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Project_Other works_Profile

Body Package Date : Mar 2012 - Apr 2012 Instructor : Chun-yu Hsieh The main goal of this project is to create a “Body Package” which can represent the appearance as well as personality and fit with the body at the same time. The first step is to self-define. Through self-definition, we have to discover our personalities and backgrounds as well as our bodies. From a piece of self-portrait to a posing photo, we gradually understand ourselves and develop into the final “Body Package”.

Intricate Movement



Concept Who am I ?

“Body Package” is a serial self-defined process, which expresses personal feelings and experience through an unique “clothing”.

I cannot define myself as “changeless”, On the contrary, I always keep changing. This kind of “change” varies from the people I meet and the environment I am in. Without changing my true color. I give my word easily; and always keep it. I define myself as “Intricate Movement”

From Analysis to Design

Little pieces can presents different forms by the thickness

Can be combined into various forms

Self-portrait My face is composed of several boxes which represents different external impacts of my life. As scenes change, moving from one to another, my â&#x20AC;&#x153;changingâ&#x20AC;? personality shows.



Form Relation to Body

Unit Distribution The density of distribution is changing through the poses. One can control the poses by having more units.

Pose In this pose, I assume that someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pushing my right arm, my head and my left arm.

Study The structure of little triangles makes the curve of modelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s surface seem softer.

4 Types of Cubes and Materials


Material:Cardboard Slightly Influence

Type2 Material:Cardboard more Thick than Type1

Type3 Material:Cardboard and Aluminum add Aluminum in Type2

Level of Influence

Type4 Material:Cardboard and Aluminum more Thick than Type3

Deeply Influence

Material Use cardboard for the basic structure. Aluminum triangles symbolize outside influences because they reflect things nearby instantly.



Construction Link Each Unit

Use 2mm cardboards as the main structure and the aluminum pieces as the link since aluminum is more flexible and easily to shape.


Aluminum piece Pin

First, use pins to pierce both aluminum pieces, which serve as the link, and cardboards. Also, I bent two pins to fix them firmly.

Connective direction





Transform Each Unit into Triangular Prism Stick three rectangular cardboards together and put them on a triangular cardboard. Then cut and fold a piece of aluminum and put it into the cardboards, transforming these material into a triangular prism.


Fold the aluminum piece and put it into the cardboards.



Final Project Four Views of The Model





The so called “changing” is not about changing the essence of myself. Instead, “changing” is some kind power that leads me to the way of evolution.


Project_Other works_Profile

Ono to One Furniture Date : May 2012 - Jun 2012 Instructor : Chun-yu Hsieh The aim of this project is to create a 1:1 furniture, which can be used in a daily life. Starting from R o l a n d B a r t h e sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; < Fra gm e nt s d â&#x20AC;&#x2122; u n d i s co u r s amoureux>, we have to read the book, which describes lovers and their delicate relationships, to inspire ourselves. We can view the furniture we made as our lovers, relationships, ourselves or even some abstract love images.

Atopos 12


Concept Atopos and Lover

Read Roland Barthes’ <Fragments d’un discours amoureux> and come up with some ideas about making furniture. I choose the article “Atopos” to develop.

Sentences in the article “Atopos” The other whom I love and who fascinates me is atopos. I cannot classify the other, for the other is, precisely, Unique, the singular Image which has miraculously come to correspond to the specialty of my desire..... Is there, among all the beings I have loved, a common characteristic, just one, however tenuous (a nose, a skin, a look), which allows me to say: that's my type...... I divine that the true site of originality and strength is neither the other nor myself, but our relation itself......

The lover cannot be classified.

What can be classified is your desires that exist in the subconsciousness. Neither the lover nor I is unique. Only relation itself is unique.

Concept and Function Furniture_Bookcase The books cannot be classified by their appearances. (Their colors, contents and names)

Atopos The book is the lover or the level of relations.

We can classify the books by their weights, thicknesses and sizes. (The booksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; or the readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; subconsciousness) The quantity of the books will influence the bookcase. (The relation between the bookcase and the books)

Normal Bookcase_ Classification clearly Obvious stratification



Form The Project Draft Continuity of The Space



Eliminate the Direct Classification In order to eliminate the feeling of being classified of normal bookcase, I design a unique bookcase that can store books in two ways.

Concept and Function a








Putting books in the first two ways (a&b) are not stable, but way (c) is stable. Additionally, (a) and (b) show the cover and the spine of books respectively but my point is not to show the title of books easily. Compare to (a) and (b), books putting in way (c) has much less relationship with their appearances.

The Booksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Subconsciousness

What can be classified is your desires in the subconsciousness. Although we cannot classify the books by their appearances but we can classify the books by their weights, sizes and thicknesses.



Two kinds of books put in the same position.




The Relationship Between Books and The Bookcase

The Level of Relationship The Level of Lovers/Books Relationship



Corrugated Cardboards Easily to be cut Cheap Firm structure



Construction The Process of Construction

Build the corrugated cardboards in a gridded structure to enforce its strength. Connect these corrugated cardboards in both horizontal and vertical ways to build a steady bookcase.

The Final Model_



Final Project Photos

I leave the bone structures of the bookcase uncovered in purpose, keeping its original color and layers.

