throughout the winter may have also dispersed to the fields around Benalup and further off towards Bonanza (Sanlucar). As the ‘spring’ passage of many migrants appears to have become earlier and earlier so too has the number ‘summer visitors’ that stay through the winter here – a phenomenon that some see as indicative of ‘global warming’. For example, although primarily summer visitors, in recent years an increasing handful of Booted and Short-toed Eagle have taken to remaining in the province.

There’s a better chance of connecting with both species in late February and March as numbers are gradually boosted by early migrants. Griffon Vultures are a given here, but Egyptian Vultures now begin to trickle through too. Lesser Kestrel

Pueblo 10

With a little luck, the odd wandering Black Vulture can be found too. Numerous estuaries and lakes have wintering Ospreys whilst the lowland marshes also attract wintering harriers (Hen and Marsh) and marauding falcons such as Peregrine, Merlin and Lanner. Despite being a Spanish rarity, the Lanner turns up sufficiently often to suppose it is more regular here than records suggest. Similarly, the possibility of finding a Long-legged Buzzard (of the North African race) cannot be dismissed, particularly since a couple of pairs bred in the region in 2009. This mouth watering list of raptors is not yet exhausted since early spring is a prime time to look for Goshawk in the nearby Alcornocales Natural Park. This is also a good time to look for the elusive Eagle Owl (try some of the less than salubrious rubbish tips!). Arguably another sign of ‘global warming’ is the huge increase in the population of wintering White Storks here. However, an alternative theory is that they are benefitting from the large, incredibly smelly rubbish tips that dot the landscape (e.g. above Los Barrios or on the flanks of Cadiz bay). Seeing scruffy, ill turned out and dirty looking storks foraging amongst the detritus of our society somewhat undermines the traditional image of this majestic bird. Thankfully, the Black Stork know locally as ‘Black Lady’, is much more choosy in its habits. A few dozen birds regularly winter on the marshes along the Guadalquivir, in Cadiz Bay and on La Janda. There’s also a slowly growing population of Bald Ibis, a deliberate introduction using stock from Jerez zoo,

centred around Barbate. This may be the last hope for this critically endangered species. With a strutting gait, bald pate and shaggy ‘mullet’ of feathers, this bird has an uncanny resemblance to the 1950s comic Max Wall.


If the winter has been wet, the marshlands can hold hundreds of Glossy Ibis, where their dark bronzed plumage contrasts with the Persil whiteness of mixed flocks of egrets in the same area. Little and Cattle Egret are are common, but the stately Great White Heron is a distinct possibility too. What is, perhaps, Andalucia’s most iconic bird, the Flamingo, will certainly be found on any of the area’s salt pans Early in the year is the time to look along the Guadalquivir marshes for ever elusive Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (best located by their grating call). Finally, although declining, flocks of Little Bustard can still be found in the region. (Sadly, Great Bustard now has to be looked for further north around Seville) When checking the wetlands here, look out for early Yellow Wagtails (of various races) and the odd migrating wheatear (Common and Black-eared). 

Large mixed flocks of starlings contain both Common Starling and the very similar Spotless Starling (in Europe restricted Iberia and a few Mediterranean islands). Larks provide almost endless diversion with Calandra Larks, Skylarks and Crested Larks abundant in favoured areas. Crested’s near twin, Thekla Lark, is mainly, but unfortunately not exclusively, found in the mountains. Lightly wooded mountain sloped ring to the sweet melodious song of Woodlarks. On the Guadalquivir marshes look out for the resident sparrow-like Lesser Short-toed Lark and, by March, the similar ‘Greater’ Short-toed Lark. Don’t ignore the sparrows either as Spanish Sparrow (a more handsome version of the familiar House


Sparrow) seems to have increased and spread in recent years. Unfortunately, Rock Sparrows are rather elusive in Cadiz province, but this is a good excuse to venture over into Grazalema Natural Park, which straddles the border of Cadiz and Malaga provinces, where they are more easily found. The limestone mountains of Grazalema are quite different in character to the sandstones of the Alcornocales. In spring this is an excellent area to look for Southern Grey Shrike and, although more dispersed in the lowlands in winter, it remains a good place to search in winter. The bare lawn like pastures here attract Alpine Accentors in winter. Try Puerto de las Palomas (above Grazalema) or LLannos de Libar (behind Montejaque in Malaga province) for this very attractive bird. Blue Rock Thrush, Black Wheater, Rock Sparrow, Cirl and Rock Bunting should be easily found at the latter site too. There’s a high density of Bonelli’s Eagle here too plus a better chance of Golden Eagle than elsewhere. Ambitious, or optimistic, birders should also keep an eye open for Wallcreeper which has been found here in recent years. Although there are far fewer warblers present than later in the season, this group too deserves attention.

