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There is clearly nothing wrong in thinking big. Cover star Sir Thomas Lipton from Face to Face: Ocean Portraits certainly did so in pursuing the America’s Cup on five occasions. He famously never won the trophy but his quest ensured the worldwide success of his celebrated tea brand. A similar sentiment was at work when several years ago we conceived our new major publication. Ship is certainly big at nearly 400 pages and presents a stunning collection of vessels, selected for their historical renown or visual impact, and accompanied by entries by the world’s top maritime historians. A truly magnificent volume. Explorer Bruce Parry embarked on a similarly ambitious mission when he set off earlier in the year on his trip around the stunning expanses of the Arctic to encounter the peoples of this dramatically changing region. The landmark BBC series will be aired early in 2011 when we will publish Bruce’s spectacular accompanying volume. On a different tack we also sent two of the world’s foremost nautical photographers around the globe to photograph some of our leading maritime protagonists for the stunning Face to Face: Ocean Portraits.

Brian Lavery scored a Sunday Times Bestseller earlier in the year with our Empire of the Seas TV tie-in and he continues his dedicated chronicling of the history of the Senior Service with a new publication, Royal Tars, exploring the history of the Lower Deck. Further Conway achievement this year came when Richard Endsor’s The Restoration Warship was deservedly recognised as the Illustrated Book of the Year at the Maritime Foundation Maritime Media Awards. There is plenty more to enjoy with this year’s offerings from Conway as detailed in the following pages. These include much more maritime and naval history, new editions of the ever-popular Conway annuals, more modelling books and an ample share of superbly produced pocket-books and wartime nostalgia, from Fougasse’s most enchanting ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives’ to the magnificent Spitfire Pocket Manual. High time for a celebratory cup of tea. John Lee Publisher – Conway

Ship Style Modernism and Modernity at Sea in the 20th Century PHILIP DAWSON & BRUCE PETER

• A pioneering volume on ship design that presents many previously unpublished images including photographs, brochure illustrations and general arrangements.


This lavishly illustrated, full-colour study of some of the world’s most magnificent ocean liners, ferries and cruise ships tells the intriguing story of the development of the Modern Movement in passenger-ship design. The book presents some of the 20th-century’s most iconic modern liners in great detail including Ile de France, Bremen, Normandie, Robert Ley, United States, Rotterdam, France, Canberra, Andrea Doria and QE2. HB | 276 x 213mm | 240 pages | £30.00 | 260 illustrations

ISBN 9781844860494 PB | £14.99

Ship A History in Art & Photography EDITED BY ANDREW LAMBERT

• A vast and stunning visual history of the ship, featuring a wealth of evocative artworks and striking photographs. • Documents 360 of the world’s most significant ships in history, literature and art, encompassing themes of design and construction, exploration and discovery, mutiny and piracy, shipwreck and conflict. • With contributions from experts in the fields of ancient vessels, merchant ships, sailing warships, ironclads, battleships, expeditionary ships and ocean liners.

This stylish volume brings together the world’s most famous and celebrated ships from fact and fiction, history, art and film. Collectively these vessels tell stories of human progress, imagination, ambition and tragedy, whilst also symbolizing the power and prestige of great maritime nations. Ship reflects many different uses of the sea, and investigates the ship as artefact, emblem and icon, drawing out meaning from the myriad representations of all manner of craft from antiquity to the present day. Triumph and disaster sit side by side in its pages, tracing key developments in ship design, function and purpose and addressing numerous themes through the texts that accompany each image. The list of distinguished contributors includes maritime historians, naval commentators, museum curators, experts in marine art and other scholars in related fields, while the entries include diverse ships such as the Mary Rose, the Bonhomme Richard, Nelson’s Victory, CSS Alabama, Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, the battleship Yamato, Normandie, the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior and Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl.

