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Cleaning Home Gym Equipment Having a personal gym empowers the individual to keep their equipment as clean and safe as possible. It also allows the individual the opportunity to furnish the gym with equipment of their choice. Another advantage to having a home gym is being able to work out at any given time. Knowing the equipment is always clean and ready to go is another consideration, health clubs don't have the time or personnel to clean each piece of equipment after each use, Crossfit equipment such as weights for lifting or random exercises done on a mat, these items will need to be cleaned regularly. For the mats mopping them down with a bleach water dilution then rinsing them off will eliminate any germs or bacteria. The reason for crossfit equipment is to reach a high level of calisthenics through constant movement, which is the purpose for fitness cardio equipment.

Gym equipment for the home that provides a full workout for cardiovascular fitness should contain at the least a treadmill, exercise bike, and a stair climber. These will address all the muscles, including the heart and lungs for a full body work-out. Nordic track and Pilate's machines are good fitness cardio equipment and cross fit equipment. Cleaning the equipment is not a difficult undertaking. A mild cleaner is recommended because it will come in contact with the skin, which could cause problems for those with sensitive skin. The cleaner needs to be antimicrobial. This can be applied with a spray bottle, then wiped away with a soft cloth or disposable wipe. Gym equipment needs to be cleaned after each use, each family member should be responsible for wiping down the equipment after they finish their workout. It is important to remember to wipe down the handlebars and the seats of all free standing equipment.

Strength exercise equipment is needed for any fitness program; small weights of five to ten pounds are used for toning the arms. Moving to the next level barbell weights allows the individual to customize their workout by adding or removing the weights for their desired level of strength building. For the more advanced bench pressing equipment helps strengthen the chest and shoulder muscles, slowly adding more weight to achieve a pre-determined goal. It is

important to clean and sanitize each part of equipment used for this process. There are one-use wipes that have been designed for cleaning strength exercise equipment as well as any other fitness equipment. These wipes make the job quick and easy and are more expensive than the disinfectant sprays, and it takes longer.

Fitness equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills, stair climbers and steppers, offer a full cardiovascular workout; however, each needs to be properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. Once this is done it is important to remember the floor of the gym also needs to be vacuumed or dusted daily and mopped frequently to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up. Door knobs are also great collectors of the germs so wiping them down each day will help keep from spreading bacteria and germs. Website:

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Having a personal gym empowers the individual to keep their equipment as clean and safe as possible. It also allows the individual the oppor...

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