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Hannah Smith


Hannah Smith - Portfolio


Hi I’m Hannah! I am a talented and driven design student from San Jose, California. My interest in UI/UX, product design, and innovative thinking is rooted in my life experience of living in a world not always designed for my needs. As a woman with chronic illnesses and learning disabilities, I knows firsthand how poorly developed systems can make one work ten times harder than their peers. My perspective on design extends beyond its traditional use as a marketing or communication tool. Instead, I believe it has the power to tackle real-world issues through human-centered solutions. My coffee addiction, love of nature and animals, and tenacity fuel my passion for making a positive difference in others’ lives.

Concentration in Visual Experience, Minor in Product Design Connect with me! itsanotherhannah@gmail.com anotherhannah.com 408-596-2465

linkedin.com/in/anotherhannah @anotherhannah.design behance.net/anotherhannah 3


Hannah Smith - Portfolio

BLVD Coffee Website This project’s primary objective was redesigning a website for a local restaurant or small business in my hometown. As a coffee lover and frequent customer of BLVD Coffee, I redesigned their website. My focus in this project was to capture the heart of BLVD by highlighting the rich history of the business, the vibrant community it caters to, and the premium quality of its food and beverages. Furthermore, I aimed to modernize the cafe’s appearance by crafting a new brand identity. This redesign was created through Adobe XD, and I am proud to mention that it was recognized with a silver student ADDY award at the Inland Empire local competition in 2021.


Hannah Smith - Portfolio

Swell App The main objective of this project was to create a simplistic, user-friendly app to locate a particular item or item. This app idea came out of my love of the ocean, and growing up going to Santa Cruz beaches, I was always in awe of people who surf or do water sports. However, I found quickly through my research that the apps currently exist for surfers to find surf spots, attain correct weather conditions, and find sites that were not frequented as often, could have been more user-friendly, and lacked cohesive user interface principles. My goal was to change this by designing an app that allows users to navigate to a surf or beach spot easily, quickly get all the correct information on one screen, and be guided to their destination.




Hannah Smith - Portfolio

Guavah Guavah is an award-winning application that originated as a senior engineering capstone project at CBU. The app guides users to suitable dining destinations through an effortless and intuitive quiz, thereby eliminating the frustration and indecisiveness that often accompanies selecting a restaurant. In my role, I assisted in designing the brand identity and providing design consultancy services. Moreover, I contributed to developing specific app screens, ensuring the design adhered to the brand’s overall visual aesthetic and maintained consistency throughout the application. 9

Hannah Smith - Portfolio

Hover Hover is an innovative adaptive utensil designed to modernize the current design of adaptive utensils. Using 3D printing technology and an extensive design process, I created this unique spoon to provide for individuals with arthritis and other disabilities. Adaptive utensils enable this demographic to be independent in eating. However, those on the current market are only tailored for functionality rather than style. Hover bridges this gap by offering a sleek and comfortable design that caters to individuals between 20 and 80. In addition, this utensil gives the hope of being a piece to be shown off rather than an embarrassing implement to be concealed. 10



Gaiani Senior Capstone My senior capstone project originated from my experience with chronic illness and the absence of functional, sleek, and user-friendly medicine boxes tailored toward the chronic illness community. The traditional medicine boxes used for decades and the current supplement-focused solutions do not adequately cater to the needs of those suffering from chronic illnesses. Through much research and connecting with my main target audient, I have designed a unique solution to cater to the diverse needs of this often-neglected demographic. I have landed on a minimum viable product through this process, from sketching to clay modeling to 3D printing. The product featured two primary parts, “the wreath” and “pods,” inspired by natural forms in nature.


Hannah Smith - Portfolio

Dunkin Donuts Poster The Dunkin Donuts campaign poster was recognized with a gold student ADDY award at the 2022 local competition in the Inland Empire. The poster was designed utilizing the substitution principle, which cleverly incorporates elements of the Dunkin brand while adding a playful touch of modernity. The design thus emphasizes the convenience of on-the-go and delivery services that are so highly sought-after in today’s fast-paced society. The design’s simplicity shines through in efficiently communicating the message.




Meta Ad Campagin This advertising campaign was recognized with a bronze student ADDY award at the 2023 local competition in the Inland Empire. The project’s original goal, as proposed by the professor, was to “construct an image” through physical means. Paying homage to Meta, a company that has become a cornerstone of creativity and inspiration for many, the campaign was designed to celebrate its initiative of bringing creatives together online. The logos of Meta’s parent companies were constructed from foam and hot glue, with over 18 hours in total of cutting and hand construction invested in these pieces.


Hannah Smith - Portfolio

“Like Real People Do Music Video This visual and special effects project received a student silver ADDY award at the local competition in 2023. This project is a music video that combines dance, music, and visual effects to convey the message of the resiliency of love and the influence of media in affecting modern relationships. Inspired by the song written by Hozier and the outstanding choreography of Keone and Mari, the video represents love in all its forms. The project utilizes stop-motion techniques on After Effects, overlays, floral time-lapses, and real-life love notes to create an immersive experience.




Hannah Smith- Portfolio

Istanbul Campaign The Istanbul Tourism Campaign aimed to promote the city as one of the world’s most culturally diverse, beautiful, and historic destinations. The campaign’s focal point was a symbolic logo representing the main pillars of Istanbul, including industry, religion, architecture, unique location, people, and art scene. The logo’s intricate patterns drew inspiration from the city’s beautiful tiles and tapestries, integral to its rich cultural heritage. Through its thoughtful branding system, the campaign aimed to attract tourists worldwide to experience the city’s vibrant culture, aweinspiring architecture, and warm hospitality.


Hannah Smith - Portfolio

DèVuAir | Airline Branding This project aimed to develop a contemporary airline brand that inspires travelers to explore new destinations. This project's scope encompasses proposing a new airline brand and creating an entire branding system to be implemented throughout the business. The resulting brand, DeVuèAir, is centered around the idea that "moments start with us." The tagline, "Moments Start with Us," encapsulates the essence of the brand and its commitment to providing a memorable travel experience, thus specializing in promoting fair-priced flights to exotic locations to Millennial and Gen-Z customers. 22


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