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This story is about a movement. A movement of people living with HIV in Nepal, Glimpses from personal files collected over a period of four long years, not of any particular chronological order but speaks of people living with HIV in Nepal.

Reliving the histoRy of empoweRment of plwhA in nepAl‌

Faces and Voices of HIV epidemic Nepal, It is about Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Our message is simple “I am healthy, I am responsible, I am able to contribute, I love life, I care for others…”

31 people from 8 districts came together in 2003 @ 1st National Consultation of PLWHA in Nepal men and women living with HIV

Strong leaders like

Rajiv Kafle & Anjan Amatya carved a niche for the network in the national AIDS program, they has an inspiration to many of us

Leaders like

Gopal stood tall against all odds, still smiling. His efforts bearing fruits in Nepal

Visionaries like Naresh & Anand laid strong foundation in East to West and carried the vision across boundaries

Our priority is “to strengthen this movement�

We concentrated on “forming and strengthening district level support groups for local response in first year�

We realised that our voice could be strengthened only if

“we work at the regional and district levels�

Today we are over 300 members from 5 regions and 13 districts in Nepal organized as a movement

To represent all the communities “we created working groups for advising us on issues of particular group� Drug Users

Women & Children


Sex Workers

Trafficking Women

Initially it was difficult to be

open about one’s HIV status, most of us were

very scared

“we could only talk about our status only to a Doctor, all because we thought having HIV was only about

sickness and death”

Barriers were plenty “but we were prepared to go to any extend until we succeed�

“I could laugh with others and I felt I have a life after HIV

Together we withstand stormy winds

Objectives of NAP+N • • • •

Improve access to treatment Access to information Protect the human rights Promote Greater involvement of people living with HIV • Promote social acceptance and end Stigma and Discrimination • Provide opportunities for networking for people living with HIV

Our sincere thanks to all our wellwishers, supporters USAID Family Health International (FHI) National Center for STD and AIDS Control (NCASC) UNAIDS UNDP VSO POLICY Project Futures Group ILO DFID

Together we make the strongest voice of people living with HIV in NEPAL.

History of NAP+N (July'06 latest)_Anjan