2022 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup Catalogue - Results

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2022 NH Foods Australia Angus Youth National Roundup Catalogue Catalogue

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Angus Youth and Angus Australia

like to acknowledge and thank the sponsors for the 2022 Angus Youth National Roundup. Without their support this event would not be possible.

Naming Partner Shirt



Partner Dinner Partner Gold Partners
Committee Partner
Satchel Partner
Partner Water Partner Water Bottle Sponsor Program Partner Hat Partner Media PartnerMajor Partner Social
Partner Diamond Partner
Partners EJ Angus

Kotzur Silos

EJ Angus

Betts Cattle Co

QLD State Committee

Holbrook Breeders Australia Proway

WA State Committee

Merridale Angus

Flemington Angus

Billaglen Pastoral Co


Limitless Show Supplies Dalwhinie

Perals for Girls

Roundup Awards

Bronze partner

TAS Angus Breeders Group

Robinson’s Livestock

Nuggets Red Angus

Flemington Angus

Bolton Girls Red Angus

Texas Angus SA State Committee

Ray White Rural Semex

Young Livestock

Exporters Network

Ben Nevis Angus

Millah Murrah Angus

North East Angus Group of Victoria

Karoo Angus

Paringa Livestock

Billaglen Angus

Breeder Genetics

Knowla Livestock

Upper Murray Seeds

Chrome partner

J & P McGregor J & C Angus Reilands Angus The Herdd

Ballot Cattle Sponsors

Redgums Red Angus

The Riverina Anglican College

Aarden Angus

Dalwhinnie Angus

Raedean Red Angus


Wattle Wood Angus

W & M McCrohan

Goondoola Livestock

Yellowbox Angus

Live & Silent Auction Item Sponsors

Hitchley and Harrow

Dust n Boots

Kim Falls

Branded Ag Marketing

Bald Blair Angus

Breeder Genetics

Reilands Angus

Bolton Girls Red Angus Inga Hays

Cassie Macdonald

Target Livestock and Marketing Australian Community Media Zoetis

Established in 1884, and proudly familyowned and operated by four generations.

Macka’s Australian Black Angus use only the world’s best genetics for breeding quality, grass-fed, grain-finished Angus Verified cattle.

Heading into the 5th generation with Robert’s two boys, James and Jack, work ing within the family operation.

The cattle industry is an integral part of the Australian culture, and it’s Macka’s duty to pass pm our knowledge to the next generation of beef producers.

Macka’s is a proud supporter of the Australia Angus Youth National Roundup, and their core brief is to inspire the farming minds of tomorrow.

Protected byFollow Us Go to www.australianangusbeef.com.au to learn more.




Kotzur Silos Betts Cattle CoEJ Angus QLD State Committee

Anna Sagasser

Heidi Wilson

Darcy Clarke

Isabel Yensch

Miley Obrien Laura Vary Teagan Brown

Jemima Nugent Indiana Smith

Holbrook Breeders Australia

Amelia Clarke

Darcy Hall William Perkins

Sienna Grylls Stephanie Robinson William Palmer Darby Mcclaren Meg Kealey Bonnie Cox

Jock Mcdonald

Emma Watkins

Charlotte Hann Angus Spry Bailey Clarke Emily Bond Erin Chesworth Abbey Caskie Charlotte Nugent

Elsie Stevens

Victoria Jared Jesse Rhodes

Ainslie Campbell

Jack Robson

Hannah Lennon Tess Newman

Charlotte Dendy

Joey Tindal

Laura Sagasser

Ruby Williams

Bryce Mcclaren Laura George Amber Howell Mitchell Duddy Sophie Halliday

Nuggets Red Angus

Catie George Sam Robson

Jack Lennon

Georgia Williams Dominic Edwards Matthia Rudder

Rachel Henry Maddy Telford

Tas Angus Breeders GroupProway Robinson’s Livestock

Charlotte Smith Thomas Henry Ryan Smith Jayde Grylls

Heidi Zwiers Sarah Parry Georgia Thompson Merryn Cox

Harriet Mccrohon Benjamin Yensch

Aiden Rudder

Amelia Miller Zoe Muller Teagan Neutze Phoebe Cobb Candina Crowden Janet Cantwell

Benjamin Glover Isla Obrien

Eliza Wilson George Mccrohon Louis Henry Zoe Doodewaard Madeline Perkins Casey Halliday

Bolton Girls Red AngusFlemington Angus Texas Angus

Austin Hann Max White Sarah Sagasser Henry Brewer

Goergia Perkins Zanna Spence Sam Batten William Van Gend

Kody Stevens

Jamie Muller Daisy Sutherland Emily Hann Rosie Sutherland Bailey Coulston Jake Turner

Micquella Grima

Lucy Godbolt William Tindal

Naomi Cramp

Maddison Hann Angus Lee Jessica Zwiers Zoe Rudder Emily Bright

Congupna, Victoria C Contact: Aimee Bolton 0477 3 18 118 David Bolton 0428 573 265 e: aimee.l.bolton@outlook.com
Breeding Champions

Charles Sturt University knows

Charles Sturt knows agricultural education. Charles Sturt’s School of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences is the largest and most successful provider of agricultural, horticultural and animal science education in Australia.

