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EPCI Providers of

• L5a-D and D18-A topsides (GDF Suez)

• Platforms

• G17d-AP platform (GDF Suez)

• Standardised monotower (Shell/NAM)

History HSM Offshore has successfully completed over 150 multidisciplinary projects for the offshore energy sector since 1960. These include oil and gas platforms, modules, jackets and related heavy steel structures. Capability Many of these projects have been executed under EPC or EPCI contracts from design through offshore commissioning. QA/QC and HSE HSM Offshore boasts an excellent performance record on quality, safety and environment and has certified Quality Management and Environmental Management systems in place.

Facilities and Resources The fully owned premises cover extensive fabrication facilities, including large heated assembly halls, deep water quaysides and unrestricted North Sea access. Combined with own covered painting facilities, this allows HSM Offshore to maintain an excellent track record on projects delivered on time and to client’s full satisfaction. Our experienced and highly qualified staff has a very high retention with average employment of 15 years, many having started as an apprentice.

• Modules

• WaGE compression and treatment module (Talisman Sinopec)

• Claymore compression upgrade module (Talisman Sinopec) • CMS III compression module (ConocoPhillips)

Project Management The flat organization of HSM Offshore is characterized by open communication lines. Highly skilled and experienced project management staff is a major company asset. Clear and timely information to the client is a key factor for successful project execution and delivery. Long term relationships with key suppliers and subcontractors allow HSM Offshore to maintain firm control on safety, quality, programme and costs. Engineering HSM Offshore has successfully completed many EPCI projects. Constructability and critical material availability are duly considered in the design stage, which contributes to a cost effective and timely execution of the project.

Procurement Dedicated buyers and expeditors ensure timely procurement and delivery of equipment and bulks. An integrated material control system provides follow-up on all procured items from requisition through release to the construction department. Construction Highly skilled construction staff and modern construction facilities guarantee a high standard against a competitive price. Construction activities are predominantly performed in fully conditioned shops, thus eliminating the influence of weather. Through daily co-ordination on the shop floor, the construction managers ensure that all disciplines involved work in a safe and efficient manner.

• Substructures

• Jacky platform tripod substructure with suction

• J6A Markham jacket (Centrica)

• L5a-D jacket (GDF Suez)

bucket foundation (Ithaca)

Transport and Installation HSM Offshore has extensive experience with offshore transportation and installation of platforms and modules, either through subcontracting to a heavy lift contractor or through managing all resources such as barges, tugs, floating sheer legs, grouting, pile driving equipment and ROV-services. HSM Offshore staff manages all interfaces offshore, with back-up from their onshore support organisation. Hook-up and Commissioning HSM Offshore realizes that offshore operations are costly and time consuming. This underlines the importance of full precommissioning in our yard. An experienced team of professional engineers ensures that offshore start-up and final commissioning activities are kept to a minimum.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment HSM Offshore endorses the importance of an effective QHSE policy. To satisfy the objectives of its QHSE Policy Statement, HSM Offshore has implemented a Quality Management System and a HSE Management System. All personnel are continuously trained and made aware of the importance to meet and exceed the QHSE requirements as identified in conjunction with the client.

• Transport

• Installation

• Commissioning

• B13 platform constructed on behalf

• Conwy wellhead platform (EOG Resources)

of Chevron Transportation BV and its partners

Construction facilities Total area

75,000 square metres

Open assembly area

15,000 square metres

Covered production area

12,000 square metres

Travelling gantry cranes

40 tonnes 15 tonnes

Fully conditioned warehouses

2,000 square metres

• Prefabrication shop 50 x 40 x 9 metres, crane lift 4 x 16 tonnes • Assembly shop (hall 1) 102 x 19 x 6 metres, crane lift 3 x 10 tonnes • Assembly shop (hall 2) 102 x 26 x 19 metres, crane lift 2 x 50, 1 x 25 and 2 x 10 tonnes • Assembly shop (hall 3) 77 x 40 x 30 metres, crane lift 4 x 40 tonnes Painting and preservation facilities, fully conditioned

Shop 1: 30 x 20 x 10 metres Shop 2: 30 x 14 x 7 metres

Load-out quay 50 metres wide, berthing all types of offshore barges, sheer legs, no weight limitations Jetty

270 metres

Water depth

9 metres

Part of a greater whole HSM Offshore is part of Andus Group. The subsidiaries of Andus Group have one aim: Serving the industry. And they have one characteristic in common: to be the best within their own specialisation. On specific projects, group companies work together, combining their experience and resources. Andus Group is a company (1,000 employees and an annual turnover of over EUR 200 million) which can realise any industrial project in any segment. The ambition is clear: the Andus companies are able to their clients always aiming to achieve maximum client satisfaction. That is why Andus Group can continue to further strenghten their posibilities at the top of the different market segments. This requires high quality and the use of innovative methods when designing, producing and realising projects. And of course optimum service from experienced and skilled project management. Andus Group is a powerful and reliable partner completely geared to your success.

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• Conwy wellhead platform (EOG Resources)

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