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A situation or activity specially suited to a person’s abilities or character.

Traditional & Digital Printing Direct Mail Services

Creating Great Impressions Since 1982 - In order to create a great impression, one must be skilled and imaginative. Another Printer has matured like fine wine - getting better with age, carving out specialized niches to serve you better. The symbol on the left of this page represents our “coming of age�. Get to know it. It is the new mark of quality and craftsmanship. Much has changed over the years but not our resolve to continue to serve you well into the future. It is our desire to partner with you in your efforts to enhance your own image to your customers. This Idea Book contains just a few of the many unique things we are capable of doing to help your printed piece stand out from the crowd. Should you have a question about how any of these processes could enhance your next project, just call us. Our in-house specialists will be happy to help. We appreciate the opportunity and thank you for your continued business.

Digital Color

This entire booklet was printed using our Xerox 5000AP Digital Color Press.

Digital Color - The Xerox 5000AP delivers exceptional color image quality. This digital press is great for mixed media jobs like variable data printing, training manuals, presentations, newsletters, catalogue, brochures, manuals, books and personalized marketing materials. It delivers exceptional image quality on an extensive range of media such as coated, uncoated and heavyweight papers, transparencies and specialty media.

Embossing Important Note of Interest: When designing your piece for print, be sure to keep the back side clear of any images or type where the embossing is located. The reason for this is that it may distort your image in the spaces where the indentions occur.

Embossing - The creation of a three dimensional design or image on paper is known as embossing. Heat and pressure reshapes the surface of the paper to create the image. There are single, multi-level, beveled, and sculptured styles of embossing. Embossing can be done on plain paper or combined with ink, images, or foil for special effects.

Digital Copying

Digital Copying - The Xerox Nuvera 100 has capabilities to copy, fold, stitch and create booklets with your black-andwhite documents. With higher resolutions the Nuvera will make your text, photos, charts and diagrams gleam. It is capable of producing 144 ppm which means your job gets produced faster. Improve the image of your document and it will improve the image of your entire organization.

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping - The application of foil, a special film-backed material, to paper where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the paper. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.

Foil Fusing

Foil Fusing - Like that great look of Foil Stamping but hate the extra expense of a foil stamping die? We have your solution! Another Printer now has the capability of offering you Foil Fusing. This is the process of bonding foil to a toner image printed with a copy machine or laser printer. Now you can have your printing personalized with foil without the added expense and delay of a die. Foil fusing does have it’s limitations, so please call us or your sales rep for further specifications and samples.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding - The process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material and then attaching covers to the resulting text-block with hot glue. It will bind books up to 2� thick with one touch of a button. This machine will allow us to perform perfect binding of books inhouse. This is another option for you to consider when having your book project printed. Please call us or your sales rep for further specifications and samples.


Diecutting - Done after printing as part of the finishing process, diecuts are areas of the document that are partially or completely cut out in a variety of shapes. This technique adds functionality and visual interest to your piece. The die is a steel blade used to punch out the desired shape.


Thermography - This technique produces raised printing similar in appearance to engraving but using a different process. In thermography, a special powder is added to the wet ink on the paper. The printed piece is heated and the powder and ink mixture dries to form a raised effect on the paper.

Traditional Four Color

Traditional Four Color Process - To produce full-color images, typical printing presses use 4 specific colors of ink (see below). The four inks are placed on the paper in layers of dots or solids that combine to create the illusion of many more colors. CMYK refers to the 4 ink colors used by the printing press: C is cyan (blue), M is magenta (red), Y is yellow, and K is black, the key plate or keyline color.

Full Color Corporate Packages

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Traditional & Digital Printing Direct Mail Services

Full Color Corporate Packages - This is a combination of color schemes, designs, words, etc., that a company employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy. It is an enduring symbol of how a company views itself, how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember it. We can convey that philosophy for you with full color letterheads, envelopes, business cards and whatever else you need printed.

Varnishing & UV Coating

This entire booklet was coated using a High Gloss UV coating.

Varnishing & UV Coating - A liquid shellac or plastic coating put on a printed piece adding a glossy, satin, or dull finish. Part of the printing or finishing process, it is applied like a final layer of ink after a piece is printed. It may be clear or tinted. Varnish can be used functionally to reduce glare or enhance readability or as a design element to smooth, highlight, add texture, or create added dimension. 3 varnishing/uv techniques


Bindery - This can be broken down into all of the “finishing� aspects of a printed piece. This includes everything from folding, stitching, gluing, coil binding, drilling cutting, scoring, perforating, numbering as well as collating and booklet making. Bindery is often one of the first items that needs to be thought out before designing a printed piece.

