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No.188 March 2013 April 2013 | Issue 188 | £3.90


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Get Crafty... GET CATCHING!

Why planning your baiting strategy will improve your results


Martin Bowler Mark Pitchers Mark Bartlett Darrell Peck Rob Hughes Ian Russell Alan Blair Ian Stott

Master The Pellet Approach

We give you the ultimate guide to using this massively underrated bait both as hookbaits and free offerings

On sale March 20th – April 17th 2013

Tried and Tested Tackle: Fox Supa Brolly System, JRC Contact Luggae, Pro-Logic Firestarter Bivvy and more

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05/03/2013 15:30

Crafty Carper /// Issue 188 /// April 2013 /// What’s on this month’s cover...


Competition Trakker

Front cover: Carp-catching machine Mark Bartlett with a stunning 27lb mirror.


The Traveller Mark Bartlett



Editorial James Turner

Editor James has had a busy time of it over the last month, shooting

Trakker are in full swing with their brand

Mr Bartlett ventures down Hampshire way as he takes

features and attending shows. Here

new gear, and they’ve supplied us with a

on the famous Yateley day ticket water – Sandhurst.

he tells us all about it, and what you

few Levelite Beds and Layers Sleeping Bags

Can he catch a Sandhurst stunner? You bet he can!

can expect from this month’s edition.

to give away to three lucky readers.


Diary of an Everyday Carper

Julian Cundiff He’s the man who never sleeps, and his busy schedule means he has no choice but to live up to that moniker. But, remarkably, he’s still catching plenty! OUT & ABOUT


The TicketMaster From north to south we’ve

got your next fishing trip sorted. We preview six of the best day tickets in the land, and offer free fishing at two class venues in Yorkshire and Essex. INTERACTIVE


Catch Column Want to see your pics

in our magazine? Well you can in Catch Column. We select the best of the captures we receive and send the monthly winner a £50 Mainline Baits voucher.


The Question Is We have six carping

masters on hand to answer all your carping questions. Having problems landing that target fish? Don’t know which rig to use? Don’t worry, because these guys do!


Subs Offer We’ve got a corker of

a subscription offer for our readers this month – a year’s subscription to Crafty and a truckload of some fantastic Taska terminal tackle.



Master Pellet Fishing Tony Smeats


Carpers’ Kit Team Crafty takes a shufti at some of

There is more to pellets then just whacking them out

the best gear money can buy, including a look at the

around a hookbait. We got pellet master Tony Smeats to

ever useful distance sticks from Cygnet, and editor

show us how to get the most out of the little devils.

James talks about one of his essential bits of kit.


Crafty Carper

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11/03/2013 19:18

Contents /// March 2013


Inbox This month’s Inbox is a

Carpin’ On 2013 special. We have a special report on this year’s Carpin’



Highlights of the month…

On show, and feature some of the


best photos from the exhibition.

Check out this effort from cover star Mark Bartlett. He



told editor James where he

When Opportunity Knocks

was going to be casting,

Ian Stott

so James zoomed in on the

Sticky consultant Ian Stott tells us

coot floating nearby, and

how he makes the most of the time of

as you can see, Bartlett

year when everything starts to come

was bang on the money.

to life, especially those hungry carp.

But just to bring him back


down to earth, our editor Rigs Under The Spotlight Rob Hughes

In a brand new series we ask a top angler to review one of their favourite rigs. This month Fox

caught a brief glance


Angling Through the Seasons Part 1

Martin Bowler


of Bart’s briefs. It’s not In the Spotlight: Foam

often we say this, but is

Chris Lowe

that Superman emerging

There’s more to foam than just Zig

maestro Rob Hughes gives us

Martin is back with another fantastic

fishing. Avid angler Chris Lowe gives

the low-down on the Zig Rig.

series, this time looking at what effect

us the low-down on his favourite

the seasons have on carp fishing.

foam tactics. Put his advice to the

The Great Crafty Debate

First up is a look at many anglers’

test and you won’t be disappointed.

Crafty has once again

favourite time of year, early spring.


presented the experts with a carping dilemma. This month the panel discuss whether they prefer to use a clutch or backwind.