How does the bookcase actually be used

Final Model

Lovers/Books, by a nonclassified definition, exist in here.


Project_Other works_Profile

From 6 to 24 Planes Date : Aug 2011 - Sep 2011 Instructor : Chun-yu Hsieh This project is the expression course topic in M.arch1. The instruc tor asked us to design a special hexahedron model, but not a general cube. In addition,it must have some meanings or logical concepts.Then, generate t h e d o d e c a h e d ro n m o d e l fo l l o we d b y t h e tetrahexahedral with the same concept. Finally, use the tetrahexahedral model to develope a achitecture.



Concept The Concept from

In this project, I would let the geometry conversion be interpreted as a continue mechanism, and the numbers (6, 12, 24 )as the prototype of cell division based on the "gene", then generate the final tetrahedral I want.

Gene_ The consciousness of designer here is interpreted as "Gene" . I am conscious that the development of the models has some kinds of performance status.

Mechanism_ Numbers 6,12 and 24 represent the different growing stages of fertilized eggs. By the process of decomposing these figures (ex. 6 = 1+2+3 ), I could get the form I want.




Hexahedral Model

6 = 1+2+2+1 (a = 1 + 4 + 1 (b = 2 + 2 + 2 (c




The situation is if I consider the number "6" to be a cell, and then I can decompose it into different ways, which represents a form of model respectively. Then choose a way closer to expectation and go on.

Dodecahedron Model

By the same concept of hexahedron model, generate the dodecahedron model, while the trend of original form of preivous model (the middle and the bottom side are most complex) is retained. The Dodecahedron Model

12 = 1+3+3+1

Three directions of the red line represents the complex direction.



Transform Tetrahexahedral Model 24 = 2+3+4+6+4+3+2 From the initial hexahedral to current tetrahexahedral, similar forms can be seen but with them getting more complicated, the entire model looks more powerful.

Like dodecahedron Model, three directions of the red line represents the complex direction.

The Arrangement of Model Dodecahedron Model

1 + 3 + 4 + 3 +1 =12


Tetrahexahedral Model

2+3+4+6+4+3+2 =24

The left chart is the distribution of the numbers from both dodecahedron and tetrahexahedral models. Generally, they are related. But the situation is if the middle of the tetrahexahedral model becomes too complex, it will look too broken. To avoid that, I make the distribution not be too extreme.




Final Project From Model to Architecture

2 F Study Room Store Books


This building is the second-hand book collection store. The open first floor is the semi-outdoor space which provides artistic and cultural activities, on the second floor, the bright front side for the desk, while the dark rear side can place the books which should be prevent from direct light. The function of third floor is similar to second floor, but more relaxed for user, providing viewing platform which is transparent full sides without desks so people would have free space to do activities.

3 F Good View More Freedom Space

The Character of The Model

1 : 50 Architecture Model I want to continue the form from tetrahexahedral model. But I use the material charcteristic ( glass ) to express the complexity of the middle as well as the both sides. And the spine add a triangular plane which increases both the space and thus more diffuse light can come in.



Architecture The Imagination of Architrecture

In order not to occupy the small indoor space, I place the stairs like the form of shutters on the spine. So, the direct sunlight can be prevent from books. The glass design of second and third floors will increace the complexity, and let the space be more open.

I hope this building not merely shows her appearance but also makes users feel her light atmosphere while walking in her. Everything you do in her is holy like having a ceremony.

Simulation 34


Other works




Mechanical Week Project May 2012 Participants : 5 Material : PVC Tubes Cost : 2500TW Size : 5m X 1.8m X 2m Inspire From Theo Jansen

Bionic Beast is a kind of machine with 6 pairs of legs, that can "walk" just by horizontal force. Because of the opportunity from my department's activity, I spent a week making this functional biobic beast with my friends. Through understanding the principles of the mechanism, operating the machine tools in factory and learning PVC pipe processing operation, they benefit me a lot. In the future, our team will keep developing new mechanism design.




Boisbuchet Summer Workshop Awareness of Form Maria Blaisse Jul 2012 Domaine de Boisbuchet, France

Awareness of Form

aa1 aa1 Normal Force Horizontal Force Large Force

The Origami System This way can make paper curve just by horizontal force, more force will curve more, and if I fold it on opposite direction it will become a different curve type.

In the days of the workshop, our instructor Maria Blaisse asked us to try to feel the local nature.The flowing air, light, temperature, plants, etc, all of them have their potential which can inspire our mind. Then, we use the most basic material, paper, to develope design with a large amount of studies, tests. Let us discover the portential from materials.

Opposite Force

"Just trust that very nearby. " - Maria Blaisse




Internship in Misosoup Design Aug - Sep 2012 Photo in Taiwan Wanderer Guide Exhibition

This is my first time to have architecturerelated practical experience. I learned a lot from measuring the base site, the exhibition, as well as models and products making in few weeks. Thanks to Misosoup Design, the best way to know something is to put it into practice.




Power comes with simple.

La Grande Arche de la DĂŠfense Paris 2012

Space Defination.

The Demolished Military Dependents' Villages Hsinchu 2012

Villa Savoye Paris 2012

The Masterpiece from My Vision.


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