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Undersea Bases – from the Middle East & China

Introduction Tolec, you’ve consistently said since early September of this year – that people primarily from the Procyon star system, and assisted by others affiliated with the Andromeda Council, have been ‘taking out’ & collapsing the Reptilian & Grey underground bases, first the one in Virginia back in late August and soon after others across the U.S+ Reptilian & Grey underground bases operated in part by certain military factions of the ‘Powers that Be/Were’, the Illuminati, etc. – and you’ve consistently said that highly focused, directed & pinpointed sonic beams have been used to collapse these bases;

1.) How exactly do they, the people from Procyon, do this? ANSWER: Well, Alfred, please keep in mind, this conversation is simply an extension of our very first discussion about the war in space. For people who are hearing this information for the first time they can listen to the first interview & discussion we had which focuses on the outcome of the war in space, and/or refer to page 4 of the Andromeda Council web site: . It’s titled – “The Real ‘Back Story’ – The Reasons for Change. The War in Space is Over”. It’s a good brief summary. This specific police action of taking out Reptilian & Grey underground bases+ it’s the continuance of a clean-up operation down here on Earth+ that’s the final phase of a proxy war the star systems & planets of the Andromeda Council have fought & won to free the people of planet Earth+ in first defeating these malevolent aliens out in space. Especially these Draco & Hydra based Reptilians. Everything I’ve learned about these highly intelligent, but really bad, vicious species, these specific Reptilians+ indicates they are overall very mean, vicious, calculating, manipulating, literally ‘cold blooded’ in their actions+ and very self centered. They generally don’t care about anyone else unless it serves their purposes. And for years they’ve simply perceived us humans on Earth, and perceived our planet, as natural resources+ to be consumed. Back to the actual technology - it’s technology the people of Procyon have developed & successfully used. They’ve used this technology as one of the means to help liberate themselves from the Reptilians & Greys in their own war+ in which they won their freedom about 12 years ago. So, as to using this technology to take out the bases – the people from Procyon use highly focused, directed & pinpointed sonic energy beams, specifically attenuated & adjusted to certain specific frequencies, meant to do two (2) things: a.) disrupt & disable the mental thought patterns, the brain waves, of Reptilians & Greys that were either controlling, manipulating and/or enforcing a secretive - scientific, administrative, operations & soldier work force in these bases. For this effort they used one specifically highly attenuated, high frequency, sonic beam that would incapacitate them. The humans in these bases, on the other hand, would not hear this sound, did not hear this sound, nor would they be affected by it. And as you know, humans were removed from these facilities. b.) the second goal was meant to obliterate, destroy, and collapse the physical structure of these underground bases. It was meant to ensure these bases would become completely inoperable, and closed off. For this effort the people from Procyon used a highly concentrated, but much lower frequency & far more compressed sonic beam+ meant to destruct matter. It does the job quite well. They thumped these bases pretty good. So, no more operable bases.

2.) You recently said they’ve had very good success in taking out many other bases around the globe, that it’s been pretty easy going actually. But you also said they’re having somewhat of a challenge with a couple of specific bases. Can you talk about these? ANSWER: I sure can, but only in some detail. I don’t want to speak about specific locations, and I don’t want to give away any strategic or tactical information I know about+ in terms of the Andromeda Council’s plans to take these bases out.