Our graduates are renowned for their commitment to animal and public health, agricultural sustainability, and for service to regional and rural communities. They have professional expertise founded on the latest scientific knowledge, industry innovations and practical experience.

Charles Sturt University is proud to be part of the 2022 Angus Youth Roundup.

agriculture As Australia’s largest regional university, our heart is in agriculture and animal science. Find out more csu.edu.au/agriculture CRICOS 00005F. M1196. bulls.com

Junior Judging

Pee wee’s sponsored by J & P McGregor

Champion Pee Wee Junior Judge: Austin Hann

Reserve Champion Pee Wee Junior Judge: Thomas Henry

Top Five Junior Judge: Laura Sagasser, Joey Tindal, Heidi Wilson Encouragement: Jock McDonald, Lucy Gobolt

Juniors sponsored by J & C Angus

Champion Junior, Junior Judge: Max White

Reserve Champion Junior, Junior Judge: Isabel Yensch

Top Five Junior Judge: Maddison Hann, Louis Henry, William Tindal Encouragement: Aiden Rudder, Jack Lennon

Sub-Intermediates sponsored by Reiland Angus

Champ Sub-Inter Junior Judge: Dominic Edwards

Res Champ Sub-Inter Junior Judge: Bailey Coulston

Top Five Junior Judge: Angus Lee, William Palmer, Matthia Rudder Encouragement: Zanna Spence, Amber Howell

Intermediates sponsored by The Herdd

Champ Inter Junior Judge: Meg Kealey

Res Champ Inter Junior Judge: Jemima Nugent

Top Five Junior Judge: Jake Turner, Georgia Thompson, Sam Batten, Encouragement: Charlotte Dendy, Mitchell Duddy

Seniors sponsored by Australian Community Media

Champ Senior Junior Judge: Micquella Grima

Res Champ Senior Junior Judge: Candina Crowden

Top Five Junior Judge: Charlotte Nugent, Bonnie Cox, Sophie Halliday, Encouragement: Indiana Smith, Maddy Telford

Grand Champion Junior Judge sponsored by NH Foods Australia: Meg Kealey

Walla Walla, NSW info@kotzur.com www.kotzur.com (02) 6029 4700
www.millahmurrah.com S C A N M E @YOUNGLIVEX Young Livestock Exporters Network YLEN.ORG.AU CORP AD 96x65 2021.indd 1 26/10/21 11:28 am Po Box 418, Goulburn NSW 2580 T 02 4823 6442 | M 0417 263 460 For All Your TEXAS ANGUS 230 BULLS SELL 27 JUL 23 Stud Stock Specialist Tailoring your individual Sales Management Package “Putting You, back in Control"
Morris 0458 120 605
Brown 0419 333 295
Glasser 0403 526 702

Meat judging - Retail identification

Pee wee’s sponsored by Limitless Show Supplies

Champion Pee Wee Meat Judge: Joey Tindal

Reserve Champion Pee Wee Meat Judge: Laura Sagasser

Encouragement Award: Lucy Godbolt

Juniors sponsored by Circle 8 Bulls

Champion Junior, Meat Judge: Charlotte Hann

Reserve Champion Junior, Meat Judge: Will Perkins

Encouragement: Georgia Williams

Sub-Intermediates sponsored by Genetics Australia

Champ Sub-Inter Meat Judge: Dominic Edwards

Res Champ Sub-Inter Meat Judge: Angus Lee

Encouragement: Matthia Rudder

Intermediates sponsored by Charles Sturt University

Champ Inter Meat Judge: Jake Turner

Res Champ Inter Meat Judge: Zoe Rudder

Encouragement: Rachel Henry

Seniors sponsored by Bald Blair Angus

Champ Senior Meat Judge: Micquella Grima

Res Champ Senior Meat Judge: Charlotte Nugent

Encouragement: Bonnie Cox

Grand Champion Meat Judge sponsored by NH Foods Australia

The Cattle Shop Fitting Competition

Chute to show ring champion team: White Family Beef (Red Angus) team consisting of Will van Gend, Max White, Miley O’Brien and Charlotte Dendy

Reserve: Nugget’s Red Angus team consisting of Charlotte Nugent, Jemima Nugent, Isla O’Brien and Kody Stevens

Cattle Classes

Animal Name DOB


Class 1: Sponsored by Rennylea Angus

Double 07 Franchita S46 21/03/2021 19 Months Emily Bond

Damala Sofie S4 9/6/2021 16 Months Catie George

J & C Prue R170 2/11/2020 23 Months Sophie Halliday

Winchester Abigale S7 9/9/2021 13 Months Miley Obrien

Winchester Eutesca S5 8/9/2021 13 Months Isla Obrien

Jarobee Dice of Spice S185 18/7/2021 15 Months Stephanie Robinson

JSRL Lady Heather S109 6/10/2021 12 Months Sam Robson

WFB Red Cherry Ripe S147 10/1/2021 21 Months Max White

1st: Jack Robson, 2nd: Sophie Halliday, 3rd: Miley O’Brien, 4th: Emily Bond, 5th: Catie George

Champion Bred and Owned: JSRL Lady Heather S109 exhibited by Jack Robson Reserve Champion Bred and Owned: J&C Prue R170 exhibited by Sophie Halliday Sponsored by Angus Australia

