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HOW DO YOU DO? // MY NAME IS ANDREW THOMAS RAE [this is my portfolio]

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

HOW DO YOU DO? Hi! How are ya? My name is Andrew Rae and I am a graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. As a designer, I have had fun dabbling in different outputs of graphic design. As I have progressed through my years as a design student I have found a passion for print-based material as a platform for my work. I use food to inspire my practice—if I’m not designing something related to food, it has somehow aided my process. Being one who has been brought up in a small beach side town in New Zealand, I have taken my own experiences in life and expressed them through my work. My final year at Unitec has helped me uncover key aspects of my design practice. These include my love for cliché Kiwiana iconography and evoking happy childhood memories through design, clearly shown through my work that I have created this year. Please, check out my portfolio—and I hope you have a choice day! Take it easy.

Andrew Thomas Rae.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

02 // Food & FOND MEMORiES [specifications] My final bespoke wallpaper has the standard wallpaper dimensions (600 x 5000 mm). As fish and chips are a messy type of meal, the pattern is printed on 160gsm matt paper. Matt paper was implemented due to having a grain —something that finishes the wallpaper off nicely and relates it to the theme. The wallpaper design holds imagery of happy days at the beach and recipes which has been placed in order to attract the viewers attention from a distance and pull them in to look at the design more closely. Tags for the wallpaper rolls have been added in order to make the product feel like one of a kind. Quotes that relate to New Zealand summers have been added to evoke memories of the reader/s, even before the wallpaper has been unrolled.. // type


// height

600 x 5000mm

“a dollars worth of chips from a takeaway store fed two people, and the sauce was free”


/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

03 / / F o o d & F ond M emor i es [outcomes] Due to the style of the pattern it is not suitable for domestic situations. The wallpaper design is to be shown in exhibitions such as PaperPixel, as well as being hung in fish and chip shops as feature walls. Wallpaper is a great way to showcase New Zealand’s lifestyle and food. It gives an overview of the good old days of the 70’s summers and can create conversation between peers about memories of their summertimes.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

04 / / T h e I n g r e d ients o f S u mmer [photography] Being one who has been brought up in a small beach side town in New Zealand, I have taken my own experiences in life and expressed them through my work. I have used photography to express my love for clichĂŠ Kiwiana iconography and evoking happy childhood memories. My photographs have captured moments that celebrate the Kiwi lifestyle and express them in a way that all could relate to.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

05 // GOODNESS ME, ITS 2011! [photoshop calendar] A bespoke calendar for the year of 2011. This calendar was heavily influenced by eduardo Recife’s misprinted type. The use of photoshop to create the 6 collages was a great opportunity to explore and learn the fundamentals of collage.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

06 / / O S C A R L E A r N S T o F LY [ i l l u s t r a t e d c h i l d r e n ’s p u b l i c a t i o n ] Oscar learns to fly is a self written and illustrated book targeted at children aged 3-7. Oscar learns to fly is created in a simple manner with basic shapes in order to create vector characters. The story follows oscar,


a bird with small wings on his quest to learn how to fly.



/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

07 / / Y O O B E E D E S I G N S C HOO L [2012 prospectus] A collaborative project created with students of Yoobee Design School (Now YOOBEE School of design). The publication showcases what the design school has to offer while holding the strict branding guides that were implemented by the school.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

08 // LOST CLOSET [fashion publication & branding] The purpose of creating this catalogue for, Lost Closet, was to learn the fundamentals of photoshop paths. At the time heavily influenced by Huffer & Federation I wanted to create something that was eye popping while showcasing the garments in a creative way.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

09 // 4 SQuARE orgANICS [invitation mailer] A collaboration brief with Joy Zhao and Tracy Liu. This brief required us to create a promotional mailer invite for the opening of “4 Square Organic’s” new Concept Store. With use of photoshop and illustrated we created a series of fours to represent the nature of organic material and how no four is ever the same.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

10 / / D R . M A R T E N S A i R WA i R [magazine advert] one colour magazine advert showcasing how unique Dr. Martens Airwair shoes are. The purpose of this brief was to create something that was only one colour in order to push my creative thinking. “Step Outside The Square” with Dr. Martens.



/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

11 // SPORF [illustrated typeface] SPORF is a illustrated typeface inspired by domestic cutlery. Inspired by K Road’s eateries I used cutlery as a way to express how I relate K Road to dining out.

Upper Case Font

This is a typeface based on Karangahape Road. I was inspired by the random cutlery and how the light reflects off the metal.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e




Preheat oven to 180ºc



Sift in flour, add milk and mix until combined. Divide the batter evenly across 30 small or 12 large patty cases.


Bake for around 10—15 minutes until light golden. Be careful not to overcook or they will dry out.


Cool on wire rack, then pipe with butter cream icing. BUTTERCREAM ICING


Beat butter and icing sugar until light and fluffy.


