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Díaz López Angel David 413 Ingles A María Elena Delgado

CONTENT Introduction Unit 1 Facts & Figures Unit 2 Where & When Unit 3 Family & Friends Unit 4 Bed & Breakfast Unit 5 Film & Television Unit 6 Work & Study Unit 7News & Weather Unit 8 Coming & Going


This book is a demonstration activities carried out in English class and the activities that took place throughout the entire course.

UNIT 1 FACTS & FIGURES I AM My name is Angel David, I have 15 years. My birthday is February 18. I have 2 brothers. I live in Mexico City. I love to skate and be with my friends. I like ska. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is fish. My girlfriend is Karen, she is mi universe.

UNIT 1 FACTS & FIGURES MY PET This is my pou and it is called "diaz skate", I have so much fun with him, I feed him, take care of him very well, swim, play with him when he is sad and get a lot of money to buy more and more clothes. I like dressing animals in many colors Pou´s favorite games is Cliff jump

UNIT 1 FACTS & FIGURES MY BROTHERS They are my brothers their names are Diego and Dante, Diego is 9 and Dante is 7 years old, they attend the same primary, they are responsible, honest, funny, smart, they are very naughty and I like to annoy them. they are skinny, they have light eyes, and they like to play with their toys. I love my brothers

UNIT 2 WHERE & WHEN People in Mexico usually wake up early to start their activities at 7:00. Loes places most often visited in Mexico City are the historical center, fine arts, and places of importance. people end their activities at 8:00 and go to sleep at 10:00.

UNIT 3 FAMILY & FRIENDS Dear Friend: I have some neighbors called the Smiths. They’re going to England nest holidays; I know you live there so I’m writing you because I would like you does suggest them some place because they don’t know good places to eat, or walk or spend time. It’s a family of four members, the mom names is Stephanie, and her husband name is Robert, they both like to walk and visit museums, specially art museums. They have two girls, one of them is !5 years old and her name is Karen, the other girl is 19 years old and her name is Karen (she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.) They like shopping and they also like art museums, they all would like to try a traditional food of England. Because here in Mexico we don’t have many museums so it could be nice visit some.

Thank you. Best wishes, David

UNIT 4 BED & BREAKFAST Dear Mr. Lopez I want to book a room at hotel from december 14 to december 22 (eight nights). I want a room for two people. I want a queen size bed. If you may need gym and car park. Would you have an apartment available with these characteristic? Which would be the location of this apartment? What is the price? Another question is about if it has you have food service? I look forward to hearing from you have a department whit these characteristic. Please send me information about transport to the hotel from the airport.

UNIT 5 FILM & TELEVISION BREAKING BAD “Breaking Bad” is a TV show where the protagonist named Walter White is a Chemistry teacher in a High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He´s 50 years old and he is diagnosed with lung cancer, so he starts “cooking” meth to play for his treatment and to leave money to his family when he's gone I recommend it because it´s a really good drama and puts the characters into situations where it seems impossible to succeed it´s on channel 143 by WB. every Monday at 8:00pm

UNIT 6 WORK & STUDY Dear Sir. I saw your advertisement for adult training causes on the internet and I would like to apply for a course on information technology the online option is best for me because I am studying at the same time. I am interested in the course because I like everything related to computers. I am a student of computing. I attach a copy of my CV.AS you can see I know many things about computers because I am studying programing. I am very good in these things, I sometimes work in an internet cafe. If you need a interview, I am available at any time. Your sincerely, David.

UNIT 6 WORK & STUDY MY JOB Hello, my name is David and I'd like to apply to be a chef in your fast food kitchen. I am 18 years old and I'm from Mexico. My parents taught me to cook since I was a child. My specialty is typical Mexican food, like enchiladas, mole, pozole. I can speak English, French and Spanish. If you give me a chance in job I am sure do very well. Please write soon. Yours sincerely. David.

UNIT 7NEWS & WEATHER This happened seven months ago, we were in a valley, me and my friends went for one week to a camp. I was very excited because I had never gone to one. When we arrived the weather was feeling very cold but the hours passed and the weather turned ugly. The days of camp were very cloudy and raining, one it hailed. The weather could change very quickly in the morning the sun came out for a few hours but in the afternoon and evening it rained and it did not stop. We were seven days with the ugliest weather I've lived. The ugly weather did not stop. The camp was beautiful. David.

UNIT 7NEWS & WEATHER REPORT OF THE BOOK The book fair took place on March 3 at Prepa 1. Over a hundred students attended it. There were speeches. presentations and many others activities for the students. There were several types of subjects. the aim of the event was to encourage students to read more books.

UNIT 8 COMING & GOING A good way to travel around the city is bus or by car. The center is quite small, and the buses are very efficient. traffic gets heavy when people are going is probably a better option those times. visitors can get a taxi after evening films. It is sometimes difficult to find one, but this situation is getting better.

UNIT 8 COMING & GOING TRANSPORT IN MÉXICO Transportation in my city is a major problem in the morning because many people travel to the same place and take the same transport. Transportation in the city has many benefits because some are faster than others and there are many ways to get to a place. Transporting and other expensive no cheaper.


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