Bred and Owned Junior Heifers

Class 2: Sponsored by Angus NSW Committee

Nampara Twiggy T122 25/3/2022 7 Months Anna Sagasser

Nampara Twilight T21 27/2/2022 8 Months Amelia Clarke

Nabiac Legends Dream T1 23/1/2022 10 Months Sam Batten Daisy Sutherland

Redgums Yambuna Girl S20 12/11/2021 11 Months Charlotte Smith Margni Park Moongarra S28 10/11/2021 11 Months Joey Tindal Margni Park Moongarra S28 10/11/2021 11 Months Will Palmer

Redbank Dream S155 16/10/2021 12 Months Harrison Connolly Adameluca Adelaide s131 15/10/2021 12 Months Lucy Godbolt

1st: Joey Tindal, 2nd: Daisy Sutherland, 3rd: Lucy Godbolt, 4th: Anna Sagesser, 5th: Amelia Clarke Highly Commended: Charlotte Smith and Will Palmer

Class 3: Sponsored by Elders Studstock VIC and NSW

Wattle Wood Barunah S62 8/10/2021 12 Months Phoebe Cobb

JSRL Lady Heather S109 6/10/2021 12 Months Sam Robson

Dalwhinnie Dream S99 5/10/2021 12 Months Jessica Zwiers

Wattlewood Acacia S52 4/10/2021 12 Months Benjamin Glover

Wattlewood Acacia S53 4/10/2021 12 Months Jack Lennon

Damala Skye S7 3/10/2021 12 Months Laura George Bluelake Angus Myola S18 1/10/2021 12 Months Louis Henry

1st: Louis Henry, 2nd: Sam Robson, 3rd: Max White, 4th: Phoebe Cobb, 5th: Laura George

Champion Junior Female: Bluelake Angus Myola S18 exhibited by Louis Henry Reserve Champion Junior Female: Margni Park Moongarra S28 exhibited by Joey Tindal Sponsored by Upper Murray Seeds

Animal Name DOB CompetitorAge

Intermediate Female

Class 4: Sponsored by SA Angus State Committee

PJ Dream S31 23/09/2021 13 Months ZOE RUDDER

Winchester Abigale S14 14/9/2021 13 Months NAOMI CRAMP 22/9/2021 13 Months MATTHIA RUDDER

Winchester Abigale S17 17/9/2021 13 Months KODY STEVENS

Margni Park Brolga S14 14/9/2021 13 Months WILLIAM TINDAL

Wattlewood Barunah S37 12/9/2021 13 Months ELIZA WILSON

Blackstone Ebony S98 10/9/2021 13 Months ZANNA SPENCE

Winchester Abigale S7 9/9/2021 13 Months MILEY OBRIEN

Winchester Eutesca S5 8/9/2021 13 Months ISLA OBRIEN

JSRL L612 Ann S78 1/9/2021 13 Months AIDEN RUDDER

1st: Zoe Rudder, 2nd: Miley O’Brien, 3rd: Kody Stevens, 4th: Naomi Cramp, 5th: Isla O’Brien

Class 5: Sponsored by Ray White Rural

NJ Champagne Mac S45 24/8/2021 14 Months SIENNA GRYLLS

Bluelake Angus Myola S13 21/8/2021 14 Months THOMAS HENRY Merridale Clydie S174 17/8/2021 14 Months HENRY BREWER

Prime Mittagong S152 16/8/2021 14 Months TEAGAN BROWN

Prime Princess S151 15/8/2021 14 Months ERIN BROWN

NJ Wilcoola S37 10/8/2021 14 Months JAYDE GRYLLS

Raedean Scarlett S14 7/8/2021 14 Months ELSIE STEVENS

Flemington Lady Heather S51 2/8/2021 14 Months CANDINA CROWDEN Redgums Stormy S10 1/8/2021 14 Months VICTORIA JARED

1st: Thomas Henry, 2nd: Henry Brewer, 3rd: William Van Gend, 4th: Sienna Grylls, 5th: Jayde Grylls

Class 6: Sponsored by Semex

Dalwhinnie Archer S27 26/7/2021 15 Months Heidi Wilson

Duddy Tank S3 18/07/2021 15 Months Mitchell Duddy Jarobee Dice of Spice S185 18/7/2021 15 Months Stephanie Robinson 10/7/2021 15 Months Lachlan Connolly

Goondoola Gold S21 4/7/2021 15 Months Micquella Grima

Goergia Perkins

Bolton Girls Soda Pop S1 26/6/2021 16 Months Rachael Henery Damala Sofie S4 9/6/2021 16 Months Catie George Redgums Holly 5/6/2021 16 Months Jemima Nugent

Isabel Yensch

Dalwhinnie S15 18/5/2021 17 Months Zoe Doodewaard

Redgums Brooklyn S4 9/5/2021 17 Months Teagan Neutze Redgums Brooklyn S4 Jamie Muller

Spring Hill Kylie S13 2/5/2021 17 Months Casey Halliday

Amber Howell

1st: Micquella Grima, 2nd: Casey Halliday, 3rd: Teagan Neutze, 4th: Jemima Nugent, 5th: Rachael Henry

