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Anson Funds

Anson Funds is a leading Canadian hedge fund, co-founded in 2003 by investor and philanthropist Moez Kassam. As a privately held alternative asset management company, Anson Funds invests primarily in publicly-traded equity and debt securities worldwide. It maintains offices in Toronto and Dallas. Moez Kassam and his team currently manage about $1.4 billion in investments. Fund portfolio managers prioritizes net-of-fees performance with low volatility of returns, and low correlations to broad market indexes. Anson Funds seeks to maximize returns by focusing on three investment strategies: classic shorts, value longs and opportunistic investments. Those strategies shape the firm’s biggest fund Anson Investments Master Fund. Barron’s and Bloomberg have both chosen Anson Funds as a top-performing fund. Anson Funds has also appeared in the Top 10 Hedge Funds list from Barclay Managed Funds.