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Happy Friends Hotel

Czech republic WeLCoMe To OuR HoTeL This is the first floor with reception.

This is our hotel.

This is our lift. This lift is designed for five people.

This is our first floor. There are double-beds with wardrobes.

This is our second floor. There is a playground with a slide.

This is our sign. There will be stars here ď Š.

Slovakia Green room


Happy Friends Hotel

Capacity: 3 persons Pooll




Rooms: Double room: 50€ Single room: 30€ Extra bed: 10€

Region: Šachtičky District: Banská Bystrica Town: Banská Bystrica Phone: +421 48 416 49 89, +421 948 642 405 Room equipment: Bed, LCD television with 100 channels, cupboard Facilities and nearby surrounding: restaurant, car rental, garden Sports facilities: hiking, skiing, swimming, horseriding

Free bonus: pool, fitness centre, table tennis, parking, spa

Hotel Happy Friends lies in the heart of Slovakia surrounded by the three major mountain ranges: the Low Tatras, Big Fatra and Slovak Rudohorie. It is 1.102 m above sea level and about 10 km north of Banská Bystrica. Hotel Happy Friends near Banska Bystrica offers wide range of delicious meal and visitors can taste also Slovak national specialties in the typical Slovak restaurant. There are countless ski areas for downhill skiing, trails for cross-country skiing and also four ski lifts near to the mountain hotel. Happy Friends Hotel offers free Wi-Fi in rooms, too. There is direct access to mountain Šachtičky. The resort has got amazing mountain views. Near the hotel are bus stop, airport and shuttle. There are horses and for renters is horse riding free. You can try skiing.

Hotel equipment: Restaurant, Swimming pool, 2 kind of sauna - , Whirlpool bath, Solarium, Massage, Fitness, Billiards, Table tennis, Tennis court, Basketball, Volleyball ground, Bicycle rent, Horse riding

Happy Friends Hotels Spain

With our climate almost every day you can go to the beach and have a picnic. From our hotel you have a view to the mountains. Hotel Happy Friends offers free Wi-Fi in public areas, at the reception desk the service is quite friendly,the car hire, bike hire and airport shuttle free , outdoor activities hiking of the CALDERA DE TABURIENTE. There is a tennis court.

The restaurant offers meals for vegetarians. The restaurant has an English breakfast, Canary lunch and Italian dinner. If any of you are allergic to gluten and lactose, we have food without gluten and lactose too.

We offer a swimming pool with water games, cocktails , the swimming pool can be outdoor and indoor.

For your relaxation we offer spa, sauna, massage ...

Our hotel offers a room with a waterbed, a lamp of various colours and the walls and floor light . ACTIVITIES OFFERS THE HOTEL HAPPY FRIENDS

Our hotel also overlooks the Bejenao, El Pico de Birigoyo and a bit of La Caldera of Taburiente, amazing views. There are also hiking trails to those three places so beautiful. And you can also mountain bike.

Happy Friends brochure 2  

Three coutries make a hotel chain brochure together in an eTwinning project.

Happy Friends brochure 2  

Three coutries make a hotel chain brochure together in an eTwinning project.