A Look at Paste Leon Bartropp

Paste is a hookbait that serves anglers


Carp Food Joe Turnbull cooks up some

cork dust pop-ups and gives some tips

well at this time of year. We gave our

on adding extra attraction, plus editor

Urban Banx

old mate Leon a call to give us an

James takes a look at what’s been

Alan Blair

insight into how to use it, and even

catching him some fish this month.

Alan Blair continues tackling those overlooked, less attractive, but often productive carp waters. His park lake has lost its lid now, so it’s time for the Nash man to bag a few.



how to cook up your own batch.



BYCAC 2013 It’s that time of year

again; the Korda British Young


In Focus Fox Supa Brolly System

Fox have only gone and made the

Carpers’ Angling Championship

Supa Brolly even better! We gave it

Crafty Carper Under-21s

will soon be upon us. We give

the Crafty inspection, and we have

BYCAC champ Josh has

you a rundown of what to expect

to say, it’s still a cracking bit of kit.

had another good month on the bank, and Taska young guns Kieran Panchal and Harry Law team up for a cracking piece covering a season on Birds Green Top Lake.

from Bart’s waistband?

Carpin’ On Backstage

from this year’s competition.


The Crafty team were all Most Memorable

over Carpin’ On 2013. We

Dan Chart

managed to get the likes

Surrey angler Dan Chart braved

of Terry Hearn, Tom Maker,

brutal winter conditions to try to

Jerry Hammond, Bill Cottam,

catch the sought after Clover. He

Derek Ritchie, and Mark

recounts the amazing story of his campaign on the Road Lake.




Pitchers back to our micro In Focus

studio and subjected them

JRC Contact Luggage

to some carpy conundrums.

JRC have upped the stakes when it

We even got the chance

comes to quality luggage at a fair price.

to meet and interview Jim

Mark Pitchers

We took their Contact carryall, rucksack,

Davidson, who gave us

Fox angler Mark has quite an

and rod sling for a little road test.

quite a raucous interview,


imagination; from inventive ways of punishing anglers leaving their rods unattended, to some interesting views on reincarnation, this is one interview that shouldn’t be missed.


which hopefully, after a bit In Focus

of clever editing, we will

Prologic Firestarter Bivvy

be able to show you via

One glimpse of the name of this

Crafty TV. Stay tuned folks!

bivvy got us all excited, and thankfully it didn’t disappoint;



a great product at a great price. One Step Ahead Darrell Peck

Pecky’s back! The big-carp supremo is a hauler like no other, and he returns to the pages of Crafty with

Read our review on page 105.


Mega Deals If you’re in the market for

some new gear, then look no further

some hints and tips to help you stay

than our Mega Deals page. There are

ahead of the pack this spring.

deals for hooklinks, clothing, carp care, and even a cracking book deal.

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7 11/03/2013 19:18

The Traveller Mark Bartlett



Sandhurst Lake is part of the Yateley

There are Portaloos situated at the two

complex, and is now under the new

main car parks on the fishery, which are

ownership of Nick Leach. After talking to

kept clean, and just around the corner from

him, it sounds like the future is in very safe

the lake there are a couple of take-aways

hands, and this popular venue should go

that will deliver to the gate if needs be.

from strength to strength. You can currently

A new security gate has recently been

book tickets through Yateley Angling

erected so you can sleep safe knowing that

Centre and obtain up-to-date information

you, your vehicle and your gear is safe.

on the going swims and tactics. These guys have helped with the lake for many


years, and are a wealth of knowledge if

Fishing at Sandhurst is day ticket

you are planning a trip to Sandhurst.

only with tickets available in advance

The lake itself is about 14 acres in size,

from Yateley Angling Centre.

and has around 28 swims offering a wide

Email: info@yateleyangling.

variety of options. Don’t think it will be or tel: 01252 861955.