HB | 280 x 240 mm | 384 pp | £30 | 360 photographs and illustrations



• Major BBC2 tie-in, accompanying a landmark five-part series. • Committed and charismatic author who genuinely engages with the indigenous people of the Arctic. • Specially commissioned location photography. Explorer Bruce Parry takes an epic Arctic journey, following the six-month Polar summer through Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia and Scandinavia to document a vital part of our world at a point of extraordinary change. Bruce tells the stories of traditional Arctic inhabitants along with the oil workers, miners and scientists who have been attracted to this dramatic yet hostile landscape. Immersing himself in the cultures of

peoples like the Chukchi, the Sami, the hunters of Qaanaaq and the Gwitchin tribes of the Canadian north, Bruce stresses their connection to the lands and hunting grounds that sustain them while exposing the issues they face. Rich in content and narrative, this spectacular TV tie-in brings human stories and global issues to the fore, pinpointing cultures on the brink of irreversible change. HB | 245 x 190mm | 272 pages | £20.00 | 260 photographs | Publication: December 20th, 2010


ISBN 9781844860692 HB | £40.00

ISBN 9781844860401 HB | £40.00


• Presenting new commissions from two of Britain’s leading photographers – lifeboatman Nigel Millard and yachtsman Rick Tomlinson – alongside historic treasures from the world’s finest maritime collections. • Featured personalities include Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Robert Ballard, Sir Peter Blake, Henry Blogg, David Doubliet, Sir Francis Beaufort, John Holland, Sir Thomas Lipton, Don Walsh, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Ben Ainslie, Frank Hurley and Alan Villiers. This second volume in the innovative ‘Face to Face’ series is at once a stunning account of the pioneering photography of the oceans and equally an epic collection of those contemporary and historic figures who have been so inspired by them. Encounter heroes of maratime and seafaring history alongside those weathered lifeboatmen, pioneering oceanographers and lucid storytellers who have broadened our understanding of the sea. HB | 267 x 217mm | 288 pages | £30.00 | 240 photographs RELATED TITLE


ISBN 9781844860999 HB | £30.00

‘Picture Perfect’


The Irish Times

Mail on Sunday

‘Picture Book of the Year…evocative…compelling…epic’ The Observer

Royal Tars The Lower Deck of the Royal Navy, 875–1850 BRIAN LAVERY

• A new history of the world of the seaman, exploring the lives of the Royal Navy’s ‘lower deck’. • Illuminates the seaman’s skills, his daily routine, living conditions, traditions, training, personality and role in battle throughout the Age of Sail. • The follow-up to Brian Lavery’s bestselling titles Empire of the Seas, In Which They Served and classic volume of the Senior Service, Nelson's Navy. In his trademark style informed by diligent research and an unsurpassed understanding of naval practice, Brian Lavery examines the Royal Navy’s ‘lower deck’; an aspect of the service that hitherto has often been overlooked. The reputation of early seamen as irresponsible, amoral and liable to drunkenness and desertion perhaps accounts for this, but Royal Tars seeks to rehabilitate the reputation of the seaman by presenting the authentic voice and social history of the lower deck, portraying a lively and vivid culture with its own values, language and rituals. In addition, fascinating first-hand accounts illuminate the seaman’s daily life and his attitudes to officers, naval service and discipline, and the experience of battle as seen from the gun deck or the fighting top.

HB | 234 x 156 mm | 384pp £25 | 60 illustrations

BESTSELLER ISBN 9781844861095 PB | £20.00

Merchant Kings When Companies Ruled the World, 1600–1900 STEPHEN R. BOWN

• ‘Stephen Bown is emerging as Canada’s Simon Winchester.’ The Globe and Mail • Includes the astonishing stories of Jan Pieterszoon Coen of the Dutch East India Company, Pieter Stuyvesant of the Dutch West India Company, Robert AWARD Clive of the English East India WINNER Company and Sir George Simpson of the Hudson’s Bay Company. ISBN 9781844860883 HB | £50.00

Merchant Kings tells the gripping stories of six larger-than-life men who, between 1600 and 1900, founded the world’s greatest monopoly trading corporations. Combining commerce and conquest, these merchantadventurers ruled millions of people and vast tracts of land—from Hudson Bay, Dutch Manhattan and southern Africa to India, Indonesia and Russian Alaska.

HB | 234 x 156mm | 324 pages | £16.99 | 24 illustrations and maps


• A century of vivid eye-witness accounts by aircraft carrier crews and their embarked naval air squadrons taken from interviews, correspondence, archived memoirs, published autobiographies and official reports. • Fully international in scope, with accounts by British, American, Australian, Indian, Italian and French personnel. • Encompasses conflicts from the First World War to the Second Gulf War, peacetime activities, life on board and humanitarian missions including Haiti 2010. • Includes first-hand experience of changing technology, from arrested landing to angled decks and dipping sonar.

