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Cover Image by Matt Wing

Eight for Eight FdA Action Photography Exhibition Catalogue 2012




The Foundation Degree in Action Photography is a vocationally oriented qualification run by Truro and Penwith College in partnership with the University of Plymouth. This Foundation Degree is designed to equip students with the specialist skills and knowledge increasingly required to pursue a photographic career. The FdA photography courses atTruro College offer a modern purpose built studio, workrooms, photographic equipment and Apple Mac facilities. Students have direct contact with staff in all timetabled sessions, we offer highly dedicated lecturing teams ensuring all students have the full potential to develop all manner of photographic areas of expertise and thereby enabling students to pursue careers in a variety of specific and associated disciplines. A number of students also progress to Plymouth University and complete the one year top up BA Degree Course. Students are also able to apply through UCAS to any other top up degree of their choice. This exhibition of work presents various images which were made in response to a project which asked students to consider one of the core themes of the ECEHH. Andy Hughes MA RCA | Programme Laeder


The European Centre for Environment and Human Health conducts research that examines the complex links between our natural surroundings and our health. The environment represents an invaluable tool to help improve health and wellbeing, yet can also pose a number of threats to our health, is under increasing pressure as a resource for industry and can often be difficult to access. The complex interconnections between all of these factors are at the heart of the Centre’s research focus. Based in Truro and part of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, the Centre conducts its studies across a number of disciplines including Epidemiology, Microbiology, Ecotoxicology, Horizon Scanning and Health Economics. Amongst its on-going projects researchers are considering the ways that a changing climate will influence health, examining the health effects of increasing levels of man-made contaminants and assessing how the coastal environment can be used to improve health and wellbeing. The Centre is working closely with Cornish businesses to develop collaborative research and make its work relevant and beneficial to local enterprise. Ultimately it is aiming to produce world leading research that will contribute to the economy of Cornwall and impact policy at a national and international level.



Matt Wing “A person’s thoughts can be ascertained by looking in his or her eyes” Thomas Phaer 1545 Matt’s intention is to show the desire and attitude of people towards a healthy and happy lifestyle within the natural environment. To accomplish this he made images of random individual’s eyes, which reflected their emotional state after asking them ‘Where do you feel happiest?’ After completing his FdA Matt is relocating to the South East to undertake commercial photography. 07590 192914


The Environment Through Your Eye Digital C-Type Print


The Environment Through Your Eye Digital C-Type Print


Andy Walter How does the weather affect us? The following series of photographs show people’s expressions after viewing a single image. Each individual was asked about how they felt whilst looking at a particular landscape image. Each portrait records their response . After finishing the FdA photography course, he plans to become a freelance photographer. 07736 953100


Down Digital C-Type Print 10 x 8 inches

Lonely Digital C-Type Print 10 x 8 inches


Far From Home Digital C-Type Print 10 x 8 inches


Dull Digital C-Type Print 10 x 8 inches


Fin Mills Expanding boundaries: A series of photographs which represent the search to increase the understanding of inter-relationships between the environment and human health. These images show the link that we have with the environment and the effects we have upon each other. After completion of his studies Fin plans to take a few years out photographing around the world. 07902 386996


Untitled Digital C- Type Print

Untitled Digital C- Type Print


Unititled Digital C- Type Print 16


Lilly Linforth These photographs are all depicting future scenarios in which global warming has affected the world to a point that certain activities can no longer take place. They explore the extreme consequences we are likely to see if the temperature continues to rise, as well as the causes of global warming. Following completion of the FdA, Lilly will be continuing onto Plymouth University to complete a BA in Photography. 07855 262685 Melting Digitial C-Type, 20 x 20 Inches


Redundant Passtimes 1 Digital C-Type, 20 x 20 Inches

17 19

Redundant Passtimes 2 Digitial C-Type, 20 x 20 Inches

18 20

The Flip Digitial C-Type Print, 20 x 20 inches

19 21

Katie Farrar These photographs portray the effects of pollution on the environment, people and animals. In this series of images people represent animals and what they endure when coming into contact with human waste. This project explores various types of pollution which can be found on any beach.

After finishing the FdA Katie plans to further her education by completing a 3rd year.

20 22

Washed Up Digitial C-Type Print 23


Polluted Feet Digital C-Type Print 25

Jack Rosenthal Coastal pathogens: These tanks were used recently to protect a ship’s hull. This means when the boat is launched the copper in the anti-fouling paint will dissolve and pollute the ocean.

Anti-Fouling Tank 07946 077552


Black sludge from the bottom of an anti-fouling tank. 27

Do not touch, CORROSIVE ! 28

Laurie Crayston This is a set of images that show people taking part in various activities in the natural environment. All of the images are out of focus. This is to give the photograph a sense of freedom. By leaving out a lot of the detail the viewer is given the chance to add this themselves using their imagination, thus giving them a sense of freedom. This is to replicate the freedom that both the photographer and subject feel when immersed in the natural environment.

Freedom Lambda C-Type, 21 x 14 on Aluminium

Upon completing the FdA Laurie intends to pursue a career in Fine Art photography. 07927 383154



Finding Peace Lambda C-Type, 21 x 14 on Aluminium

Into The Wild Lambda C-Type, 21 x 14 on Aluminium


Martin Stephens How does the weather and climate affect surf on any given day? What health benefits do you gain from surfing? Each surfer was asked these questions as they left the water.

After finishing the FdA, Martin plans to continue his studies at BA Degree Level. 07837 286754 32

Jo Digital C -Type Print


Colin Digital C -Type Print

32 34

Colin Digital C -Type Print


Eight for Eight FdA Action Photography Exhibition Catalogue 2012



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Fda Action Photography  

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