packed to capacity like most day ticket

They are priced as follows:

lakes, as only a certain number of anglers

Two rods for up to 12 hours — £20.00

are allowed on at any one time. I think this

Two rods for up to 24 hours — £25.00

is an excellent policy, and it really does

Three rods for up to 12 hours — £25.00

make for a pleasant stay. The fish stock

Three rods for up to 24 hours — £30.00

speaks for itself, with around 200 fish which are packing on the weight. There’s a


huge head of 30lb+ fish in the venue, with

ƒ NO parking behind swims

around 50 fish over this barrier and loads

ƒ No unattended rods

from mid- to upper-30s, not to mention

ƒ Only designated pegs may be fished. No

the three 40lb+ specimens that would be enough to fish for on their own. There was a stocking of some smaller fish back in 1998, and these are now approaching 20lb. So there you have it, an awesome stock swimming around in this glorious gravel pit awaiting your bait. As for where you

swim-building or clearing is permitted ƒ No litter. You will be asked to leave if there is litter in or around your swim ƒ All fish caught must be returned to the water as soon as possible ƒ No boats, including remote control bait boats

decide to place the bait, it’s up to you, as

ƒ No fixed-lead rigs may be used

there are numerous features. The depths

ƒ No peanuts, trout pellets or preserved

are from 2-10ft, with an average depth

baits allowed (excluding hookbaits)

of 6ft, but there are plenty of bars and

ƒ Barbed hooks only

humps, weedbeds, and even an island

ƒ No unaccompanied juniors (under 18)

that you can fish from, which is pretty

ƒ No guests allowed

cool. All I can say is get yourself down there – you won’t be disappointed.

Once in the swim I took my time in setting up base, and with little chance


of rain on the cards I opted for the

Swan Lane, Yateley GU47 9DA

Supa Brolly because it would give me the best visibility over the water. I set it up in a way that I could lie in bed and see all the area in front of me. If a carp decided to stick its head out I wanted to see where it was so I could get straight on it. Whilst doing this I was constantly scanning the water for signs of fish, which was tricky due to the amount of bird life present in the area. My plan was to fish some really bright hookbaits and keep moving them around the swim to cover all the water in front of me. I didn’t think the carp were in the mood for feeding, so I wanted to make it as easy as possible for them. When

“My plan was to fish some really bright hookbaits and keep moving them around the swim to cover all the water in front of me”

it’s tough going, the last thing you need is any doubt in what you’re doing, so use whatever you’re most confident with. Personally, I have total faith in Mainline pop-ups, so I


Crafty Carper

013-017_Traveler_CC188.indd 2

14/03/2013 10:17

The Traveller Mark Bartlett

LEFT One of each. I opted for a different hookbait on each rod – all of them high-viz. ABOVE A standard lead clip system was my choice on all three rods this month. RIGHT The bird

life was having a whale of a time feasting on the weed.

put a bright pink Clockwork Orange, a

double-check this anyway, but I know

bright green Indian Spice and a white

Chemo is on the ball, and I was really

Milky Toffee on my three rods. I like

pleased when I got a nice drop on all

and chilled, watching the water. I was

small 12mm pop-ups for this. I jazz

three rods the first time round. The

just sorting out my tackle box when

approaching, and now I’d bagged one I

them up with some Hinders Liquid

margins are fairly shallow on this bank,

the left-hander was away. This was

could afford to try something with one

Gold Betalin; this provides ultimate

with it sloping down to a reasonable

too good to be true. Rock up, sling out

rod, so the decision was made to get

visibility and maximum attraction in the

depth of around 6ft about 45 yards out.

