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Architecture Portfolio Andris Otisons

It was actually a coincidence that led me to pursue Architecture in the first place. I chose this focus at the University of Florida quite randomly, pushed by time restrictions in applying for my visa. I had never really thought about becoming and Architect when I was younger. However, after just a short time into the first school year, I realized that my life goal and truly a purpose is to become an Architect.

Andris Otisons Bachelors in Design | Major in Architecture University of Florida College of Design Construction and Planning School of Architecture

Deeper into the studies, I found out how little I knew about Architecture and how complex it is beyond what is perceived on daily basis by the society. While studying for Environmental Technologies, Architecture Theory, Structural Design, and Materials and Methods, I found myself more and more curious and determined to understand the technological, environmental and theoretical aspects that integrate together to form a design for a building. I found myself fascinated about these systems and wanted to learn beyond the scope of the required class material. It was with my Architecture Theory III final essay on Futurist Cities when I realized the greater impact of Architecture in the world. With my research which focused on social, political, economic and environmental aspects that constitutes towards the Futurist cities, I realized that there is a need for the change in the way we build and inhabit cities. It is then that I have taken up the goal to fully learn and understand Architecture in all its aspects and implications so that I can later apply it on a larger scale in urban environments and to research and integrate the new ways which we could strive to achieve Futurist Cities. My studies at the University of Florida have provided me with a great foundation of knowledge to build upon and I believe that the Masters Program at TU Delft will allow me to pursue the knowledge and excellence in my professional career in the field of Architecture.

� To create, one must first question everything � - Eileen Gray



Content : NYU Performing Arts ] Circulation throuh interaction 01 Design studio 7 ] Fall 2015 Maritime Chapel ] Light and divinity 02 Design studio 5 ] Fall 2014 Charleston Performing Arts Center 03 Design studio 6 ] Spring 2015 Sheared Verticality |Pause in Urbanism 04 Design studio 7 ] Fall 2015 Other work and projects 05 Design studio | Digital Architecture | Environmental Technologies



NYU Performing Arts | Circulation through interaction New York City | USA Collaborative academic project | Design Studio 7 | Fall 2015 | Professor Lee-Su Huang /

Pedestrian Scale

Light and air

Figure 01

Figure 02

Figure 03


). .

: .

. 01 02 03 04

Site location in reference with New York City Arrangement of site lots Height vs. density analysis Area analysis diagram

Figure 04


Initial site sketches and analysis .


Final Massing arrangement

Differnet building massing ideas


Street Perspective: Push and pull language reacts to the entrances, compressing and expandig as one moves by the side .



Nth floor level


Ground floor level


Below grade | Private studen Circulation level 40m 0 Scale: 1:40

Street Perspective: Same push and pull language implemented in the whole project 8

Physical model



Section cut Scale: 1 : 10





Street Perspective 11


Maritime Chapel| Light and Divinity Fort Island, Florida Individual academic project | Design Studio 5 | Fall 2014 | Professor Michael Kuenstle/

Structure, facade and form ideas




Final Structure, facade and form design


Interior perspective



Site floorplan Scale: 1:5

Cross section Scale: 1:5





1 Entrance 2 Storage 3 Reception/Waiting area 4 WC women 5 WC men

6 Storage 7 Secretary 8 Chaplin’s Office 9 Kitchen


Physical model

Interior perspective

Longitudinal Section 0 Scale: 1:5



Interior perspective



Charleston Performing Arts Center Charleston | South Carolina | USA Individual academic project | Design Studio 6 | Spring 2015 | Professor John Maze /

Charleston city analysis: roads, topography, first settlement parks and rail, city districts, fire and flood map

. PRELIMINARY DESIGN & ANALYSIS Charleston diagram in comparison with human spine, head, and hips

Site analysis with different ideas how to design a corner

Site massing, concept and arrangement ideas


Stone veneer Veneer attachments Air cavity Concrete support wall Stud wall system

Truss Studs Concrete slab

Insulation Gypsum board

Clamps holding the skin Wire mesh skin surface

Suspended ceiling Concrete slab

Window frame

Double glazed windows Stone sidewalk

Floor finnish

Drainage mat Rigid insulation

Exterior perspective

Concrete Slab

Wall section drawing

Natural light was an important aspect for the theatre gathering spaces. So in order to blend as well as mask the window strip a metal mash skin surface was introduced with the emphasis of the site corner.

Skin ideas


Floorplans 1st-4th level 0 Scale: 1:10

Longitudinal section 0 Scale: 1:7




Interior auditorium perspective



Sheared Verticality | Pause in Urbanism New York City | USA Collaborative academic project | Design Studio 7 | Fall 2015 | Professor Lee-Su Huang /

Figure 01

Figure 02

Figure 03


Figure 04

Figure 05

01 02 03 04 05 06

Partee/Design concept Sun study (Grasshopper) Program distribution study Massing idea Massing idea Area analysis diagram

Final form design

Figure 06


The open courtyard provides a sense of pause and activation of space as the peoplewould move through the and around the building.

Exterior Enttrance Perspective


Exploded axonometric drawing

Elevation drawing


Elevated community gardens for the residents provide a sense on social interaction, a place to rest, an access to outside and communal space

Analysis of the site resulted in a sense of strong activation of street with restaurants, outside terraces and tables. Due to the project taking of the whole site we designed cafes/restaurants with elevated terraces as well as street level seating

The street level seating is design with the terraces extruding from the building and gradually decreasing as the height increases. This provides occupants a sense of enclosure with the space remaining open

The shear as the concept of the design provides an opportunity for the gardens as well as open public courtyard that acts as a pause in a busy urban city

Vignettes Sectional Diagram 27

Stree Street Perspective 28

Field to Fork | Garden Shed | Collaborative Project Design Build Studio 8 | Spring 2016

Desert Photography Design Studio 4 | Spring 2014


Other Work and Projects Academic Projects Design Studios | Digital Architecture | Environmental Technologies

Precedent Project Analysis | Spaceplates Greenhouse Digital Architecture | Spring 2015 Beach Pavillion Design Studio 5 | Fall 2014

HVAC Systems Environmental Technologies | Spring 2015


Muschroom City | Bus Stop on Campus Digital Architecture | Spring 2015

Other Work and Projects Academic Projects Design Studios | Digital Architecture | Environmental Technologies

Softwares: Rhinoceros 5.0

Skills: Sketching/drawing


Model making


Laser cutting



V-ray render


Maxwell render


Brazil render

Creative writing


Digital design



Illustrator InDesign Climate Consultant



Architecture Portfolio | Andris Otisons  

University of Florida | Bachelors of Design | 2016 | TU Delft application

Architecture Portfolio | Andris Otisons  

University of Florida | Bachelors of Design | 2016 | TU Delft application