Fan-tailed Warbler will already be zitting enthusiastically, Cetti’s bellowing noisily from riverside scrub and every bush seems to conceal a scolding Sardinian. Spectacled Warblers may be on territory by late March. Equally welcome, if far more familiar, are the astonishing numbers of Blackcap which almost reach plague proportions in the wild olive groves.

Pueblo 11

Chiffchaff too are present and as February gives way to March there’s an increasing chance of an Iberian Chifchaff. Until recently classed as only a race, the endemic Iberian Chiffchaffs are typically greener/yellower in plumage and have a less bull necked appearance, but to be sure listen for its distinctive call and slurred song. February/March is a good time to look for the striking Great Spotted Cuckoo some of which return as early as December! Despite its exotic, almost tropical, appearance a surprising number of Hoopoe linger through the winter (and even occasionally breed at this season). Somewhat more discrete, but equally handsome, is the Bluethroat. This striking little bird winters quite widely in the ditches and reedbeds of the area and many will now be in full summer plumage. By March, and sometimes earlier, Reed, Great Reed and Sedge Warblers can be found in reed shrouded wetlands. The dapper rufous capped Woodchat Shrike starts filtering through in March too. Once on the brink of extinction in Spain, White-headed Duck has staged an amazing come back in recent years. Almost any sizeable lagoon in the area now has a decent wintering flock although Laguna de Medina, just off the new A381 motorway, is the most conveniently placed site. A new hide now provides a good viewpoint here whilst the equally new boardwalks allow an improved view across the lake. Also present, but far less easy to see amongst the thousands of its close cousin, Common Coot, is the rare Crested (or Red-knobbed) Coot. Within Europe, this ‘African’ species is now almost entirely restricted to southern Spain). Despite being far less accessible, being hidden down a rough track north of Arcos de la Frontera, the Lagunas de Espera are often an easier place to locate this species. The approach to these lagunas is also excellent for larks and wintering raptors. Despite the lure of rarity, the excitement of raptors or the challenge of finding small passerines often the most striking bird the marshes is the ungainly, but curiously attractive Purple Gallinule. Naturally, it is warmer and sunnier later in the year, but a visit to south-west Spain in February or March offers much to see at a time when northern Europe remains distinctly chilly. It has a range of habitats and hence species, that are the envy of birdwatchers throughout the continent. Many enthusiasts tend to look no further than the iconic marshes of the Coto Donana – worthy of an article of its own – but for sheer diversity, a stay in Cadiz province is hard to beat.