Animal Name DOB CompetitorAge

Class 7: Sponsored by Young Livestock Exporters Network

Goondoola Gold S16

16/4/2021 18 Months Meg Kealey

Nampara Showgirl S194 8/4/2021 18 Months Laura Sagasser

Newlyn Park Laura S11 7/4/2021 18 Months Tess Newman

Trevone Park Kassie S1 5/4/2021 18 Months Jock Mcdonald

JSRL Entice Jestress S18 2/4/2021 18 Months Jack Robson

1st: Jack Robson, 2nd: Meg Kealey, 3rd: Laura Sagasser, 4th: Tess Newman, 5th: Jock McDonald

Champion Intermediate Female: JSRL Entice Jestress S18 exhibited by Jack Robson Reserve Champion Intermediate Female: Goondoola Gold S16 exhibited by Meg Kealey Sponsored by Knowla Livestock

Senior Female

Class 8: Sponsored by Ben Nevis Angus

Nampara Skys the Limit S146 28/03/21 19 Months Emily Hann

Nampara Valmai S131 27/03/2021 19 Months Georgia Williams

Nampara Vamai S111 26/03/2021 19 Months Ruby Williams

Double 07 Franchita S46 21/03/2021 19 Months Emily Williams

Nampara Sweet Pea S84 24/3/2021 19 Months Austin Hann

Nampara Saphire S85 24/3/2021 19 Months Bailey Clarke Nampara Sensation S45 16/3/2021 19 Months Maddison Hann

WFB Moo Helena S77 8/3/2021 19 Months William Van Gend

Nampara Quinnie S10 3/3/2021 19 Months Sarah Sagasser

Nampara Eclypta S15 2/3/2021 19 Months Darcy Clarke

1st: Emily Hann, 2nd: Austin Hann, 3rd: Ruby Williams, 4th: Sarah Sagasser, 5th: Maddison Hann

Class 9: Sponsored by Millah Murrah Angus

Dalwhinnie S8 25/02/2021 20 Months Heidi Zwiers

Goondoola Gold S09 28/2/2021 20 Months Charlotte Nugent

Goondoola Gold S09 28/2/2021 20 Months Emma Watkins

Nampara S103 24/2/2021 20 Months Charlotte Hann

WFB Red Cherry Ripe S147 10/1/2021 21 Months Max White

J & C Prue R170 2/11/2020 23 Months Sophie Halliday J & C Prue R170 2/11/2020 23 Months Benjamin Yensch

Billaglen Roses R34 22/11/2020 23 Months Dominic Edwards

Billaglen Vicky R09 31/10/2020 23 Months Darcy Hall

Billaglen Vicky R10 31/10/2020 23 Months Abbey Caskie

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Class 10: Sponsored by North East Angus Group Victoria

JSRL YXC Blackbird R110

26/9/2020 25 Months Ainslie Campbell 25 Months Emily Bright

Redgums Nushi R23 12/9/2020 25 Months Charlotte Dendy

Redgums Tallullah T14 12/9/2020 4 Months

Dalwhinnie Rosebud R109

1/9/2020 25 Months Janet Cantwell

Calf at foot 1/9/2020 2 months Hannah Lennon

Merridale Blackbird R36 13/7/2020 27 Months Indiana Smith

Calf at foot 13/7/2020 2 months

Dalwhinnie Dream R4

8/4/2020 30 Months Amelia Miller

Calf at foot 8/4/2020 2 months

Billaglen Prue L11 14/8/2015 7 years Rosie Sutherland 14/8/2015 5 Months Zoe Muller

1st: Indiana Smith, 2nd: Rosie Sutherland, 3rd: Janet Cantwell, 4th: Charlotte Dendy, 5th: Amelia Miller, 6th: Emily Bright

Champion Senior Female: Nampara Skys the Limit S146 exhibited by Emily Hann

Reserve Champion Senior Female: Nampara Sweet Pea S84 exhibited by Austin Hann Sponsored by Karoo Angus

Bull Class

Class 11: Sponsored by WA Angus State Committee

Red Gums the Dude S1 4/5/2021 17 months Jake Turner Red Gums Leo S9 7/7/2021 15 months Bonnie Cox

Red Gums Payload S11 1/8/2021 14 months Maddy Telford NJ Terese S24 2/8/2021 14 months Angus Spry Redgums Yambuna Boy S21 21/11/2021 11 months Ryan Smith

1st: Bonnie Cox, 2nd: Jake Turner, 3rd: Maddy Telford, 4th: Ryan Smith

Champion Bull: Red Gums Leo S9 exhibited by Bonnie Cox Reserve Champion Bull: Red Gums The Dude S1 exhibited by Jake Turner

Commercial Class

Class 12: Sponsored by Paringa Livestock

TRAC Mike 101 1/5/2021 17 Months Jesse Rhodes

FER S18 19/6/2021 16 months Sarah Parry

TRAC Hopper 103 1/7/2021 15 months Madeline Perkins

FER S94 28/6/2021 16 Months Bailey Coulston

TRAC Joyce 102 1/5/2021 17 Months Bryce Mcclaren

TRAC Eleven 100 30/6/2021

1st: Merryn Cox, 2nd: Madeline Perkins, 3rd: Bryce McClaren, 4th: Jesse Rhodes, 5th: Sarah Parry, 6th: Bailey Coulston