Promotional Items

Promotional Items - Looking for promotional products such as cups, Koozies, T-shirts and much more? Whether you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas, our site is your one-stop shopping source. From fun items to the traditional, you can easily shop for some of the hottest items on the market. Quickly and easily find products to: • Improve traffic at trade shows • Motivate staff • Thank a customer • Increase safety awareness When you are ready to buy, our secure check out makes it safe, easy and convenient. Or, if you are just browsing, use the ‘information only’ option and we’ll get back to you. Just go to and click on the interchanging bar in the middle of the page showing the promotional items.

File Preparation Tips: t project, please in mind thenext following tipsplease for good Whenkeep designing your project, keepfileinpreparation mind the following tips for good file preparation mber, our print are here to help,our so don’t hesitate to are to help, so don’t hesitate to call. and specialists easy workflow. Remember, print specialists esolution support files for your high document. A common an document. A common problem is an 1. Always provide resolution supportproblem files for isyour 72 dpi when a image print resolution of 300 dpidpi is when needed for best results.of 300 dpi is needed for best results. file provided in 72 a print resolution ays make sure yourfullsupport files always are converted to CMYK space. 2. For color jobs, make sure your color support files are converted to CMYK color space. for files to be left in RGB mode from yourfiles cliptoartbeCD A common mistake is for leftorinother RGB sources. mode from your clip art CD or other sources. ic element is3. toWhen run off theorfinished edge of the paper, always sureedge of the paper, always make sure color a graphic element is to run off themake finished your document.toThis be doneinto by your adding 1/8” to the length. buildcan a “bleed” document. Thiselements can be done by adding 1/8” to the elements length.

File Prep TipsFile Prep Tips

Software Compatibility: ss, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Publisher, Word, Acrobat CorelDraw, Publisher, Word, Acrobat PC -Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, ress, PageMaker, Freehand 8.0, Acrobat Mac -Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand 8.0, Acrobat Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions concerning your layout or design. One of our Digital Imaging Technicians will be happy to answer any questions you have. Main Office: 803.798.1380 or 888.689.6399

Equipment List Another Printer, Inc.

Traditional & Digital Printing Direct Mail Services

Bindery Services

• Dotmate 7500 ESKO Imagesetter Computer to Plate • IBM and MAC platforms • Epson Large Format Color Proofer • Xerox 5000AP Digital Color Press • Xerox Nuvera 100 High Speed Digital Printer • Xerox Phaser 7760GX Digital Color Printer

• Baum 2020 Folder with 8 and 16 page attachments • Baum 714 Folder • Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 90 Saddlebinder with 6 pockets and cover feeder • Heidelberg 115 EMC 45.5” Programmable Cutter • Heidelberg 55 EM 21” Programmable Cutter • Sterling Digibinder Perfect Binding Machine • Watkiss 12 Pocket collator/saddlebinder • Counts CSM-121 high speed numbering machine • (2) Electric Coil Binding Systems • Diamond 5 Electric Round Corner Machine • Challenge 3H-3A Paper Drill • Laminating


Custom Features


• Solna 4-color 19” x 25” • Ryobi 3304 4-color 12.5” x 17.75” • Sakurai 258EPII 2-color 17.5” x 22.5” • Miller TP-74 2-color 20” x 29” • Itek 3985 2-color 12.5” x 17.75” • 2 A.B. Dick 9800’s 12.5” x 17.75” • 2 Envelope Feeders for 1, 2 or 4 color envelopes

• Foil Fusing - Foil stamping without a die • 18” UV Coater • NSF Foil Stamping and Embossing • Hot Foil Stamping unit for books • Sunraise S-7000 Thermography Unit • Heidelberg KSBA Cylinder Press (Die Cutting, Pocket Folders, Custom Perfing) • Complete Mail Room Services that include Tabbing, Inserting and Inkjetting

Traditional & Digital Printing Direct Mail Services

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Another Printer Idea Booklet  

collection of print and design ideas

Another Printer Idea Booklet  

collection of print and design ideas