John´s Birding Cadiz website

Pueblo 12

Property sales

Property Sales Use this space to advertise your property, sellers need to add a contact email or telephone number in their advert, then buyers will contact the seller directly. Ads are €20 with 4 photos and brief description, per ad, per month. Send email to with your text and photo(s). Payment is made through Bank Transfer. Contact us for details Village house in Alcalá de los Gazules (Ref: CR221) Living room, downstairs toilet, study, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, sunny and shaded roof terrace. Sky TV dish. Beautiful views. Living space 100,00 m² All papers in order. Alcalá is a white village in the national cork oak park, it has a population of around 6000 and is situated 2 km from the main highway between Gibraltar and Jerez de la Frontera. 00447514282551 €125.000 B&B in Alcalá de los Gazules (Ref: TP223) Huge town house in the center of the village, 50 meters from bars and restaurants, Ground floor, owners 1 bed self contained apartment with kitchen, 1 guest double bedroom, en-suite, reception desk. First floor: 4 double, en-suite, air conditioned bedrooms, 1 single en-suite, utility rooms. Second floor: Huge fully fitted kitchen, dining area for 10, TV lounge with Sky, Large sunny and shaded roof terrace with additional dining table for 8, ample seating. Email us for more photos. 0034 956 420 648 or 0034 645 834 399 €499,000 2 Bedroomed town house (Ref: JS227) Two bedroom home in Alcalá de los gazules;  this property has been completely modernized to a very high standard, including a fully appointed kitchen - and has a roof terrace which offers tremendous views. The property is located over three floors; the main entrance gives access to a hallway leading to single bedroom and shower; first floor, a dining area and fully equipped kitchen, with a hallway leading to a second shower room and double bedroom; top floor contains a sitting room of with access to a stunning roof terrace having views of both the town and the countryside beyond. Complete electrical installation / rewire New plumbing system & boiler, Air conditioning (split), Small off road (entrance) courtyard, Furnishings (negotiable) New traditional design windows & doors (interior & exterior)… European/German carpenter Sleeps 5 / 6… which include bedrooms & double sofa bed (living room) Newly restored property standing near the top of the historic part of the town €130,000 (including quality furniture/furnishings) contact for more details: Alcalá de los Gazules (AC229) Partially reformed property in Alcalá de los Gazules; this property has had the demolition part of the reform completed and is therefore a blank canvas for any prospective purchaser; one of the main features of the property is the wonderful views of the Alcornocales national park from the large roof terrace; as you will see from the photos, at present the property consists of one large room, in addition there is a further room on the second level which could be used as either a bedroom or kitchen - the roof terrace is accessed from this room. This property is offered at the remarkable price of €16.500 note that a spreadsheet showing detailed, estimated reform costs is available on request - details from A deposit of €2.000 will secure the sale. Pueblo magazine takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these prices, all contact must be made directly with the owner through email or telephone.

Property rentals

Pueblo 13

Property Rentals

Renters will contact the vendor directly. Ads are €15 with photo(s) and description, per ad, per month. Send email to with your text and photo(s). Payment is made through Bank Transfer. Contact us for details. Click on the blue email address to open your email.

Alcalá de los Gazules Town house in the center of Alcalá de los Gazules, 4 large double, en-suite bedrooms with air conditioning. 50 meters from restaurants and bars, situated in between Gibraltar and Jerez de la Frontera. Large roof terrace with fully fitted kitchen, dining area for 10, TV lounge with sky TV. Ample sunny and shaded seating on the roof terrace with bbq € 750 per week (April - September) and € 550 (September - April) Contact:

Alcalá de los Gazules Alcalá de los Gazules house. Superb views, 2 bedrooms, sleeps 4. Located in the heart of this lovely, white ‘pueblo’ village on the edge of the natural park of Los Alcornacales. Only 30 mins drive to the coast, 40 mins to Gibraltar and Jerez airports and 1 hr 20 mins to Seville. We provide guests on arrival with a fruit bowl and basic provisions e.g. milk, water, tea, coffee. Email for more pricing information and availability. Contact:

Alcalá de los Gazules Very nice village property at the top of Alcalá de los Gazules, with wonderful views back down into town and across to the campo. Sitting rooms 2, bedrooms 2 sleeps up to 6, equipped kitchen, roof terrace. Very comfortable. Contact below for more photos, availability and pricing Contact:

Chipiona Chipiona townhouse 3 minute walk to the beach. The property consists of two separate floors. Private parking is available opposite the property entrance at an additional charge, minimum stay period - 3 nights. 2 sitting rooms, 2 bedrooms although sleeps up to 6. Fully equipped kitchen, roof terrace with BBQ, air conditioning in bedrooms and sitting room. Contact below for more photos, availability and pricing. Contact:

Casita Gazul (Alcalá de los Gazules)

A delightful house with all necessary mod cons. The ground floor features a living room with lounge & dining area and a well-equipped kitchen First floor has a large double bedroom and bathroom with bath/ shower. Covered terrace next to the top bedroom, where you can eat al fresco and bbq. Up more stairs you will find another terrace with splendid views of Alcalá and the surrounding area. Casita Gazul is situated in the heart of the village. One end leads to the National Park of Los Alcornocales at the other end you’ll find the village square. Alcalá offers an extensive selection of tapas bars, restaurants and shops. Contact: Natalie