HB | 234 x 156mm | 456 pages £20.00 | 40 photographs

Shipwright 2011 The International Annual for Maritime History and Ship Modelmaking



HB | 267 x 197mm 208 pages | £30.00 145 Illustrations

• The second edition of a new, full-colour annual focusing on all facets of ‘scratch-built’ model shipbuilding, as well as related articles on restoration, archaeology, historical research and marine art. • Features include a major interview with HMS Victory's keeper and curator Peter Goodwin, Douglas Brooks writes on ships of the Japanese coastal trade and Jonathon Kinghorn describes the techniques and materials for the painting of ships.

Warship 2010 The world’s leading resource for original scholarship, research, news and reviews from the field of warship history. • 32nd volume of the famous Warship annual. • Combining original research, new book reviews, Warship notes, an image gallery and much more. • Feature articles include RN icebreakers, the battleship Suffren, the attack on Taranto and Jellicoe’s deployment of the grand fleet at Jutland. HB | 267 x 197mm | 208 pages | £30.00 | 130 illustrations


Steaming Through Britain A History of the Nation’s Railways CHRIS ELLIS & GREG MORSE

• An essential reference for any railway enthusiast, detailing the history of Britain’s unique railway heritage from the earliest days of steam to the modern day. • Features a directory of the UK’s most popular preservation railways, both standard and narrow-gauge, with location details and visitor information. • Published in association with the National Railway Museum collections.

This lavish new volume explores Britain’s extensive railway heritage, outlining the construction and use of the national rail network from the earliest endeavours to the post-Beeching age. The book begins with tram and waggonways and moves on through the coming of steam to the first age of the train, the ‘big four’, wartime service, the nationalization of the network and the advent of diesels and electrification. Evocative photographs and artworks from the extensive archives of the National Railway Museum and other sources document the locomotives, rolling stock, transport posters, workers, passengers and equipment that have existed on Britain’s railways throughout the past two centuries. HB | 280 x 220 mm | 192pp | £20 | 200 illustrations

The Hornby Book of Scenic Railway Modelling CHRIS ELLIS

• A complete guide to creating detailed, realistic settings for your model locomotives and rolling stock. • With useful modelling tips and tricks, a range of practical projects and photography of Hornby’s own expert-built layouts. PB | 190 x 210 mm | 176pp £14.99 | 250 illustrations


ISBN 9781844860951 PB | £14.99

The Spitfire Pocket Manual 1939–1945 EDITED BY MARTIN ROBSON

• Compiled from a wealth of authentic period sources, from pilot log books to Air Ministry performance trials data. • Supplemented with illustrative plans and diagrams, giving a unique insight into the technical and tactical development and wartime operation of this exceptional aircraft.


ISBN 9781844860739 PB | £7.99

Developed in 1938 from a Schneider trophy-winning design by the aeronautical engineer and designer R.J Mitchell, the Supermarine Spitfire went on to become the definitive Second World War fighter and one of the most famous aircraft of all time. This pocket manual presents an accessible collection of fascinating historical documents to explore the technical and tactical developments relating to the design and use of this famous aircraft. These give a unique insight into the Spitfire, illustrating its durability and adaptability in performing many war-winning roles. With period illustrations and an introduction by historian Martin Robson, The Spitfire Pocket Manual is an essential volume for any Spitfire enthusiast. HB | 180 x 120 mm | 144pp | £7.99 | 25 illustrations

James May’s Toy Stories: The Airfix Handbook JAMES MAY

A fascinating look at the history of the iconic brand that is Airfix, from the earliest plastic scale models to the precision moulded kits of the present day. HB | 190 x 130 mm | 96pp | £9.99 100 illustrations

James May’s Toy Stories: The Scalextric Handbook JAMES MAY

A detailed insight into over fifty years of Scalextric history, examining the development and expansion of the world’s favourite model racing brand. HB | 190 x 130 mm | 96pp | £9.99 100 illustrations

James May’s LEGO House A truly technicolour tour of James May’s full-size LEGO house, detailing every aspect of this unique construction project. HB | 150 x 190 mm | 96pp £9.99 | 100 illustrations

Careless Talk Costs Lives Fougasse and the Art of Public Information JAMES TAYLOR

Fougasse was one of the most popular cartoonists and illustrators of the first half of the twentieth century. Commissioned as part of the Ministry of Information’s anti-rumour/gossip campaign, his ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives’ series of propaganda posters, first issued in February 1940, quickly became one of the most successful and enduring of World War II and are remembered fondly today by millions who experienced life on the Home Front. This charming book, beautifully illustrated with classic examples of his work, is a guide to Fougasse’s distinct style and design philosophy, which favoured humour in art and sloganeering to convey memorable messages, from Punch cartoons to public information posters. It looks at the reasons for the success of his Home Front propaganda and explores its timeless appeal. HB | 210 x 165mm | 96 pages | £9.99 | 100 colour illustrations

