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Some of the links in this guide may or may not include affiliates links to recommended resources or other products and/or services.

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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: What Is Clickbank?

Chapter 2: Set up a website or blog with product name

Chapter 3: Create your Landing page and build your list

Chapter 4: Promote your new site


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The MAP of simplest way to Affiliate product on Click Bank: 1. Choose a product to promote 2. Set up a website or blog with product name 3. Create your Landing page and build your list 4. Promote your new site or blog to get people interested

Yet, before we are going to go far, like those steps above, You need to pay attention this Blueprint first until the end.

There are just so many ways for you to make money on the internet. It is almost impossible to master everything when you first get started. Also, you will find it information overload if you were to learn everything about making money online so quickly. Information overload is the number one factor that makes newbies fail. Inside this handbook, I will show you how to make money online, easily, with affiliate marketing.

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To put it very simply, Clickbank is a virtual marketplace that was founded in 1998. It is a Privately held company having offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Clickbank is an online retail outlet that sells over 50,000 different products.

What Is Clickbank? Clickbank is an online retail outlet and an online payment processor. The products featured on Clickbank are digital products like e-books, software, and videos. It is regarded as the best place for people to buy or sell their digital products. If a person has a digital product or service that they are interested in selling, they can register at Clickbank as a publisher. As a publisher, people can make use of the over 100,000 Clickbank affiliates to find buyers for their products and multiply profits. Individuals who would like to use the online retailer as a resource to create income can do so as an affiliate. Clickbank affiliates are simply people who market or promote products by publishers and earn commissions. Every publisher, whenever they publish a product, offers a certain percentage of their product's value as commission to affiliates. Affiliates can earn commissions up to 75 percent. The payment technology that Clickbank uses allows any publisher or vendor or seller to automatically pay commissions on sales to any affiliate that successfully links a paying customer to that seller. The customer is billed by Clickbank, then the seller is paid and then the affiliate. Clickbank maintains security and quality control over each and every transaction.

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Advantages of Clickbank for Affiliates There are many advantages of being a Clickbank affiliate and some of them are: No Registration Fee There are so many different affiliate programs available on the internet. Most of them advertise that joining is free but they charge when someone would like to become an affiliate. Clickbank is free. There are no registration fees and no hidden charges to becoming an affiliate. Prompt Payment Unlike most of the other affiliate programs on the net, Clickbank pays regularly and promptly. The payment is given every two weeks and the payments are on time. Great Products The sheer number of products available makes it easy for an affiliate to choose the products that he or she would like to promote. Products range from e-books, videos, software and many more. The moment a

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Okay, That’s to much for to know about CLICKBANK

Now begin to the core steps....

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Next Step : Generate Your Affiliate Link Once you have your Clickbank ID ready, you can set up your affiliate link: Replace the XXXXX above with your unique Clickbank ID and it becomes your affiliate link. For example, if your Clickbank ID is simple123, then your affiliate link will be: Now that you have your affiliate link, you can accelerate the process of promoting the product by doing the next steps on CHAPTER 3. Yet I have another tips for you: Let’s take a look at these in detail now… If you promote a product, you should be making at least a 30% or even 75& commission on the net profits. This is difficult to assess sometimes, but you can make an educated guess. For example, if the website you are an affiliate for sold a $100 ebook but only offered a $10 commission, this wouldn’t be fair because the net profit on a $100 ebook would be significant. In addition, you need to learn about their payout criteria, including their minimum payout. You want to work with a company that will pay you on at least a monthly basis and that their minimum payout rate is low (or else you could end up waiting a long time to earn enough money to actually get paid). Now, there are a few guidelines that you should follow when choosing a product. 1. Make sure the payout is above $20. It is not really worth your time if it is less. 2. Click create hoplink and make sure you write down and keep track of the affiliate url for each product you choose because they will be different for each product.

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CHAPTER 3 “Create Your Landing Page” You need hosting because you need a place to store all of your squeeze pages, download and thank you pages, and files for your subscribers to download.

Here is how this process will work. 1. Someone will visit your landing page and you will offer them a free report about the subject at hand. 2. They will enter their email address and name and sign up to your mailing list receiving the free report. 3. Right after they sign up you send them to a Thank You page and let them know to check their email in about 10 minutes. 4. On the Thank You page you include a link to the product you want to promote. You actually type in the words, “While you are waiting for your FREE report, visit _______ whatever product you are promoting. Make sure to put your affiliate link where the _______ is. Here is the tips for you: The landing page system provides a uniquely powerful system through which you can derive profit from multiple streams. This article will briefly discusses some of those different streams – and how you can manipulate them. Whether it's a free newsletter or a product for sale, the landing page system you create should include a “one time offer,” which will compel them to take action – subscribe, buy, etc. Once they subscribe or buy, the landing page system you create should then re-route them to a thank you page, which opens up more means through which you can up-sell. One quick way to up-sell is to simply include advertisements on your thank you page for related affiliate products or for your own products. Here, again, you will want to give them a one-time offer.

The Scheme of building this Landing Page:

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“ Having a mailing list is not just about promoting your list. You should also promote your unique content to them. This will help you to keep receiving loyal visitors to keep visiting your blog”

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“Build your list” Configure your autoresponder I personally use single opt in for my list. You can test out single or double, but I'm just letting you know, I use single opt in. 1 . Choose your targe t marke t . Who do you want to serve? You can focus on people who interested in. example, weight loss, holiday, dating advice, making money, acne 2. Create it for free for the offer. This can be a free e-boo k, PDF report, video and soon.

Here's what you need to do: You need to set up your autoresponder so that when someone opts in to get your free gift, they are taken to a new page, this will be your Thank You Page that you uploaded in the previous step. The reason you want to do this is because on your Thank You Page you are going to put something like. Here for the example of the first welcome email: “Thank You For signing up for your copy of “Whatever you are giving away” - it should arrive in your email inbox in about 10 minutes. In the meantime, Here is your download link... Download Page URL Link (link for the free gift) Cheers, Your name PS – Follow me on my blog... Blog URL

That way, the subscriber will know that they are going to get what they signed up for AND they get to check out a special offer. Your special offer can be a product of your own, a product you are an affiliate for, it could even be another landing page for something else you are giving away. You are also going to need to add your initial outgoing message to your autoresponder.

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