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1. What is Magento...?

An open source platform

Very impressively documented

It is 100% owned by well known eBay

Highly able to expand and adjust with changes

Stimulating characteristics

Can have several stores i.e. Multi Store concept

Easily accommodate marketing gears

Has attractive theme management system

Has the facility of extensions

It is Search Engine Optimization friendly

Boasts of having huge community

2. Set up..!!! ď‚ž

One needs to install a single setup for multiple/several stores and websites, which has similar nature or concept, like – similar products in the similar business with absolutely different labelled websites

3. Plus Point... ď‚ž

It can control particular settings regarding children stores and views on the store


Globally set customer data can be shared with in each other among the websites


With multiple installations, customer data can be shared with one web-site and not the other

4. Negative Point... 

It requires high-end server

As compared to other technologies, it has a sharp knowledge gaining arc

It is average in content management

5. What to do for security and backups... 

As such Magento is very strong. Not even a single complain have been reported regarding hacking

Backups can be done through Magento backend, which is very easy and fast.

Backups of File Structure – it is simple with (S)FTP

Try to manage the users and levels of users cautiously

6. Benefits - Off-site pay-off systems 

It has an over and above coat of safety

Fast approval of the Merchant Account, no need for credit check

It can be easily integrated in the system, as no Payment Card Industry compliance

7. Troubles - Off-site pay-off systems 

Sometimes, it may take away the customers from the website

It may also need the registration of 3rd party structure

It generally has very narrow approach to the customer’s info

8. Benefits - On-site pay-off systems 

It holds the customer on the particular website

It removes the need of listing the customer on other places

It permits the merchant access to every single customer’s info

9. Troubles - On-site pay-off systems 

This particular thing needs a merchant banking account

The website could be dependent to Payment Card Industry compliance

As such integrating eCommerce platforms could be complicated

10. Summing Up 

Find out what actually one needs in the eCommerce site, then opt for Magento

Get a picture of the global eCommerce platform while planning for the website using Magento

Also consider various aspects of business, currency, language and other domains

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Freelance magento development  
Freelance magento development  

An open source platform Very impressively documented It is 100% owned by well known eBay Highly able to expand and adjust with changes