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n fo o i s s i adm


20 h c r a m

t lin s i t r a CG

by anna eckhoff ohrt nissen


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letter of intention

life drawings

character design

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optional work

contact info

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letter of intention Dear people at the Animation Workshop, My name is Anna Nissen, I am 25 years old and I m applying for the computer graphic artist line.

I am interested in all kinds of creative work, from scrapbooking, sewing and decorating cakes, to painting and drawing which is what I have done the most. My inspiration for working in the world of animation, comes from early age. I grew up with Donald Duck comics and Disney movies, and love the whole Walt Disney universe. I remember watching Disney’s Snowwhite on VHS, and especially liked the bonus marerial where you get to see the animation process. I have always been fond of Don Rosa, because he makes all those small details in his drawings. Lately I have found inspiration from Rich Werner, who makes some humouristic and cool characters, and from Bobby Chio who just makes great digital art. My favorite genre of movies is fantasy; the whole part of discovering an unknown universe and letting yourself become a part of it. I love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter – the stories are great and they are just visually amazing movies. I also like such movies as The Imagination of Doctor Parnassus and Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland and “9”. In games, I love the old Rayman, because the worlds are so imaginative and pretty.

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It has been my dream to become a student at the Animation Workshop, since I first heard about it at 15-16 years old, but I felt it was something to do in the future, when I had the money and skills. So I took to the Higher Education Course (HF) in Sønderborg and then the Media Graphic Designer education in Kolding. I had a 3-year internship at the textile company Fipotex A/S, where my job was designing license based prints for clothes (mainly t-shirts). I finished my education as a Media Graphic Designer in 2010 and kept my job as a print designer at the textile company. It was a great place, where I learned a lot about working in teams inhouse and with costumers. Also handling demands from the licensholders and the daily busy environment. During my years in the company, I travelled to Berlin and London once a year, and one trip to Los Angeles. I had been in the US one time before (back in 2007, a trip from Chicago to Miami), but L.A. was so different. Like the trips to Berlin and London, L.A. was really exciting because of the different atmosphere a big city has and all the impressions from people and places, that just jumps at you every minute. In 2011 I attended the cartoon convention Artbubble in Horsens, where I talked to some guys from the Animation Workshop, and then I felt it was time to pursue the dream of becoming a part of the animation world.

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I went to the summer course in Lundø in 2011 with Mads Peter as our teacher, and after a week of getting to know the school and education more, I was determined to apply to the school in march 2012. I applied for the character animation programme, but didn’t get in. I then signed up for the Drawing Academy Fall 2012, quit my job in Kolding, and in august 2012 moved to Viborg, so I could focus completly on improving my drawing skills. My teacher was Artem, and it was 4 1/2 really great months, where I learned a lot from him and from the guest teachers we had. I loved the environment and the people at the school, and it was so great to be a part of it. During my time at the Drawing Academy, I have learned more about the bachelor education and myself, and decided that the CG line was a much better match for me, than the character animation line, which i applied for last year. I hope one day to work in a crazy, creative environment, and be a part of the next big movie, commercial or game - right now I am mostly interested in drawing backgrounds, and I am very curious about 3D modelling. I am very skilled in Photoshop and Illustrator, as I have worked intensly with these two programs every day for the past 6 years. Beside that, I have basic knowledge in InDesign and Dreamweaver, where I can code a simpel website.

I have saved up all the money for the school and I feel more ready than ever, to be a part of the Animation workshop, give you my all, and work hard to make my dreams come true. You will not regret choosing to let me be a part of your school:-) Best regards, Anna Nissen

life drawing

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life drawing

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character design

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stitch and sewfie // media: photoshop

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The adventures of Stitch, Sewfie and the Evil Moth Stitch and Sewfie are dolls, who live in mushrooms made of fabric, and they use fabric for everyday stuff. The Evil Moth lives in the mountains in a cave, with hundreds of other moths. The moths really like to eat fabric, so one day they attack stitch and sewfie’s home town and take everything made of fabric. Stitch and sewfie are going after them to get their fabric back.

Evil Moth // media: photoshop

character design

duck photo studio // media: photoshop

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crazy birdman // media: photoshop

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the nerds // media: illustrator


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background drawings

stitch and sewfie home // media: photoshop

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evil moth cave // media: photoshop

background drawings

the nerds basement // media: illustrator

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the nerds: alley of despair // media: illustrator

background drawings

kitchen world // media: photoshop

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crazy birdman cabin // media: photoshop


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media: photoshop

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media: photoshop


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media: photoshop

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media: photoshop

media: photoshop


media: watercolors and ink

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media: illustrator

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media: photoshop

optional work

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Design for t-shirt, made by combining mutiple images // media: photoshop

original files

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study in clay from The drawing academy

Contact info: name: adress:

Anna Eckhoff Ohrt Nissen Sct. Mogens Gade 45, st. tv. 8800 viborg

email: mobile: +45 26 83 90 87 You can see my online portfolio here:

Portfolio by Anna Nissen - admission for CG artist line 2013  

My name is Anna Nissen and this is my portfolio for the Computer Graphic artist line march 2013, TAW Viborg

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