the rods, and one nailed just over 2

some bait out there. A jar of Hinders

cold clear water. I opted for the same

It is weedy on the shallow areas and

hours later! I got on with doing battle

particles, around half a kilo of 10mm

rig on each rod, which was a Combi

there is quite a lot of bird life feeding

with the unknown culprit, and after a

Mainline Hybrid boilies, and a handful

Rig comprising 10ins of 25lb Rigidity

on the weed, with a few swans hardly

couple of attempts to rid himself of a

of larger Cell baits were mixed up. I was

with a 1ins section of stripped-back

having to put their heads under the

trophy shot, a lovely upper-double was

going to put out six or seven spods

20lb Coretex and a Size 5 SSBP hook

water to have a munch on it. After it

in the net. A pristine common of 18lb

over an area the size of a groundsheet

(I also like to mould the putty around

drops off it is reasonably clear from

8oz was photographed in the wintry

and just put one rod on it. I found a

the knot between the Rigidity and

the 45yd-mark to the middle, which

sun. The rod that received the bite was

little hard area about 80 yards out, and

Coretex). All three rods were kitted

is about 90-100yds. This is where I

the Clockwork Orange pop-up. I didn’t

I clipped up my rod as well as the spod

out with leadcore leaders and lead

was going to move my rods around in

think it was totally down to the fact

rod. The baits were spread nicely and I

clips, and my main line was upped to

that the fish preferred the Clockwork

chucked out a Milky Toffee pop-up, and

20lb Soft Steel because I didn’t want

over the Indian Spice or Milky Toffee;

then rebaited the other two rods with

to take any chances if I hooked into

I reckoned it was more down to the

fresh hookbaits for the night ahead.

one of the big units in Sandy. I didn’t really want to be thrashing around with marker leads too much, so I decided to ring my mate Ian Russell,

the hope of landing on a few fish. The rods were out and I was all nice

location. The left-hander went back out, and the right-hander came in and was repositioned to the left. I was well chuffed. I’d had one already, but if

who has fished this place for the last 10 years or more. After a quick chat he put me on to some spots and told me about the swim I was in. I would normally

I’m honest I felt like it was a bit of a fluke. Better to be lucky than be good! Darkness on the first night was

Tea was cooked, the hot-water bottle was filled to keep me company for the evening, and it wasn’t long before I disappeared into the land of Nod. A 6.00 a.m. alarm call saw the middle rod slowly releasing some line, and I

LEFT Returning the first

fish of the session – it’s always a great feeling to get off the mark - especially when the venue has been quiet for so long.

scurried out of my nice warm pit to do battle. After wiping the sleep from my eyes it slowly dawned on me that the lake had frozen in front of me for about 30 yards, so

Crafty Carper 013-017_Traveler_CC188.indd 3

15 14/03/2013 10:17

RIGS UNDER the SPOTLIGHT This brand new series sees a top angler review one of their favourite carp-catching rigs – this month it’s Rob Hughes.

This month: Zig Rigs


’m going to start off with a very bold statement – Zigs are incredible fish-catchers at any time of year,

but now is when they really come into their own, and if you don’t try them you are seriously missing out on chances. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they are as good as boilies the majority of the time, and probably better than them now! Wow! There’s an opening, but quite frankly, it’s absolutely bang on. Just look at the top lads, the pages of CarpTalk, and particularly the results of the British Championships, and you’ll see that Zigs are incredibly effective. Carp don’t just feed on the bottom and the top, they feed in the middle as well, and there’s a lot of middle to go at. Herein lies the problem; a lot of the time anglers are a little unsure of what to do, so they usually have a half-hearted go for an hour or two, and when the rods haven’t rattled off they reel in and revert to the AA of carp fishing, the PVA bag. Big mistake! Up to a couple of years ago I was the same. I knew they were effective, but didn’t really like using them, and to be honest I felt like I was tactical pub chucking with a lure somewhere up in the water when I was using them. However, I persevered, and took time to learn them by going out with a couple of really good Zig anglers, particularly Mark Bartlett and Tom Maker, who are arguably two of the best Ziggers in the country. And you know what, I learned. I made myself learn because they simply can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. I actually went to an easy runs water with a bucket of slop and only Zig Rigs, which gave me no option to fish with anything else. I caught, refined the technique, added a couple of my own


Rob Hughes Age 41 Hometown

Westbury Occupation

Solicitor/TV presenter UK PB

48lb 14oz Favourite venue

Heron at Abbey Lakes, France Rods

Fox Horizon XT Reels

Fox Stratos 12000E Alarms

Fox NTXr


RIGHT Here are

the components that Rob uses to construct his Zig Rig.

Crafty Carper

024-025_Rigs_CC188.indd 1

11/03/2013 09:17

Rigs Under the Spotlight Rob Hughes


With the new Zig Aligna from Fox, it’s never been easier to fish Zigs. Here’s how.



Cut the hooklink to the chosen depth and attach a hook using a Grinner Knot.