Animal Name DOB CompetitorAge
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Animal Name DOB CompetitorAge

Class 13: Sponsored by Billaglen Angus

Billabong Angus

TRAC Lucas S133

TRAC Will S195

17/9/2021 13 months Darby Mcclaren

17/9/2021 13 months William Perkins

21/9/2021 13 months George Mccrohon

1/10/2021 12 Months Angus Lee

1/10/2021 12 Months Georgia Thompson

15/10/2021 12 Months Laura Vary

25/10/2021 12 Months Harriet Mccrohon

1st: Angus Lee, 2nd: Georgia Thompson, 3rd: George McCrohon, 4th: William Perkins, 5th: Laura Vary, 6th: Harriet McCrohon

Champion Commercial: TRAC Eleven 100 exhibited by Merryn Cox

Reserve Champion Commercial: TRAC Hopper 103 exhibited by Madeline Perkins Sponsored by Breeder Genetics

Supreme Exhibit: JSRL Entice Jestress S18 exhibited by Jack Robson

Sponsored by NH Foods Australia

Angus RoundupHave Your Say!

Complete a short survey to have your say on the future of the Angus Youth National Roundup www.angusaustralia.com.au
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Pee Wee’s Juniors

Sponsored by The Cattle Shop

Champion Pee Wee Junior Judge: Lucy Godbolt Res Champion Pee Wee Junior Judge: Laura Sagasser

Top five: Kody Stevens, Harriet McCrohon, Austin Hann, Encouragement: Anna Sagasser, Thomas Henry

Sponsored by Angus Victoria

Champion Junior Herdsperson: Miley O’Brien

Res Champion Junior Herdsperson: Emily Hann

Top five: Charlotte Hann, Max White, Stephanie Robinson, Encouragement: Jack Robson, Jayde Grylls, Ryan Smith, Will Tindal


Sponsored by Red Angus Society

Champion Sub-Inters Herdsperson: Zanna Spence Reserve Champion Sub-Inters Herdsperson: Angus Lee

Top five: Tess Newman, Erin Chesworth, Rosie Sutherland Encouragement: Dominic Edwards, Teagen Neutze, Bailey Coulston

Sponsored by Nutrien

Champion Intermediate Herdsperson: Jake Turner

Reserve Champion intermediate Herdsperson: Meg Kealey

Top five: Sam Batten, Georgia Thompson, Darby McClaren Encouragement: Mitchell Duddy

Sponsored by Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef

Seniors Grand Champion Herdsperson: Bonnie Cox

Champion Senior Herdsperson: Bonnie Cox Reserve Champion Senior Herdsperson: William Van Gend

Top five: Janet Cantwell, Charlotte Nugent, Maddy Telford

Sponsored by Angus Australia

Elite Australian Sires Dunoon Quick Draw McGraw Q1163 Nigel Semmens 0439 417 941 nsemmens@genaust.com.au John Gommers 0417 575 932 jgommers@genaust.com.au Office (03) 5367 3888 orders@genaust.com.au GENETICS AUSTRALIA IS PROUD TO SUPPORT THE 2022 ANGUS YOUTH ROUNDUP Texas Iceman R725 Waitara Quidditch Q43 Breeding better beef herds Breeding better beef herds


BIB # Competitor Name DOB Results


Class 1: Sponsored by Studstock Sales

Janet Cantwell 5/5/1997

Bonnie Cox 9/10/1999

Sophie Halliday 28/9/2001

Indiana Smith 5/9/2002

Charlotte Nugent 17/9/2002

Class 2: Sponsored by Branded Ag Marketing

Emily Bright 10/12/2002

Micquella Grima 14/2/2003

Merryn Cox 26/10/2003

Maddy Telford 28/10/2003

Casey Halliday 25/12/2003

Candina Crowden 1/1/2004

William Van Gend 2/2/2004

Champion Senior Parader, sponsored by Angus Reserve: Casey Halliday Reserve Champion Senior Parader, sponsored by Angus Reserve: Micquella Grima


Class 3: Sponsored by Bolton Girls Red Angus

Meg Kealey 1/7/2005

Mitchell Duddy 29/7/2005

Charlotte Dendy 9/8/2005

Abbey Caskie 10/9/2005

Jemima Nugent 15/9/2005

Zoe Rudder 23/11/2005

Class 4: Sponsored by Cassie MacDonald Artwork

Jake Turner 7/12/2005

Sam Batten 6/2/2006

Madeline Perkins 3/3/2006

Rachel Henry 3/3/2006

Phoebe Cobb 8/4/2006

Georgia Thompson 8/5/2006

Darby Mcclaren 11/9/2006

1st: Bonnie Cox

2nd: Sophie Halliday

3rd: Charlotte Nugent

4th: Indiana Smith

5th: Janet Cantwell

1st: Casey Halliday

2nd: Micquella Grima

3rd: William Van Gend

4th: Maddy Telford

5th: Emily Bright

1st: Zoe Rudder

2nd: Jemima Nugent

3rd: Charlotte Dendy

4th: Meg Kealey

5th: Abbey Caskie

Highly Commended: Mitchell Duddy

1st: Darby McClaren

2nd: Rachel Henry

3rd: Sam Batten

4th: Jake Turner

5th: Georgia Thompson

Champion Intermediate Parader, sponsored by Target Livestock and Marketing: Zoe Rudder Reserve Champion Intermediate Parader, sponsored by Target Livestock and Marketing: Darby McClaren