The British Home Front Pocket-Book 1940-1942 EDITED BY BRIAN LAVERY

Just how did Britain ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’? The British Home Front Pocket-Book is compiled from authentic leaflets and pamphlets issued during the Second World War to a public threatened by German bombers and the prospect of invasion. As well as advice on evacuation, food and clothes rationing, the book includes essential instructions on bomb-proofing, air raids and gas masks. HB | 180 x 120mm | 160 pages | £7.99 | 20 illustrations

Irrepressible Churchill Winston’s World, Wars & Wit COMPILED BY KAY HALLE

This classic collection provides an invaluable record of Sir Winston’s thoughts and opinions, jokes and ripostes to reveal an intimate portrait of this celebrated statesman. HB | 210 x 145mm | 344 pages | £9.99 | 80 illustrations

COMING IN SPRING 2011… HMS Warrior 1860 Victoria’s Ironclad Deterrent ANDREW LAMBERT • A lavishly illustrated history of the design, construction, service career, restoration and preservation of HMS Warrior, the world’s first iron-hulled, armoured warship and one of Portsmouth Dockyard’s major visitor attractions. • Complete with archival material, specially commissioned photography, ship plans and drawings, this is a comprehensive work that documents this icon of the Victorian navy, and the monumental restoration project that successfully returned Warrior to her original 1861 condition, when she began her first commission.

The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling JONATHAN MOCK

• An accessible practical guide packed with hints and tips to get the best out of your plastic scale models, to suit all levels of modelling skill. • Details many aspects of the hobby and deals with all elements of kit-building through a series of step-by-step guides, covering aircraft, figures and dioramas, vehicles, AFVs and ships. PB | 190 x 210 mm | 176pp | £14.99 | 250 illustrations

HB | 267 x 217 mm | 224pp | £30 | 200 illustrations


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Arctic £12.00 Ship Style £18.00 Ship £18.00 The Liner £8.99 A History of Arctic Exploration £24.00 The History of Seafaring £24.00 Face to Face: Ocean Portraits £18.00 Face to Face: Polar Portraits £18.00 Royal Tars £15.00 Empire of the Seas £12.00 Merchant Kings £10.19 The Restoration Warship £30.00 Carrier £12.00 Shipwright 2011 £24.00 Warship 2010 £18.00 Steaming Through Britain £12.00 Hornby Book of ScenicRailway Modelling £8.99 Hornby Book of Model Railways £8.99 The Spitfire Pocket Manual £4.79 Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat £4.79 Toy Stories: Airfix Handbook £5.99 Toy Stories: Scalextric Handbook £5.99 James May's Lego House £5.99 Careless Talk Costs Lives £5.99 The British Home Front Pocket Book 1940-1942 £4.79 Irrepressible Churchill £5.99 The Sailor's Word Book £7.79 The Sea Chart £10.19 The Voyage of the Beagle £12.00 Conway's Battleships £18.00 The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt £10.19 Britain's Historic Ships £12.00


9781844860982 9781844861019 9781844861064 9781844861071

Scrimgeour's Scribbling Diary We Shall Fight on the Beaches The British Home Guard Pocket Book James May's Toy Stories

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£5.39 £12.00 £4.79 £12.00



Conway Compass: Battle of Trafalgar Warship 2009 Shipwright Annual 2010 The Frigate Surprise: Limited Edition The Frigate Surprise (standard edition) The Pirates Pocket Book Come Hell and High Water Nelson's Navy Seamanship in the Age of Sail Churchill's Navy In Which they Served Sea Charts of the British Isles Charts of War Conway's War at Sea in Photographs A Hard Way to Make War A Seaman's Pocket-Book Struggle for the Middle Sea Royal Navy Officer's PocketBook 1944 Anatomy of the Ship: Yamato Anatomy of the Ship: HMS Hood Anatomy of the Ship: HMS Endeavour Anatomy of the Ship: HMS Beagle Anatomy of the Ship: Bismarck Anatomy of the Ship: HMS Bounty Churchill Goes to War Fighting for the Fatherland Hitler's Army Dad's Army

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