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Monday 2nd

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The American actress and film star Myrna Loy was born on 2nd August 1905. She had both Scottish and Welsh ancestors. Her real name was Myrna Adele Williams. ‘Loy’ was the name of a train station that her father particularly liked, so she chose it as her stage name.

I don’t remember there being many leftovers when we were children - or during the war years. (If there were any, they probably got made into a pie!) We were always taught to be frugal and not to waste food. I think that was a good way to be.

Myrna Loy began her career as a dancer in silent films. She went on to appear in famous films like The Thin Man, and Stamboul Quest. She starred opposite many of the leading men of her day, including Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Tyrone Power.

Some of my favourite recipes used very dull ingredients. Who would have thought that old bread, much too dry for sandwiches, could be transformed into something as delicious as Queen of Puddings?

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Do you remember the Rag and Bone Man? When I was about 5 years old, and had probably not long since started school, we used to have one who came down our street every couple of months.

Dear Mary and Jack, and all your other readers,

His cry sounded like ‘Ragger Bowns’ and I had no idea what it meant until a long time afterwards. His cart was pulled by an old and tired looking horse.

There are lots of things we can all do to save a few pennies and they do mount up. Posting birthday cards early enough to use a second class stamp for example. When you think about it, the cost of a first class stamp nowadays would have bought you a pair of nylons when we were young.

My mother would give me a couple of my father’s old shirts whose collars and cuffs had been ‘turned’ and worn out again. She also gave me a treat for the horse - usually a piece of apple or a sugar cube. Sometimes the Rag and Bone man would give me a balloon in return.

I like to read magazines that give me hints and tips about saving money and saving time.

I’d like to hear other people’s tips on saving. Yours sincerely, Christine

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Lots of famous people change their names. Can you work out who these people are?

I think the Rag and Bone Man collected any old iron as well.

1. Harry Webb

Any old - - - - any old iron any any any - - - iron? You look - - - - , talk about a -----, You look - - - - - - from your napper to your - - - - . Dressed in - - - - - brand new tile, And your father's old green - - - on, But I wouldn't give you - - - - - - - - for your old - - - - - chain, Old iron, old iron?"

2. Walter Schickelgruber 3. Ray Charles Robinson 4. Priscilla Maria Veronica White 5. Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle 6. William Alexander Abbott 7. Julia Elizabeth Wells 8.Bernard Stanley Bilk 9. Phyllis Hannah Bickle ANSWERS 1.Cliff Richard 3 Ray Charles 5 Fatty Arbuckle 7 Julie Andrews 9. Phyllis Calvert

2. Adolf Hitler 4. Cilla Black 6. Bud Abbott 8. Acker Bilk

ANSWERS 1. iron 2. old 4. treat 5. dapper 7. style 8. tie 10. watch

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3. neat 6. feet 9. tuppence

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Carer’s Notes

Monday August 2nd, 2010 PAGE 1 Today in History [left hand column]- Myrna Loy Background: A well known and popular actress whose career started in silent films but who went on to make talking films too. Questions: Do you remember Myrna Loy? Which of her films have you seen? Have you seen any old films on television recently? What kind of films do like best? What did you think about her leading men? The Way We Were [right hand column]- Queen of Puddings Background: This was a bit more ‘special’ than Bread and Butter pudding although the ingredients are basically the same. Lots of recipes used leftovers, and this one was a good way of using dry white bread. Questions: What sort of puddings do you like? Do you prefer hot or cold puddings? What is the texture of Queen of Puddings like? Why might it have been called Queen of Puddings? PAGE 2 Do You Remember [left hand column] Rag and Bone Man Background: Rag and Bone men were a familiar sight in the 1950s. They collected household items, especially clothing and textiles because they could be sold. In those days there were no Charity Shops on the High Street. Clothes would have been worn until they were worn out, or handed down, or cut down to make other things. By the time they were given to the Rag and Bone Man most of them would be unwearable. Thrifty housewives would remove collars and cuffs from shirts and sew them back on with the worn part on the inside so that they would last a bit longer. Sheets were cut down the middle through the worn part, and the sides joined with a flat seam. Bones were collected for glue. The popular comedy Steptoe and Son was about a Rag and Bone Man and his son. Linked to Singalong, p3. Questions: Did you have a Rag and Bone Man in your area? What sort of things did he collect? What do you think bones were collected for? What did you do to make clothes last longer? What was ‘Sides-to-Middling’? Over to You [right hand column] Money saving, stamps Background: Lots of people who lived through the war, or times of hardship, and are perhaps now living on a pension, find it satisfying to save money where they can. Questions: What is your best tip for saving money? What is your best tip for saving time? Do you think people today are more or less wasteful of money now than they were, say, 50 years ago? What was the postal system like in the days before First Class and Second Class mail? PAGE 3 Quiz [left hand column] Stage Names and Pen Names Quiz. Singalong [right hand column] Any Old Iron. Linked to Do You Remember P2.

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