Casa Alcornocales - Sleeps 8

A large, beautifully restored, 18th century Andalucian town house on the edge of the Alcornocales Natural Park. The house has four twin en-suite bedrooms, lounge, dining room, art studio, kitchen (all modern facilities). Outside there is a patio area with splash pool, and two large roof terraces offering breath-taking views of the Alcornocales Natural Park. Alcala is perfectly located to visit the unspoilt beaches of the Costa de Luz and the beautiful cities of Jerez, Cadiz and Seville and so much more. Contact or go to our website

Pueblo 14

Local Businesses

Local businesses Alcornocales Art Centre Andy (B.Ed) is a professional painter and painted effects artist who has taught art in schools and in Adult Education. Andy has exhibited in the UK and the US and is the lead tutor at the Arts Centre. Check website for prices and availability.

Top Andalucia

Top Andalucia offers you the best selection of holiday rentals, B&B’s and small hotels in Andalucia, covering all budgets. We personally visit and check every accommodation on a regular basis You book and pay directly to the owner at no additional cost. Contact us:

Bar Dominguitos, Great atmostphere, great food, in Alemeda square. Menu del Dia is around €9 no menu but is normally told to you, very popular with the locals for lunch. Air conditioned dining area in the back of the bar.

Bar Casa Jimenez

Great little bar on the road into town, inside seating and seperate restaurant area in the back where they do really good food. Outside seating at the front. Despite the Guinness sign, I don´t think they really sell it!

Stained Glass Stained glass and tiffany lamps made to order, American and German glass from Download their catalogue for glass and colours. Contact the email address below for pricing, questions etc


Master seamstress

Flamenco dresses made to order. Jennie has many dresses to make before the Alcalá feria so contact her directly with any questions, availability pricing etc

Photoshop services

Photo renovation, high density range, portraits enhanced, add people, take people away, re-colour anything. Make photo´s black and white or give black and white some colour. Contact below for pricing and more details.

Chicken Bar Great little locals bar at the end of the Paseo de la Playa, lower square, next to the Caja Rural, does fantastic roast chickens at weekends for €9.

Bar Rest/Pizarro, Good food, great location in Lower square. Menu in English, very popular with the locals for lunch and dominoes. Air conditioned dining area next to the bar.

Bar Cabaña Great food, in Lower square. Menu via Barstaff, very popular with the locals for lunch. Outside eating/seating area which is just being rebuilt February 2011.


Pueblo 15


Horse riding and local sports

Fairplay Benalup Golf and Country Club

Benalup Golf is situated in a unique environment with stunning views over the “La Janda” valley and the “Los Alcornocales” natural park. Playing golf has to be a pleasure, exclusive but still affordable, with respect for etiquette. The all-inclusive green fee makes Benalup Golf & Country Club unique. The green fee includes breakfast, refreshments on the course, a 3-course lunch and drinks.

Caballos El Alamo

Sebastian Zambrano and Lucie Brossette offer comprehensive training in the equestrian art of classical and High School-dressage as also “doma vaquera” (preparing you for the passage of Federal Review, for competitions or to enter into a riding academy as the Academy of equestrian art of Versailles). We have quality of facilities, 2-3 horses for each student, and housing professionals in the world of horse for your goals. Contact for more details Email:

Arcos Gardens

Here at Arcos Gardens we are extremely proud to be the official winter training facility for by both the Swedish Golf Federation and the English Golf Union. We are also winners of a number of International Property Awards which confirm that we have gone the extra distance to ensure the highest levels of build quality and on-site facilities making us one of the most luxurious golf resort developments

Alcalá padel and tennis Padel and tennis are now available in Alcalá behind the sports hall opposite where the Irish bar used to be.