Add vanilla and cream to achieve light and fluffy consistency.


Once made, divide the butter-cream icing in half. Add a few drops of desired food colouring into mixture.

2 tbsp CREAM ES 12 •

Add eggs one at a time, beating after each one.




Cream butter, sugar and vanilla.


Ice and decorate cupcakes.

// OuR KiTCHEN DESSERT’S [recipe publication mailer]



our Kitchen Dessert’s is a mock cookbook created to showcase how fantastic the blog OUR KITCHEN is. The use of Illustration was


implemented in this publication in order to capture how playful these recipes are and to make them stand out from a ordinary cookbook.


ES 12 •


This publication was staple bound and packaged in a similar styled envelop which was posted to

S 6 –8 • • SERVE

followers of the blog.


750ML •


In a food processor, blend together peaches and caster sugar.


Add water and continue to process until smooth.


In a separate bowl, whip cream, mascarpone and scrapings from vanilla bean until thick but not overly aerated. Add peach puree and mix thoroughly. If you have an ice cream maker follow manufacturers instructions. If not, pour the mixture into a stainless steel bowl or container with a lid that seals well. Freeze until set—roughly 3 or 4 hours. Remove frozen gelato from container, chop roughly into the bowl of food processor and process until smooth. Return to stainless steel container and freeze again. Repeat the chopping/re-freezing process once more, and then serve!








Melt chocolate on a double boiler until smooth.



S 6 –8 • • SERVE


Once chocolate has cooled mix in egg yolks. Mix gelatine with 2 tsp hot water, mix until the gelatine is completely dissolved and add to chocolate mixture. Whisk egg whites until stiff peaks form, fold into white chocolate mixture. Whip cream until soft peaks form fold into chocolate mixture, refrigerate for at least 4 hours (overnight is best) until set and ready to serve. CYLINDERS

Melt the butter, sugar and golden syrup on the stove, in a small saucepan. Remove from heat and add in the flour and ginger mixing thoroughly. Allow dough to cool, roll into a ball, gladwrap and refrigerate for an hour. Pre-heat oven to 180°c. Remove dough from fridge and roll out between two sheets of parchment until 1–2mm thick. Cut into rectangles the size of which depends on how big you want your cylinders, bearing in mind they will spread and grow when being baked. Bake on baking paper for 10—15 minutes or until golden and fully ‘bubbled’. Remove from oven and shape to desired diameter.


/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

13 / / W H AT T I M E I S I T [trelise cooper kids bath range] A collaboration project with Evy Mallett required us to mock brand and sell a product in under 48 hours. We used Trelise Cooper as our brand due to the type clientele that is associated with it as well as the wide range different stores that are under the Trelise umbrella. Evy and myself chose to brand and package a new line of bath products targeted for girls aged 4-11.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

14 / / L O V E / h AT E [new zealand phobic trust] Love/Hate is a series of postcards which have been created to de-stigmatise phobias for the New Zealand Phobic Trust. The use of ambigram and illustrations was

please love me!

designed to entice the reader from afar and get them to come up close and interact with the postcards. “Don’t hate your phobia, love it.”

Most people with a fear of meat manage to have normal lives by learning to avoid places where unplanned encounters can occur. When a fear of meat is having a major impact on a persons life, our team at the PHOBIC TRUST OF NZ are here to help.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e


letter from the board yummy as

On paper you might think we look like other

It also means embracing new ways of doing

We employ the best in the industry and we

professional businesses; with advance

business, finding more value for our clients,

expect the best from them. With the best

facilities, technical resources and skilled

searching for potential investors and offering

individuals working together, goals are

and experienced people. Think again...When

unique solutions.

reached easily and often surpassed.

Anyone can talk about service. It’s entirely

Finally, following a year of progress and

We have a commitment to teamwork, to

different to experience an unparalleled level of

achievement I would like to thank my fellow

completing a job absolutely right and also

it. To us service isn’t a marketing notion.

board members for their energetic support,

making sure we are delivering more than

It’s demonstrating to clients how much we

and the staff of industrial research for

others think is possible.

value them and their business.

continuing to build the enviable reputation this

you work with us, you’ll see the difference.

We take pride in the way we conduct

details are often the only difference between

You can’t run a successful operation with

mediocre and magnificent. Our customers

our great people and excellent relationships

know that whatever the size or complexity

based on honesty and commitment. We are

of their project, it will be completed to the

proud of our ethical standards. We see every

highest standards which we provide. It is this

project as an opportunity to further long term

approach to work that ensures professional

relationships with clients.

customer service and a striving for excellence

We have invested wisely in equipment that delivers substantial benefits to our customers


From concept to action. Countless, unseen

business for our clients and customers.

in everything we do.


organisation now enjoys.