Now thread a Zig Aligna onto the hooklink, thick end first, and position over the eye of the hook.



Place the thin end of the loading tool through the loop on the back of the Zig Aligna.

twists, and I now reckon they are one of

3 Put a piece of foam into the loading tool, as shown here.


Pull the tool through the loop and it traps the foam in place, like so; the rig is complete.

When fishing a standard Zig Rig approach, Rob opts for a lead clip setup.

occasionally white foam for the

to fish them, so this is where you

hookbait, and cut it so small that

have to do some work. As a rule, when

it’s only just big enough to hold the

it’s really cold, aim for half to quarter

hooklink and hook up in the water.

depth; I prefer a brighter foam hookbait

If you really want something that

here. In the spring, as it’s warming up,

is user-friendly and does the job

try between half and three-quarters

properly, have a look at the new Zig

depth, and in the summer, when it’s

Alignas, which not only look absolutely

hot, aim anywhere between half and

bang on underwater, but are also mega-

full depth, or sometimes even over

are not feeding, have picked us up and

simple to tie up. Simply tie on a hook,

depth like an anchored floater.

done us, or possibly because they are

slide on an Aligna, then insert the foam

feeding up in the water rather than on

into the band. The foam piggybacks

gambit that Zigs are incredible

the best ways of catching carp there is. In the UK I am now almost as likely to be fishing a Zig as I am a bottom bait. Carp are opportunist feeders and will eat what’s in front of them, but it does need to be in front of them. We have all had fish over our baits but not had a bite. Is this because they

“In the spring, try between half and three-quarters depth, and in the summer, when it’s hot, aim anywhere between half and full depth”

I’ll close by repeating my opening

the bottom baits? Through my diving

through the spring, and this is why

the hook in the middle of the shank

fish-catchers at any time of year,

I have seen that they spend an awful

Zigs are so effective at this time of

and you’re ready to go. Simples!

but now is when they really come

lot of the time up in the water; this is

year. Nature is prebaiting for us.

where you find the likes of emerging nymphs, taddies, etc., particularly

The only complicated bit is where

I think part of the mental issue with Zigs is the rig itself, because it is not

into their own. If you don’t try them you are seriously missing out

BELOW A lovely Zig-caught mirror.

on chances. Happy hunting! CC

as easy to tie, nor as easy to cast, as a standard rig. However, things need not be complicated, and this is one of the most important issues when you start Zigging. Make up a few and keep them in a rig box ready to go; you’re more likely to change over to a rig that’s already made up than if you have to make one on the bank. Get a handful ready and put the foam on at home so you don’t have to faff around chopping things to the right size, and make them up to 10-12ft deep so you have a depth choice. If the lake you are fishing is shallower, you can always cut them down to the depth you need, or if you really have to search the depths, use an adjustable Zig float, which makes the ABOVE For deeper lakes you can’t go wrong

with an adjustable Zig arrangement.

job really easy without having to recast. Stick with black, yellow, and

Crafty Carper 024-025_Rigs_CC188.indd 2

25 11/03/2013 09:17

So that’s commercial venues covered, but what if I need to leave a bait in place for longer? Well, like nearly every bait in fishing, there is a plastic alternative, and pellets are no different.

RIGHT A powerful rod is needed to punch out a fully-loaded spod. BELOW Be careful not to overfill the

spod because it won’t fly straight. BOTTOM To stop spod spill, plug

the top with groundbait.

They come in a variety of different sizes and buoyancies, all of which are very handy, and obviously don’t

of the bag, and helps to negate the

break down and can withstand the

weight of the hook. I’m fairly convinced

attention of nuisance species, including

that when a carp drops down to feed on

crayfish and poissons chat. My personal

a tight group of pellets like this, it tries

favourites are 12 or 14mm pop-up

to suck in everything in one go, and this

versions which I use in a very particular

small hookbait goes in the mouth very

way. The ones I use have a large hole at

easily. This style of fishing has caught

one end, so I can add a counterbalance

me loads of fish when I’ve launched a

shot if I so wish. I fish them on a fairly

solid bag out towards showing fish.