Practeegolf Urb. Lomas de Sancti Petri, s/n 11139 Chiclana Costa - Cádiz Tel.: 956 492 231

Advertise here for €15 per month, per ad

Padel €8 for 1.5 hours Tennis €8 per hour

Pueblo 16

Films and books So, that special moment of the movie year has come and gone yet again - and the Best Motion Picture Of The Year turned out to be - The King’s Speech. But was The King’s Speech a deserved winner - and how does it shape up against the other nine contenders? Here’s a quick guide to how the ‘losers’ shape up against ‘The Best Movie of 2010’ - and which of them are worth watching over the coming months.

127 Hours

127 Hours Was there ever any real chance for a movie that stretches a 3 minute news story out to 94 minutes - and every audience member knows how it ends - and the main character is thoroughly unlikeable? Well, Danny Boyle and James Franco give it their best shot, but ultimately it boils down to sitting there for 75 minutes dreading that moment when he cuts his arm off - and wondering if you’ll be able to stomach it. In relation to the King’s Speech it’s like comparing a made for TV docu-drama complete with flashbacks to, well, a real film. Nominations: Best Picture; James Franco for Best Actor; Film Editing; Music (Original Score); Music (Original Song); Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Black Swan

Black Swan has been widely discussed in relation to 1948’s The Red Shoes - since both movies feature a young ballerina aiming for perfection under the control of a martinet figure who demands complete dedication. However, and this may be the reason why so many ballet lovers hate this version, it is also about our heroine’s gradual mental breakdown as she attempts to take on the dual central roles of Swan Lake. When you add in our prima ballerina’s repressed personality, perhaps brought on by her infantilising mother and a challenge from a rival ballerina, you get a rip-roaring ride that happens to feature ballet. More appropriate comparisons are with Repulsion or (if you’re a fan of the truly weird) Possession - both of which feature a similar psychological breakdown. For me, this was the only real contender to The King’s Speech - but since it seems to divide viewers to the extent that they either love or hate it, I can understand why it lost out. I loved it. Nominations: Best Picture; Natalie Portman for Best Actress; Cinematography; Directing; Film Editing

The Fighter

The Fighter is one of those ‘based on a true story’ boxing movies that Hollywood just loves. Fortunately, this is a great example of the genre. It tells the story of two half brothers from a run down industrial town in Massachusetts who use boxing as a route to fame and fortune. The elder brother, Dicky (Christian Bale) even managed to knock down Sugar Ray Leonard at one point, but now it’s the time for younger brother Micky (Mark Wahlberg) to make his run at the title. Unfortunately, Micky has Dicky as a trainer and Dicky has a massive crack addiction. Just to add to the mix, the rest of the family are an absolute nightmare – a(nother) controlling mother and a gaggle of seven ugly sisters - all dependant on Mickey’ income for survival. As the story progresses it gets to that point where you start to think, this is getting ridiculous (story wise) - but then realise that it’s all based on fact. The performances are all terrific, the story is almost too good to be true, eventually there’s even a bit of redemption - and it’s very, very funny. Incidentally, if you see this and wonder about the documentary that’s being made, it does exist and is well worth watching - it’s an HBO effort from 1995 called High on Crack Street - you can check it out here. However, it never really stood a chance for best picture because Mark Wahlberg’s lead character is so (necessarily for the story) understated letting the rest of the cast go over the top. Nominations: Best Picture; Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor; Melissa Leo for Best Supporting Actress; Amy Adams for Best Supporting Actress; Directing; Film Editing; Best Picture; Writing (Original Screenplay)


Inception was much anticipated when it was released back in July last year. The initial enthusiasm for the hugely complex story of dream manipulation - where you have dreams within dreams within dreams running concurrently in ‘real’ time seems to have waned with the passage of, err, time. Personally, I didn’t find it that involving - obviously it’s technically fantastic and looks equally good. But ultimately it has a real boys and their toys feel - and not much else. So, was it the complexity of the story, the style over substance feel, or the James Bondish sequence at the final dream level that killed off any chance of winning? Maybe the die was cast when Christopher Nolan wasn’t nominated for best director. A film to admire rather than like. Nominations: Best Picture; Cinematography; Music (Original Score); Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Visual Effects; Writing (Original Screenplay)