BIB # Competitor Name DOB Results


5: Sponsored by Zoetis

Tess Newman 14/12/2006

Erin Chesworth 18/1/2007

Teagan Brown 15/2/2007

Jessica Zwiers 23/2/2007

Bailey Coulston 6/4/2007

6: Sponsored by Daisy-Belle Designs

Zanna Spence 2/7/2007

Matthia Rudder 20/7/2007

Zoe Doodewaard 19/9/2007

Teagan Neutze 25/9/2007

Sarah Parry 1/10/2007

William Palmer 10/10/2007

Amber Howell 9/11/2007

Class 7: Sponsored by Ariat

Hannah Lennon 4/12/2007

Emily Bond 13/12/2007

Laura Vary 20/12/2007

Angus Lee 2/1/2008

Rosie Sutherland 27/3/2008

Goergia Perkins 18/4/2008

Dominic Edwards 3/5/2008

Champion Sub-Inter Parader, sponsored by Dalwhinie Angus: Rosie Sutherland

Champion Sub-Inter Parader, sponsored by Dalwhinie Angus: Emily Bond

1st: Tess Newman

2nd: Erin Chesworth

3rd: Bailey Coulston

4th: Jessica Zwiers

5th: Teagan Brown

1st: Matthia Rudder

2nd: Teagan Neutze

3rd: Zanna Spence

4th: William Palmer

5th: Sarah Parry

1st: Rosie Sutherland

2nd: Emily Bond

3rd: Angus Lee

4th: Laura Vary

5th: Hannah Lennon


Class 8: Sponsored by Texas Angus

Louis Henry 11/9/2008

Zoe Muller 16/10/2008

Heidi Zwiers 31/10/2008

Stephanie Robinson 9/12/2008

Laura George 11/12/2008

Jack Robson 27/1/2009

1st: Jack Robson

2nd: Laura George

3rd: Louis Henry

4th: Heidi Zwiers

5th: Stephanie Robinson

Highly Commended: Zoe Muller



Class 9: Sponsored by Flemington Angus

Bailey Clarke 24/2/2009

Miley Obrien 25/3/2009

Emily Hann 29/4/2009

Maddison Hann 29/4/2009

Henry Brewer 19/6/2009

Georgia Williams 17/7/2009

Class 10: Sponsored by Nuggets Red Angus

George Mccrohon 25/7/2009

Amelia Miller 8/9/2009

Sienna Grylls 24/9/2009

Jayde Grylls 24/9/2009

Bryce Mcclaren 15/10/2009

Ainslie Campbell 18/1/2010

Class 11: Sponsored by Kotzur Silos

Angus Spry 23/1/2010

Isabel Yensch 18/3/2010

Naomi Cramp 4/4/2010

Daisy Sutherland 14/5/2010

Sarah Sagasser 16/6/2010

Jack Lennon 23/7/2010

Eliza Wilson 6/8/2010

Class 12: Sponsored by EJ Angus

Aiden Rudder 12/11/2010

Ryan Smith 26/11/2010

William Perkins 27/12/2010

Ruby Williams 1/1/2011

Jesse Rhodes 21/1/2011

Charlotte Hann 28/2/2011

Class 13: Sponsored by Betts Cattle Co

William Tindal 31/3/2011

Darcy Clarke 31/3/2011

Jamie Muller 30/5/2011

Max White 2/7/2011

Sam Robson 21/7/2011

Isla Obrien 23/8/2011

Junior Parader, sponsored by QLD Angus State Committee: Miley O’Brien

Champion Junior, sponsored by QLD Angus State Committee: Jack Robson


1st: Miley O’Brien

2nd: Emily Hann

3rd: Bailey Clarke

4th: Henry Brewer

5th: Maddison Hann

1st: Bryce McClaren

2nd: Jayde Grylls

3rd: Sienna Grylls

4th: Amelia Miller

5th George McCrohon

Highly Commended: Ainslie Campbell

1st: Angus Spry

2nd: Naomi Cramp

3rd: Daisy Sutherland

4th: Sarah Sagasser

5th: Jack Lennon

Highly Commended: Eliza Wilson

Highly Commended: Isabel Yensch

1st: Ruby Williams

2nd: Aiden Rudder

3rd: Charlotte Hann

4th: William Perkins

5th: Ryan Smith

Highly Commended: Jesse Rhodes

1st: Max White

2nd: Isla O’Brien

3rd: Sam Robson

4th: William Tindal

5th: Darcy Clarke

Highly Commended: Jamie Muller

BIB # Competitor


14: Sponsored by Holbrook Breeders Australia

Benjamin Yensch 21/11/2011

Thomas Henry 28/12/2011

Darcy Hall 14/3/2012

Laura Sagasser 13/6/2012

Victoria Jared 23/6/2012

Emma Watkins 4/10/2012

Heidi Wilson 2/1/2013

Class 15: Sponsored by Proway

Lucy Godbolt 1/3/2013

Kody Stevens 13/3/2013

Austin Hann 12/6/2013

Catie George 21/8/2013

Benjamin Glover 22/9/2013

Harriet Mccrohon 10/10/2013

Class 16: Sponsored by Tasmanian Angus Breeders Group

Charlotte Smith 7/11/2013

Amelia Clarke 1/12/2013

Joey Tindal 13/12/2013

Elsie Stevens 22/2/2014

Jock Mcdonald 3/4/2014

Anna Mcdonald 24/5/2014

1st: Laura Sagasser

2nd: Darcy Hall

3rd: Victoria Jared

4th: Benjamin Yensch

5th: Thomas Henry

Highly Commended: Heidi Wilson

1st: Kody Stevens

2nd: Lucy Godbolt

3rd: Benjamin Glover

4th: Austin Hann

5th: Catie George

Highly Commended: Harriet McCrohon

1st: Anna McDonald

2nd: Amelia Clarke

3rd: Joey Tindal

4th: Elsie Stevens

5th: Charlotte Smith

BIB # Competitor Name DOB Results
Sam & Kirsty 0438 792 140 | samwhite@baldblair.com.au | www.baldblairangus.com.au TUESDAY 1ST AUGUST 2023 BULL SALE 1PM, Bald Blair Guyra NSW

