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Annuity Rates & Quotes When one identifies that they need to start searching for annuity rates & quotes they should become familiar with the vast amount of products that are currently available. Your first instinct may just tell you to go to a major company, such as ING, however let’s look into the potential downsides of choosing such an action. If one contacts a carrier directly, they are instantaneously eliminating all other potential good products. If they do not have a product that meets your exact needs, some agents may try to “push” a certain product that closely resemebles what you need, when the fact of the matter remains, another company just may have an annuity product that meets your needs in every aspect. In this example, if you were to speak with ING, who is to say Mass Mutual doesn’t have a better product? Now, you can certainly go to 20 different annuity companies, and listen to 20 different insurance agents, and get follow up calls from them all, or, you can take the wise approach. Utilizing a licensed insurance broker who has an independent affiliation. Meaning, this individual has access to multiple companies that he is appointed with. Findign a local independent agent is likely the best move, as they likely have access to ING, Mass Mutual, and many other solid annuity companies. An independent agent will work hard to get you the best annuity rates & quotes, since he is only paid if you choose to move forward with an annuity, more of a reason to really pin down the right annuity that fits your specific goals. Also, not one person I know enjoys multiple sales people following up with them non-stop. Some websites even have annuity calculators, and can locate a local annuity agent. For free of charge, you can find a local agent over at

Finding Various Annuity Rates  

Annuities: Learn how to get the best annuity rates possible by getting quotes from multiple companies.

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