Films and books

Pueblo 17

The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right seems to have been included as a little piece of Indie fluff to let that part of the movie industry know that Hollywood still values them. The story is so right-on it’s painful - two middle aged lesbians (Julianne Moore and Annette Bening) share their lovely home with their two children - Joni and Laser (of course) one each by IVF using the same donor. Their daughter decides to contact the donor before she goes off to college, who turns out to be hunky Mark Ruffalo. He’s a former hippie (of course), who now runs his own organic restaurant (of course) using produce from his own veggie patch (of course). Joni and her younger brother meet up with the hippie-hunk and he gradually gets drawn into the world of their family. Oddly, the loveliest moment of the film doesn’t come from any of the three stars, but from Mia Wasikowska as Joni - when she gets to college and the others are just driving off back home. Nice. You could have given this nomination to Please Give (funnier) or Cyrus (even funnier) and no one would have noticed the difference, since they still wouldn’t have won anything. Nominations: Best Picture; Annette Bening for Best Actress; Mark Ruffalo for Best Supporting Actor; Writing (Original Screenplay)

The King’s Speech

The King’s Speech I’m guessing that you’ve already heard more than you want to about this one. It’s probably enough to say that it’s pretty good - and hits all the right buttons for a win - the human interest story; the Royal Family (the one thing the Americanos can never have); the physical handicap (the stutter); the unorthodox antipodean who saves the day’. Unfortunately it neatly rewrites history in regard to the relationship between the prince and his therapist; massively overstates the degree of stuttering; glosses over the, ahem, fascist leanings of King Edward and has Winston Churchill berating Edward, when in fact he sympathised with him- but hey, it’s only a movie. As the tag line says “It takes leadership to confront a nation’s fear. It takes friendship to conquer your own”. All together now, aahhhhh. Nominations: Best Picture; Colin Firth for Best Actor; Helena Bonham Carter for Best Supporting Actress; Geoffrey Rush for Best Supporting Actor; Art Direction; Cinematography; Costume Design; Directing; Film Editing; Music (Original Score); Sound Mixing; Writing (Original Screenplay)

The Social Network

The Social Network was another movie that took a true story and re-presented it as entertainment - and again you already know enough to decide whether you like it or not. Perhaps, like 127 Hours, it was the unlikeability of the main character that let the side down when it came to winning best picture. No matter how much you dress it up, it comes down to a social inadequate taking his revenge on just about everyone he ever met at college. Which is interesting, since it would seem that the real Mark Zuckerberg isn’t quite as horrible as his character is in the movie. Perhaps another case of Hollywood rewriting history, but, again, it’s only a movie. As an aside, did you know that rather than cut out any of the (marvellous) dialogue in order to reduce the running time, the decision was made to have characters speak very quickly - which has the bonus of giving the movie that sparkly crackly feel? Nice. Nominations: Best Picture; Jesse Eisenberg for Best Actor; Cinematography; Directing; Film Editing; Music (Original Score); Sound Mixing; Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is only the third animated feature (after Beauty and the Beast in 1991 and Up in 2009) to be nominated for Best Picture. In this, surely final episode, Andy is all grown up and about to go to college (is there a theme here) - so Woody and the gang are shipped off to the local day-care center. When they arrive there everything seems wonderful - until the true evil of Lotso (voiced by Ned Beatty) is revealed. Then we’re into the usual roller coaster ride back to Andy’s house and security, by way of Buzz in Spanish mode (what did they use for the Spanish language version of the film?) and a wonderful tunnel escape. It’s all, as you would expect, thoroughly enjoyable and appeals to absolutely everyone. Interestingly it’s also the most emotionally involving film nominated - let’s be honest, it would have won hands down if it weren’t for the unfortunate fact that it’s a cartoon! In the years to come, this is the film that will be remembered. Nominations: Best Picture; Best Animated Feature Film; Music (Original Song); Sound Editing; Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Pueblo 18