Roundup Awards 2022

Merridale Angus Aspiring Breeder Award

In 2015, Merridale Angus introduced a new award at the Angus Youth National Roundup. The Merridale Angus Aspiring Breeder Award is in recognition of an Angus Youth member who does not already have an Angus stud or the financial backing to start their own immediately but has a strong desire to breed their own Angus cattle. The Collin’s family believe it is important to support the youth in the industry and give them as many opportunities as possible to start their own cattle breeding operation. The recipient of this award will receive a registered Angus heifer. All Roundup participants are considered for this award.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Darby McClaren

Trans-Tasman Scholarship

Sponsored by Merridale

The recipient of the Trans-Tasman Exchange will embark on a trip around New Zealand, visiting Angus studs, commercial operation, feedlots and attend field days and sales. The exchange will involve moving throughout the country experienc ing the New Zealand beef industry and the strength of the Angus breed globally.

Sponsored by the New England Travel Centre and the Angus Australia Foundation, the scholarship provides annually an Angus Australia member aged between 18 and 30 years of age the opportunity to travel around New Zealand.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Damien Thomson

Sponsored by New England Travel and the Angus Australia Foundation

Angus Australia Business Branding Award

This award is designed to help an Angus Youth Member either with a business or in the process of starting their own business to create a visual identity for their brand. The recipient of this award will receive a branding package comprised of a custom logo design, five (5) professionally designed images for digital marketing, business card design, one half page advertisement which will be published in the Angus Bulletin and a case study of the creative process and recipient pro moted by the Angus society.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Jemima Nugent

EJ Angus Encouragement Award

Sponsored by Angus Australia

To be considered for the EJ Angus Encouragement Award a participant must exhibit the following attributes: A willing ness to participate in all aspects of the Roundup; Show potential in the areas of clipping & fitting; Compete in a fair & equitable manner and be interested in contributing to the Angus Youth movement. The winner of this award receives a set of Wahl Clippers (plus a spare set of blades). All Roundup participants are considered for this award.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Angus Lee

Matthew George Citizenship Award

Sponsored by EJ Angus

Matthew George was a keen cattleman who tragically died in a car accident. This award is presented in his honour to some one who displays good cooperation and goes out of their way to help others at the Roundup. The winner receives a $500 educational subsidy to put towards an activity of their choice. This award is proudly sponsored by the Victorian Angus State Committee. All Roundup participants are considered for this award.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Mitchell Duddy

Sponsored by VIC State Committee

Awards & Scholarships

Champion Senior’s Awards

Each year the Angus Youth National Roundup Committee provides the Senior Champions of Junior Judging, Paraders and Herdsman with an award that gives them the opportunity to attend the Young Beef Producers Forum (YBPF). These awards provide the recipients with $205 which covers the YBPF registration fee as well as a year’s membership to the Future Farmers Network.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Micquella Grima

Intermediate Champion Junior Judge Award

Each year, the Angus Youth National Roundup Committee provides the intermediate Champion Junior Judge with an award to attend the Tocal Beef Cattle Assessment Course. This award provides the recipient with $600 to cover the entry fee for the course.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Meg Kealey

David and Kathleen Cornell Shield

The David and Kathleen Cornell Shield is annually awarded to the committee chair of the Angus Youth National Roundup.

