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Android is a mobile operating system which is mostly powers today’s smart phones. Android is a Google’s operating system launched in 2009 for smart phone since then so many versions are launched. Android provides a best user interface to play with the smart phone. There are many other mobile operating system but android is popular then them because it’s cheap and very easy to use. Accessibility is quiet good in android for handicapped people. Multiple user can access the same phone with different user account. Basically android based on Linux kernel so we don’t have to worry for mobile viruses. There are so many versions released from Google to improve the user mobile experience. Android provides us a capability to access the data quickly. It featured us a full camera features so we can also have photographer experience. Android phones are comes with additional features called Android Apps. People can download new version in their phone and can give Android Reviews. People can also download Android News app and look up to latest news. These applications are available online for free and paid. Any user can download the application from the online market and can give Android Apps Review. Android was founded as a company by Andy Rubin but in 2005 Google bought Android Launch as an operating system for mobile, but it still has to be founded as an OS for smart phone so Google makes Android Phones. In 2009 Google announce its first version and name it after a desert ‘Cup cake’. One after another Google has launch 4 version of Android and the latest version is 4.4 KitKat. Now android is the number one mobile operating system in the market.


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