Films and books

True Grit

True Grit is not a remake of True Grit; it’s a re-interpretation of the original novel. Whilst this is factually correct, it doesn’t mean that 90% of the film isn’t exactly the same as the original. Whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad movie (and it isn’t), it does make you wonder why the Coen brothers bothered. It looks fabulous, and Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld as Rooster Cogburn and Mattie Ross are both terrific - but, assuming you’ve seen the John Wayne version, it just sparks memories of that movie. There’s also been a lot of discussion about the dialogue used in the film - which apparently does follow the style of the source novel. It does come across as being a little odd - sort of biblical / puritan. It’s also interesting that whilst Hailee Steinfeld’s diction is absolutely clear and distinct, Jeff bridges sounds as though he’s speaking through an empty toilet roll tube. Nominations: Best Picture; Jeff Bridges for Best Actor; Hailee Steinfeld for best Supporting Actress; Art Direction; Cinematography; Costume Design; Directing; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Winter´s Bone

Winter’s Bone is another Indie film, but this time genuinely deserved the nomination. It stars Jennifer Lawrence as a young girl trying to hold her dirt poor family together. Her mother is withdrawn and depressed and her father, who cooks up crystal meth (rather than hooch, it is the 2000’s after all), has disappeared - perhaps because of an upcoming court appearance. Unfortunately, he’s put up their shack and scrap of land as collateral for his bail bond. So, the story here is our heroine’s search for her father - in the close knit community of the Ozark Mountains - where everyone knows everyone and they all seem to be related in various ways. As if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, she still has to look after her mother and younger sister and brother. Whilst it never had a chance of winning best picture, since it is a very downbeat tale, set in an unfashionable area of the US, it is well worth seeing if you enjoy terrific acting and great storytelling. Nominations: Best Picture; Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress; John Hawkes for Best Supporting Actor; Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

So, there you have it for this year’s piece of nonsense that is The Academy Awards, 4 movies definitely worth making the effort to see, three reasonable efforts and a couple of pieces of dreck - not bad going really. See you next time. Copyright 2011 toro-verde productions, other opinions are available, but why bother.

Shades and the art of revenge - C.S Wiseman

Read more and buy it on Amazon here

Clive Wiseman has a remarkable ability to observe and describe woodland birds and their foibles with witty and sometimes ironic remarks and dialogue. What a delightful idea to let them behave and act like people! When the author is reading parts of his book these funny characters become so very alive that we see them almost as human beings. I could clearly visualize them when I was reading through the first part of the book and it made me want to find out more. I find this a truly brilliant and sparkling gem of a novel and have decided to treat some of my friends to this most entertaining and intelligent book.

Leaving the land of woo - Bob Lloyd

Read more and buy it on Amazon here

Leaving The Land Of Woo takes a critical look at the strange theories underpinning the claims of alternative medicine, food therapies such as diets and detox, religion, and the paranormal. Whether it is a claim to talk to supernatural being, or to be able to detox our bodies with a special diet, whether it is to be able to cure us with homeopathy, or align our chakras, these claims rely on untestable theory and a belief in undetectable forces and energies. They require us to be believers rather than critical consumers. Leaving The Land of Woo shows how these areas of irrationality are closely related, and how to leave them behind.


Pueblo 19

Nicola´s Coleslaw

Flourless chocolate brownies Thanks to Nigella for this. I have done this several times and it is, without doubt, the best you

Thanks to Nicola for this one.

will ever taste.

This is one of the best coleslaw´s you will ever taste, easy to do, all

For the brownies:

ingredients locally available.

* 225g dark chocolate, 70% cocoa solids * 225g butter

* Half a red cabbage

Businesses *Local 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

* 3 Carrots

* 200g caster sugar

* 1 large onion or 2/3 shallots

* 3 eggs, beaten

* 1 tbsp lemon juice

* 150g ground almonds

* 2 tbsp mayonnaise

* 100g chopped walnuts

* Pepper

1. For the brownie: 2. Preheat the oven to 170°C/gas mark 3. Melt the chocolate and

1. Use a food processor with a grater/chopping attachment, grate

butter gently over a low heat in a heavy-based saucepan.

the cabbage, carrots and onion

3. Take the pan off the heat, mix in the vanilla and sugar, and let it

2. Put into a big bowl and add the lemon juice and pepper

cool a little.

3. Stir in the mayonnaise

4. Beat the eggs into the pan along with the ground almonds and

4. Enjoy

chopped walnuts. Turn into a 24cm square baking tin or, most sensibly, use a foil one. 5. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, by which time the top will have set but the mixture will still be gooey. Once cooler, cut carefully, four down, four across, into 16 squidgybellied squares.