standard pop-up rig and fill the whole

My final little presentation is the

with a liquid attractor, then plug it

Method, a tactic that is overlooked

with groundbait or paste. Once cast

by many, and I must say it’s their loss

out the plug dissolves and releases

and my gain. I either fish Method balls

the attractor; try it in the edge and

on the clip to create a baited area

you’ll be amazed at how well it works. This is fished in conjunction with

that’s topped up every cast, or just like the PVA bag approach, as a chuck-

what I describe


as a PVA mesh


stringer. Thread

Rather than use

several 12mm

a dedicated

pellets into

Method mix,

some mesh

I much prefer

and tie them

to scald the

under tension;

pellet to create

this creates a

my own individual

presentation that scatters the pellets underwater. As the PVA dissolves it actually shrinks, contracting the

mix. Simply add several good handfuls of 4mm pellets to a bowl before pouring boiling water over them till

mesh tube,

they’re covered.

until the mesh

Then leave

finally gives,

them for just a

scattering the

minute before

pellets over a saucer-sized area – a great technique. My next tactic may seem a little old hat, but boy, if you get it right it will catch

draining off the excess water, and let them stand for several minutes; it’s even better if you can seal the container, but not

fish all day long. I simply balance one

necessary. After a short period the

of my pre-drilled pellets with a piece

pellets become sticky and can be

of plastic corn; this gives the bait a

moulded around a Method feeder.

very visual aspect, as well as adding

With a few different presentations

a degree of buoyancy. This is fished

covered, I think it’s fair to complete

with a very small PVA bag of micro

this guide with an explanation of how

pellet nicked onto the hook, a deadly

to feed pellets. As I’ve said, I tend not

presentation in its own right. I have

to go overboard with feed, but it can

also found that by utilising the line clip

be an advantage when it comes to

and marking the line, I can get better

encouraging carp to feed. Most people

results. By regular recasting to the

carry around a bucket filled with a mix

same spot I can create a small tight

of different types of pellets. These

baited area that attracts and holds fish

will be a variety of sizes, densities and

for longer, which means more bites.

have varying breakdown times, and I do

For long-range work, or on small

exactly the same. The problem is how

bite-sized packages, I tend to use solid

to get them out into the swim. If you

PVA bags, with a small artificial pellet

try to catapult them out, range is an

the same size as my free offerings,

issue, and because of the variety they

normally 4mm or 6mm. This might

fly all over the place. So when using the

seem tiny but it matches the contents

catapult, I’ve always found it best to


Crafty Carper

049-053_MasterPelletFishing_CC188.indd 4

11/03/2013 11:29

Master Pellet Fishing Tony Smeats

fire out small PVA bags; this increases

INSET PVA bags of pellet are

the range and keeps the baiting nice

easy to feed and go further.

and tight. If I want to go even further

ABOVE Carefully does it — steering

out, then I opt for the spod. To get the best from this I two-thirds fill the body,

a pellet-caught carp to the net. BELOW Proof that pellets can

catch decent-sized carp,

then cap it off with a plug of pelletbased groundbait. This stops irritating spod spill, and ensures that every single last pellet is deposited exactly on the spot. For me, pellets are a massive edge, simply

them as hookbaits or as a bait in their own right. This is a massive bonus, and when you think how often carp see pellets, in one form or another, you can’t help but catch a few with a

because so few

carefully laid pellet-based trap. Go on,

people actually use

give them a go – you won’t regret it. CC

Crafty Carper 049-053_MasterPelletFishing_CC188.indd 5

53 11/03/2013 11:29


Darrell Peck ........................... Age 31 ........................... Hometown

Chelmsford ........................... Occupation

Angling consultant ........................... UK PB

65lb 4oz ........................... Favourite venue

North Met Pit ........................... Rods

DF Infinity 12ft 3.75lb ........................... Reels

Daiwa QDX ........................... Alarms

Delkim Tx-i


ONE STEP AHEAD Hauling machine Darrell Peck gives some pointers to make this spring your best ever, and put you one step ahead of the rest of the field. 108