3.) You’ve told me the Middle-East region has an undersea base. What can you tell me about this particular base? ANSWER: Well, first off, it’s located in the area of the Gulf of Aden. This gulf is located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen, on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. In the northwest, it connects with the Red Sea through the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, which is about 20 miles wide. Because of what I’ve learned from my Andromedan contacts about this matter, I did some research & found out that the Gulf of Aden is already a dangerous area known as “Pirate Alley” because of the historically large amount of pirate activities located here. I’ve sent you a Google photo & a simple map of this area. As you may or may not know the “vortex” phenomena also happened in this body of water, the Gulf of Aden. Further, my Andromedan contacts have told me this base is deep, thousands of feet underwater, about a mile & a half (1 ½) deep. And this base has for years beamed a very specific, highly irritating & highly agitating, fear based & anger inducing, attenuated sonic frequency+ right at the area of the Middle East, due North-Northeast+ to keep the people in this area in a constant, high state of emotional confusion, fear, agitation, anger & aggression. They’ve shown me, there is a transmitter that literally rises out of the ceiling of this base, much like a periscope in a submarine, and it rotates. A particular frequency is chosen which turns people against each other. Then the Reptilians turn it on. They turn it on almost every day. However, if people were underwater, or standing on the land, they would not be able to this frequency, this beam, with their own eyes. It’s sonic, a sound frequency. And, it’s out of our spectrum. But, this is how the Reptilians dominate & control these people. This particular base has been in operation about 5,000 years. And the highly agitating sonic vibratory energies beamed from this base also reach as far as - Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a bunch of other countries in the region. This is powerful technology that is very far ranging, reaches a very long distance+ serious long-range capability. And it only takes about 15 minutes of operation, of this transmitter being on & activated+ for people in this area to start to feel its effects. Explains a lot doesn’t it. 4.) You’ve told me there is a base off of the coast of China. What can you tell me about this operation? ANSWER: Yes, this undersea base is also in deep water, much like the undersea base in the Middle East region. This base is thousands of feet deep in the ocean off of the coast of China+ it’s a about (1) mile down located on the ocean floor. This specific base has also been here a long time, in operation for about 3,000 years. This base, like the one in the Middle East, has also beamed a very focused, very specifically attenuated fear based frequency. It’s a different sonic frequency but it works the same way, beamed right toward the Asian mainland+ meant to keep the people, the population of China, of this whole region as best as possible, in a place of constant emotional fear, intimidation, anxiety & control. For years these people have been highly manipulated & highly controlled+ in a constant state of fear for their lives, mode. They have so few freedoms, living under the strict regime of the government. Even if this specific transmitter is set at a low level, it’s still effective. It’s turned on for approximately 30 minutes at a time. Like the undersea transmitter in the Middle East, it also rotates. Its reach is also long range & can affect the Korean Peninsula, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other countries in this region. This is the intent of this specific energy frequency: control & manipulation through continually perpetuated fear & anxiety. Which of course generates more fear. But lets ask why. This is more important, why? Well, the Reptilians & the Greys soak up, they literally feed off of negative energy, negative emotions – like anxiety, fear, terror, much like the human drug classification of – amphetamines. The Reptilians, they crave this human emotion fear, as a consumable, as one food source. As with any drug, the more they have, the more they want.


So, you can see why a base like this is so important to the Reptilians & Greys+ as it controls a very large population of people, the people of the country of China, and a good portion of the Asian continent. Think of this, a whole population of people, controlled, manipulated and monitored+held in check in a constant state of fear. That’s a huge source of ‘food’ or if you will, of a drug. So, if this base off of the coast of China gets taken out like many of the other bases, then you take away the reason for the need for the control & the fear. You eliminate the source of the problem. No base, no Reptilians & Greys. No base, no need for perpetual control & fear. Pretty simple. 5.) Can you tell me why these specific bases are more problematic than any others> are more of a challenge to take out? ANSWER: Both of these bases, the one south of the Saudi Arabian, UAE, Yemen, Oman peninsula, this is the one in the Gulf of Aden, and the one off of the coast of China - both are well fortified, re-enforced fortresses, if you will, deep under water bases located on the ocean floor. Each is a large operational, underwater base with a domed roof, and an energy shield protecting each base. They are simply well protected. -------A Matter of Importance. But, taking out the Reptilian base on the floor of the ocean south of the Saudi Arabian, UAE, Yemen, Oman peninsula is a priority, a much more pressing matter. The reason is simple. As you know, Earth’s history continues to repeat itself year after year. The squabbling, the skirmishes in this region, these have gone on for thousands of years. And the original reasons for these skirmishes have gotten blown way out of proportion. With help from the Reptilian undersea base, as you can understand. And, the constant ‘bombardment’ of this region with a highly disruptive - agitation, confusion, anger & fear based sonic energy beamed from the transmitter from this specific undersea base+ continues to escalate the possibility of full blown war in this region. Constant fighting, constant irritation, constant bickering+ even among their own people. And they don’t even realize what is going on. They don’t even know the reason why. The undersea base with its transmitter. In closing, I’m going to quote the commander of primary Andromeda Council biosphere, when I asked him about this situation, he said, “The people in this area are being played much like what you call ‘pawns on a chess board’, and they have no knowledge as to how, why, or how long this has taken place. We have to and we will put a stop to this. This undersea base will be taken out. Yes, outside parties, with outside interests, have attempted nuclear strikes in order to start a full-scale war in this region. Which we have stopped, disabled and neutralized their bombs, a few times. Yes, we had a ‘hand’ in this. >Understand, a full-scale nuclear war cannot and will not happen in this region. We will not allow actions that permit nuclear war to start by either side. The impact would be far too great to your planet, your people, and the rest of your solar system. What you do on Earth affects us all.” --------Anything else I might say about this situation would get into tactical or strategic information. I can’t and won’t do this. The goal is simply to put an end to the mostly unknown, unaware enslavement+ of the people of Earth. And the end of this war in space is concluding with the destruction of the underground & undersea bases on Earth, and removal of these malevolent Reptilians and their regressive Grey associates from our world. Earth IS our planet. And we have a right to be free, sovereign people.


Removing undersea bases from middle east & china oct 27, 2011 by tolec  
Removing undersea bases from middle east & china oct 27, 2011 by tolec