Send us your favourite recipes for possible inclusion in the next

6. For the sauce:

issue, keep it simple and preferably include a photo. Send to this

7. Break up the chocolate and put into a heavy-based saucepan.

email address

8. Add the remaining ingredients, then place the pan over a gentle heat and let everything melt together. 9. Once everything has melted, stir well, take off the heat and pour into a jug to serve. Serves: Makes 16 squares

Pueblo 20

Advertisers Buy El Gazul Goats cheese on the Industrial estate at Alcalá. It is made with organic oil. El Gazul makes between 4,000 and 5,000 kilos of organic cheese every year. They weigh between 800 and 1,300 grams, The price of the cheese in the shop at the Polígono La Palmosa is around €13

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Hotel La Palmosa *** Área de Servicio La Palmosa A-381 km 45. 11180 Alcala de los Gazules Teléfono: 956-413364

Chorizo Maker in Alcalá de los Gazules Polígono Industrial La Palmosa - Alcalá de los Gazules Tel/Fax. 956 413 041

Advertising costs

Pueblo 21

Subscribing to the magazine: Click here if you would like to recieve this publication every month Click here if you do not want to receive this publication any longer Advertising costs Full page A4 (H 280mm x W 216mm ) - €150 Half page A5 landscape (H 140mm x W 216mm) - €70 Half page A5 Portrait (H 216mm x W 140mm) - €70 Quarter Page - (H 70mm x W 216mm) €35 Eighth Page - (H 35mm x W 108mm) €20 Sixteenth page box ad - €15 House sale (quarter page) ad with 4 photos - €20 House rental ad (sixth page with 1 photo) - €15 Classifieds large with photo - €15 Classifieds small with photo - €7.50 Classifieds small no photo - €5 Like an advert in one of the monthly editions? The advert prices are above. If you would like us to make the advert for you, it is free if you advertise for one month or more, (all we need is a brief and photos) but we will hold the original file at pueblo mag. If you wish to make your own ad, please go to this link for more detailed specifications. Instructions will be there to help you. You will however need to make the advert in 300 dpi. Contact: Tony or Nicola Email: Tel: 956 420 648 or 645 834 399 Snail mail: Calle Sanchez Flores 4, Alcalá de los Gazules, 11180, Cadiz, Spain

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Pueblo 22

Team & Statistics

The pueblo team is Tony, Adobe , a mac, Nicola, and her D90, we are based in Alcalรก de los Gazules, Andalucia. Statistics: Magazine started mid Feb, website started mid Feb: Magazine published on in various stages of completeness mid Feb: Here are some figures 2 weeks after everything started. Bear in mind that it not advertised anywhere yet. This one is from where the flip magazine is hosted, second one is from the website statistics log. Watch this space for end of the month figures.

Contributors in this issue: email us if you need to contact any of the following. Tony Pearse - Business person and Graphics Nicola Chapman - Business person and Photographer Mary Chapman - Photographer Claire Lloyd - Artist Jude Wiseman - Business person and Artist Andy Russell - Business person and Artist Helen Rigby - Business person Pete Johnson - Film guy John Cantelo - Birdwatcher Miriam Verbeeck - Business person Lucie Brosette - Business person Matthew Coman - Musician


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Kleiver 8.80 Bermuda Sloop built in UK 1974 (clone of Van Der Stadt). Epoxied steel hull, Fin & Skeg keel, anti foul 2010, BMC engine 35 hp, Furlex Roller Reefing, Genoa 2yrs use, main approx. 6 years, 4 berths, heads, solar charging. Well-maintained, ready to cruise, berthed in Barbate, Andalucia, Spain. 0034 956 420 487 €15,500

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Used computer flat screen monitor (refTP117) 19¨ LG Flatron, flat screen computer monitor with cables, hardly used. Perfect condition. Buyer collects €40

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Pueblo Magazine  

Magazine to promote life in Andalucian white villages, bringing together events, local businesses and house sales etc

Pueblo Magazine  

Magazine to promote life in Andalucian white villages, bringing together events, local businesses and house sales etc