Crafty Carper

108-112_OneStepAhead_CC188.indd 1

11/03/2013 16:03

One Step Ahead

Darrell Peck

TOP Darrell reminisces about the unbelievable winter he’s had. Follow his tips and you’ll be one step closer to the catch of your dreams.


pring is probably the best time of year for me. The carp are just waking up from their

winter slumbers and they’re on the move. That said, I’ve just experienced my best winter ever on the banks of the magnificent Rockford Pit nestled deep in Ringwood. What I’m trying to say is that with a bit of effort and baiting, carp don’t need to lie up all winter. If you keep them feeding and get the location right, you can still catch, just like I have. There was many a time when I’d sit there wondering what on earth I was doing. I would scan the area for signs of fish, and at times it looked so bleak and cold that I did question my sanity. However, as darkness fell I got a real sense of magic, and time after time I would get the muchneeded bite to keep me going. To be honest, this continued throughout my Rockford winter exploits, and having pinpointed the exact zone of where they were lying up, I tallied up a huge list of big carp. This included two, yes two, separate 50-pounders – mind-blowing, to be honest.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that they require food for energy, so it’s time to get the rods out” Right, on to spring, because this is what we’re all getting excited about. The carp are at their biggest weights and are active. This means just one thing – they’re on the move and using energy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that they require food for energy, so it’s time to get the rods out.

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109 11/03/2013 16:03


Get In Bed with the Trakker Competition Here’s your chance to become the proud owner of the brand new Levelite Bed and Layers Sleeping Bag.



That’s right – it’s a bed, not a bedchair – a bed! It’s not a typo, get over it! And what a bed it is: versatile, light, flat and comfortable – it’s got all the basics. The Levelite gets its name from its abilities, i.e. it’s both light in weight and has a completely flat profile. It features a thick padded mattress and a strong aluminium frame.

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the imperial Levelite Bed. Not only

for three readers to bag one of each.

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That’s nearly £440 worth of top-

folded. The bed has a unique patented leg mechanism,

to give away to our readers, but

quality new Trakker gear. To win, all

which means the legs (with rotating mud feet) can be

winners beware – using these items

you have to do is answer a question.

adjusted with the press of a button, and will hold firm to keep the bed in place and level on any bankside terrain. All this weighs only a meagre 9.6kg, which makes it nice and light for transportation. It’s easy to get in the car, and it’s completely flat and comfortable; what more could you want from the Levelite? RRP: £299.99 The unique patented leg mechanism is something to behold.


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Oh, the snuggliness – year round snuggliness at that! This clever little bag offers a bit more than an average sleeping bag. Very rarely do we associate sleeping bags with versatility, but it’s the case with this bad boy. Some bags might claim to be for 4-season use, but how could one sleeping bag be warm enough for the depths of winter, and yet cool enough for those sweltering summer temperatures? Well they can’t, so Trakker have rolled two bags into one. The top layer has a nice smooth finish, which is ideal for summer and 2-season work, with an extra layer underneath for a bit of extra padding. Then there is another


bag underneath that one with a fleece finish, meaning that when you slip your frosty toes underneath there’s a soft cover with the added bulk of a summer layer above it. Each also features crash zips, which easily unfasten when a run rudely interrupts your slumber, allowing you to get to the rods without having to untie yourself from the bag. Clever, eh? Not only that, there are elasticated retention sleeves at the top and bottom of the bag, plus an adjustable tension strap around the middle to stop the bag slipping out of place. RRP: £139.99

HOW TO WIN Simply answer the following question:

What is the full name of the new Trakker Bed? (Please circle one) A) The Flatskinny Bed B) The Bumpyfatty Bed C) The Levelite Bed Name Postal address

Postcode Telephone no Mobile Email Daytime delivery address (if different from above)

Postcode Post your entry to: Trakker Competition, CC188, Angling Publications Ltd., Regent House, 101Broadfield Road, Sheffield S8 0XH. You may photocopy this page to avoid spoiling the magazine. Winners will be notified in writing, please allow 28 days for the delivery of your prize (for which a signature will be required), which will come direct from the manufacturer. No cash alternative. For more info on Trakker gear, check out the web: The competition closes at midnight on 16/04/2013.

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