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Facilitator Notes Common Core Institute December 16, 2011 Desired Outcomes Today: By the end of this meeting, we will have:  Established the need for clarity in writing standards as outlined in Common Core  Engaged in writing practices aligned to Common Core writing strands  Obtained instructional strategies to share with teachers and resources to provide professional development at the district and school level

Agenda WHAT Introduction to “Research to Present and Build Knowledge”

HOW • Introductions • Purpose of Meeting • Establishing the Need



Anna Frost All

45 min.


Warm-up: Silently read the introduction to Writing Next. In writing, individually respond to the guiding questions at your table and post on the Wiki.

Literacy Strategies: • • •

Metacognitive Log Think Pair Share Appointment Clocks

Writing Round Robin on the Wiki

Guiding Questions • What information presented in the article fits with your current beliefs and practices about writing instruction in your district?

Describe anything from the reading that changed or enhanced your perspectives on teaching writing and how it could impact the way in which you communicate writing practices and expectations in your district? Explain.

Use Appointment Clocks: Introduce yourself to four people not in your district. Then, refer to the Wiki responses: Write a reaction to the writing of your 12 o’clock appointment on the Wiki. Whole Group Share out

Establishing the Need: Facilitator will share writing research

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for Career and College Readiness and the three standards for “Research to Build and Present Knowledge” using Power Point.

WHAT “Research to Present and Build Knowledge”

HOW • Present • Participate • Discuss



Anna Frost All

30 min.


individually fill out “I Saw I Thought Chart” using the guiding

Literacy Strategies: • • •

Watch video on Shift 5, “Writing to Sources”, and


Double Entry Journal I Saw, I Thought Appointment Clock Collaborative Conversation

Guiding Questions: •

What will this mean we have to change about our practice?

What challenges will we face as we make this shift?

What prompts, materials, and supports need to be provided so that students become curious and precise investigative reporters who uncover facts, draw conclusions, create arguments, and analyze the work of others? (Refer to RBT)

Share responses with your 3 o’clock appointment.

Whole group share out (implications on writing and expectations for classroom practice in your district)

Break Strategies to Immerse Students in Research to Build and

• Participate • Discuss Literacy Strategies:

Common Core Professional Development


15 min.

Anna Frost All

60 min.

Refer to Power Point slides: Participants will create prompts and research questions aligned to Standards 7 & 9 using the literacy strategies outlined in the Power Point.

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Present Knowledge

• • • •


Text Connections RAFT Talk, Talk, Talk Essential Questions


Break Digging Into the Standards

• Present • Participate • Discuss Literacy Strategies: • •

Jigsaw Assessment for Learning Outcomes




15 min.

Anna Frost All

60 min.

Share responses with your 6 o’clock appointment.

Whole Group Share out


Jigsaw with Standards 7-9, Research to Build and Present Knowledge, grade span 11-12.

Divide into three groups

Refer to Common Core Standards, pgs. 46-47

Each group becomes an expert on one standard and creates Learning Progressions via I Can Statements to demonstrate levels of student mastery.

o Standard 7: Conduct short and sustained research to answer a question.

o Standard 8: Gather relevant information from multiple sources.

o Standard 9: Draw evidence from literary and informational texts.

Common Core Professional Development

Jigsaw to form expert groups

Groups rearrange to teach others

Whole group debrief

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• Review • Discuss • Next Steps

Common Core Professional Development


15 min.

Literacy Strategies: 


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Common Core Facilitator Agenda  

To use during professional development on the Common Core "Writing Research to Build and Present Knowledge” 11-12 Grade Span

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