[kvadrat annual general report]

George Pirintz

Teamwork is the ability to work together

creating a clear competitive advantage for

toward a common vision. It’s the ability

our company. All our business units use

of individuals to work towards big picture

innovative technology to offer improved

organisational objectives. It’s also the fuel that

service and reliability, a higher quality output

allows our staff to attain exceptional results.

and speed at competitive rates. However,

Our commitment to teamwork is entrenched in

innovation isn’t just about technology.

our business culture.

Yummy As is an Annual General Report textile

Jamaine Hawsberry


designs. The brief asked to create a General report for a company of our choice—I chose Kvadrat as I was mesmerized by their slick advertising in *Wallpaper magazine. The information that I was provided with contained incorrect data and text that needed to be corrected and placed into appropriate tables, charts and graphs in the style of the chosen company. My end result was a 20 page, gate

market dynamics yummy as

Kvadrat still enjoys its position as market

It is thought that Asian competitors will have

leader within their industry and segment.

difficulties using this approach. However, a

Some years ago, a vision statement projected

more important consideration is the fact

the future of the company as the market leader

that Kvadrat operates with a very strong

within Europe. This became true just one year

service concept.

later, so the vision was redefined.

They operate a ‘just-in-time’ delivery process

Today the vision forecasts the company’s

is placed before 2.00 p.m. it will be shipped the

segments in all European regions and taking

same day. Furthermore, 98% of all orders are

its first steps towards becoming a global

delivered within three days. As transportation

market leader.

times are crucial in this industry, it would standards if the textiles were produced in the

the low and mid-end market segments,

Far East. Thus, the lack of Far East competitors

whereas Kvadrat focuses on mid and high-end

can be explained by production technology

markets—thus competition is mostly in the

and process, high quality standards and

mid-end market. The company believes that

transport times. Kvadrat has seen a major concentration

strategy and are largely inspired by the

tendency among the European textile

Kvadrat designs and concepts.

producers and it is estimated that this will

The textiles produced by Kvadrat


be difficult to maintain these high service

Europe, but these are mostly oriented towards

its European competitors have a ‘follower’

gate fold near the end.

with their customers, meaning that if an order

position as leading the market within its

Kvadrat has four main competitors in

folded, perfect bind booklet topped off with a

continue in the future. There is only room for

are highly sophisticated and based on a

very big companies who have the strength

production process driven by technology

to improve economies of scale and invest in

and competencies.

technology and research and development.


market organisations

yummy as

In order to keep in touch with the market

20% to 90% of sub-supplier production.

for other companies (or as self-employed)

—customers and broad developments within

Besides this, Kvadrat is a very good customer

as long as they are not working with directly

the industry concerning design trends, etc.

as it is a ‘season buffer’/’equaliser’, not heavily

competitive products. Once a concept has been

Kvadrat maintains a number of showrooms.

dependent on seasonally fluctuations as is the

identified, a concept team is set up together

It also has national sales agencies in most

case for clothing producers. As the suppliers

with procurement, which identifies the right

Western European countries to keep

often produce clothing also, they can use their

supplier and then markets the goods. The

contacts with customers (architects,

affiliation with Kvadrat to maintain stability

supplier produces a given quantity which is

designers, large enterprises and end-users).

and secure a more effective use of production

then transported to the central warehouse from

Agencies have recently been set up in

technology and resources.

where it is distributed to customers.

Australia and Japan in co-operation with a

Kvadrat integrates information and

large American company. Currently Kvadrat

the absolute best in terms of quality

communication technologies (ICT) in a way that

operates mainly in Western Europe, but could

and technology. These companies are often

allows the eight main suppliers to monitor sales

target Eastern Europe in the future.

also suppliers for highly branded fashion

and the status of goods they are producing.

However, this is not likely to happen in the

companies such as Hugo Boss and Lacoste.

The aim of this is two-fold: Kvadrat can reduce

immediate future as Kvadrat’s high-end

Before any production takes place,

stock-keeping activities since this is done by

products would be considered too expensive in

the concept and design are first identified.

the suppliers themselves, and the suppliers

these locations.

For this purpose, Kvadrat has two chief

get better opportunities for production

designers employed in Ebeltoft. These chief

planning. This is seen as a very promising way

independent sub-suppliers mostly located

designers co-ordinate the work of 15 to 20

of improving efficiency and profitability, but

in Europe. Eight of these are considered main

affiliated designers. These affiliated designers

suppliers must be ready to invest in, and open

suppliers, producing roughly 70% of the textile

are freelancers, but have exclusive contracts

to implementing, new technology.

flow. Typically, Kvadrat purchases between

meaning that they are only allowed to work

For its production, Kvadrat uses 25


In terms of suppliers, Kvadrat only uses


/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

16 // ITS A LiFE OF LOLLiES [good magazine illustration] A magazine illustration created for GooD magazine, a magazine based around simple choices for a better life. The illustration created has been created to represent life. I used a circle of candy in order

Turn off the Main Highway and go hunting for all things sweet and delicious. Discover with John McCrystal how Kapiti Candies can meet everyone’s needs—Diabetic or not.

to represent both a circle of life that you are

Illustration Andrew Rae

constantly revolved around. The colour palette hat do you do to keep everyone happy when you are starting out

implemented was created to show how yummy sickly sweet candy is.