2022 Scholarship Recipient: Annie Pumpa

Champion Team: Holbrook Breeders Australia

Best Maintained Stall: Winchester Angus

Best Presented Animal: Max White

Stewart Award: Laura Grubb


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3:00 PM


6:00 AM

8:45 AM

9:00 AM

9:45 AM

10:00 AM


10:45 AM


11:15 AM


Basics & Buddy Intros






Official Opening Brief & Expectations of competitiors plus group photo

Group Meeting

Cattle Care Basics with Breeders/Owners (Novice/ Entrants)

12:15 PM Lunch

12:30 PM

12:45 PM

1:00 PM

1:15 PM

Leading and parading workshop with Buddys

Leading and parading workshop - No animals

How to: Washing and Drying

Basics & Buddy Intros

Leading and parading workshop with Buddys

Parading practice with Buddy1:45 PM

2:00 PM

Parading practice with animals

Leading and Parading Workshop

2:15 PM 2:30 PM Parading Practice2:45 PM

3:00 PM

3:15 PM

3:45 PM


5:30 PM

6:00 PM

6:15 PM

7:30 PM

7:30 PM


How to: Animal Washing & Drying with Buddy

Afternoon Tea

Barnyard Olympics

Feed up and tidy beds

FAST ED Cooking Demo Followed by Dinner

How to: Animal Washing & Drying with Buddy

Leadership and Herdsman brief and camp fire chat


6:00 AM

6:30 AM

7:30 AM

7:45 AM

8:00 AM

8:15 AM

8:30 AM

8:45 AM

9:00 AM

9:15 AM

9:30 AM

9:45 AM

10:00 AM

10:15 AM


Muck Out & Feed Up


Morning Meeting

How to judge cattle

Public Speaking/ Commenting on the class instruction

Junior Judging Led Class 1 Junior Judging Led Class 2

Junior Judging Led Class 2 Junior Judging Led Class 1

Junior Judging Led Class 3

Oral - Class 3

Oral - Class 2

Junior Judging Led Class 2

Junior Judging Led Class 1

Junior Judging commercial Class 110:30 AM

10:45 AM

11:00 AM

11:15 AM

Help Buddy

Junior Judging Commercial Class 2 Junior Judging Commercial Class 1

Junior Judging Commercial Class 1 Junior Judging Commercial Class 2

Help Buddy / Oral commercial Class 1

Help Buddy / Oral commercial Class 2

Junior Judging - Led Class 3 Junior Judging - Led Class 4

Junior Judging - Led Class 4 Junior Judging - Led Class 3

Morning Tea/ Check Cattle

Nutrien - Auctioneering School

Wingham BeefNH Foods / Where meat comes from, How its used, why? Retail identification Quiz

Whyalla Beef - NH Foods Feedlot Nutrition 12:00 PM

12:15 PM

Wingham Beef - NH Foods / Where meat comes from, How its used, why? Retail identification Quiz

Emily HurstHow to take a photo

Nutrien - Auctioneering School 1:00 PM

1:15 PM Lunch & Check/Water Cattle

2:00 PM Making HaltersThe Cattle Shop Treasure Hunt




3:00 PM










Treasure Hunt Making HaltersThe Cattle Shop

Emily Hurst - How to take a photo

Whyalla Beef - NH Foods feedlot nutrition

Angus Aust - Breeding and

NutrienAuctioneering School

Whyalla Beef - NH Foods feedlot nutrition

Wingham Beef - NH Foods / Where meat comes from, How its used, why? Retail identification Quiz

Angus Aust - Breeding and Genetics

Aust - Breeding and Genetics Optional Demo




Arvo Tea & Check Cattle 4:45
Genetics Agricultural
Careers Q&A 5:15
Muck Out & Feed Up 6:00
Dinner/ Sponsors Night 7:00
Junior Judging Finals
Arena Spectacular 8:00 PM 8:15 PM Optional attendance at the Cattle Shop Chute to Showring Competition The Cattle Shop Chute to Showring Competition (Teams competiting made up of members from different age groups)9:15 PM



6:00 AM Muck Out & Feed Up 6:30 AM Breakfast 7:30 AM Morning Meeting 7:45 AM Cattle Classes Preparation 8:15 AM 8:30 AM Cattle Classes 10:45 AM 11:00 AM Morning Tea - Rolling 11:15 AM Cattle Classes 12:45 PM 1:00 PM Lunch & Check/Water Cattle 2:00 PM Mock Auction 3:45 PM 4:00 PM Afternoon Tea & Check Catle 4:15 PM Muck Out & Feed Up / Get Ready for Special Dinner Dance 5:45 PM 6:00 PM NH Foods Sundowner for invited guests 6:45 PM Special Dinner Dance and Auction 11:00 PM
6:00 AM Muck Out & Feed Up 6:15 AM Breakfast 7:15 AM Morning Meeting 7:30 AM Paraders 8:15 AM 8:30 AM Morning Tea 8:45 AM Paraders 9:30 AM 9:45 AM Lunch & Check/Water Cattle 10:15 AM Presentations 10:45 AM 11:00 AM Official Close 11:15 AM BUMP OUT 1:30 PM - End ofRoundup 2022

Have your say –Angus Youth Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Angus Youth is dedicated to ensuring that through our programs, young people in the beef industry are afforded relevant and interesting opportunities that will go toward developing them professionally and personally.

Due to this, Angus Australia would like to hear from members regarding what they would like to see from the scholarships, awards and bursaries available through the program!

The Angus Youth scholarships, awards and bursaries program aims to increase member’s knowledge of the Angus breed and the beef industry and to assist Angus Australia members to expand their knowledge and experience of the Australian and International agricultural industries.

The opportunities presented provide participants with the tools they need to drive genetic progress in the beef industry and forge their path as the leaders of the future.

Current and past Angus Youth program participants alike are encouraged to complete this short survey regarding what opportunities they would like to see be made available to young people in the Australian beef industry through the scholarships, awards and bursaries program.

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