From where we are sitting in the little office, we can see through a window into

Besides the absolutely traditional lines —lollipops, candy canes, boiled lollies,

on a new life, mixed families and everything that encompasses? Buying

the shop with its shelves and jars and counter displays a riot of fantasy land

marshmallows, nougat, fudges, and the like. Kapiti Candies also stock more modern

a candy factory sounds like a pretty good place to start.

colour. And then there’s the aroma—rich, unmistakable and alluring—of candy of all

lines made by others, such as gummies of various descriptions. And they are among

That’s that Bruce and Helen Mackenzie did a couple of years ago. Bruce had given

descriptions. Last year, it drew my three

the few confectioners who make sugar and

away his job of 29 years in the finance area of NZ Post and was looking for a change of scene; Helen had been working four part time jobs around her responsibilities as a solo mum and had been keeping her eye out

Sweet Times at Kapiti Candies

Good Magazine 1-2

Sweet Times at Kapiti Candies

Good Magazine 1

17/06/11 12:25 PM

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

“Its incredibly hands on. When your pulling rock (stretching rock candy), or lifting the kettle…you don’t need a gym membership.”

for a business to buy for some time. A long time resident of the Kapiti Coast,

year old son to the shop from 100 paces, as unearring as a blood hound to a scent of a

gluten free candies thanks to Helen and Bruce, even diabetics can enjoy a sweet now

Helen was aware of Kapiti Candies, which was one of the foundation tenants of the

nervous man. And from here, you can see the reaction of customers as they enter. The

and again. Bruce is the factory manager and not

Lindale Centre just north of Raumati. When she read the description of the unnamed business for sale she thought she recognized

expressions of youth and old smooth out into pure, radiant delight—especially the young, who look like, well, kids in a candy

afraid to mix it with the product, while Helen looks after the administrative side with the orders, accounts and marketing

it. She approached the factories owner, Bill Anderson, and asked whether he was

store. Most of their walk in clientele are reasonably local, according to Helen, from a

they both work hard: the factory is on the go seven days a week.

selling. He was, and the rest is history. If it was a change of scene Bruce was seeking, that’s precisely what he got.

area ranging from Palmerston North down to Wellington. But Kapiti Candies go much further afield, with orders rolling in from

They brought the business right at the beginning of the recession, but have come through it - they’ve even expanded, opening

Whangarei to Invercargill and stock lists

another Kapiti Coast retail outlet this year

around the country, including gourmet food stores such as Nosh and Farro Fresh.

—and this is a source of considerable price.

“Its hands on. When your pulling rock (stretching rock candy), or lifting the kettle…you don’t need a gym membership.”

17/06/11 12:25 PM

17 // LADi6 [style and technique illustration] This brief was designed to dissect how illustrators work and the methods that they use to create their final outcome. I was inspired by Timba Smits, a illustrator who is featured in Wooden Toy magazine regularly. I implemented Timba’s style in creating this mock illustration slide for the VMA’s.

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

ble inks? a t e g e V

18 // do YoU USE VEGE iNKS? [infographic poster] An infographic poster created in illustrator related to being both a sustainable designer and also maintaining a sustainable design

Vegetable Inks are 100% non-toxic and emit low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)–reducing the amount of toxins released into the air and soil during manufacturing, printing and recycling.

studio. Vegetable inks was used as the voice to represent being a sustainable designer as it was

VOC’s are added to the Vegetable Ink so it produces more intense colours, as well as accelerate the drying process –so you can get that hot bit of paper in your hands quicker!

food related (something that instantly makes me more interested). The idea for this infographic

vironment? the en

Vegetable Ink doesn’t rub off on your hands and definatly won’t smudge!

material is to get you thinking about using

Vegetable Ink plays a choice part in paper recycling because the ink can be taken away easier than normal inks from the paper de-inking process.

sustainable inks while educating the reader about vegetable inks at the same time.


t smudge?

So choose Vegetable Ink! An environmentally friendly ink.

YOU are changing our future for the GOOD if you use vegetable inks.


ter colours?

YOU are changing our future for the BAD if you don’t.

can recycle?

vegetable inks!

isn’t toxic?

/ / A N D R E W T H O M A S R A E / / w w w. b e h a n c e . n e t / a n d re w t h o m a s r a e

Andrew Thomas Rae Portfolio  
Andrew Thomas Rae Portfolio  

Portfolio of Andrew Thomsa Rae