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iTime is made to give you the most exiting time.


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6 The Philo Motivation Target Competitors Product strategy Design and ideas Functionality Packaging Languages Environmental impact

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1 Philo, Motivation, Target, Competitors and Product strategy


Our marketing strategy is to get the recognition of our products all over the world and create them valuable not only from economical point of view. We have created a product useful not just for women, men and young people everyday life, but also for growth of less developed countries. We believe iTime is a product that can conquer the world, firstly with a hart and mind.



iTime is a the watch designed to be a part of you. It is a fashionable, beautiful looking watch with soft edges. This watch is a combination between business and daily life. It provides the best way to communicate. iTime brings your personal network, your favorite music, calendar and much more. We have created iTime to communicate with the world in a good, easy and fast way.




Young generation, always looking for adventures : The young person who uses iTime is always in a movement, between the school and the university. The iTime is the way he communicates with the world. He loves to travel and keep in touch with his friends. He is a young person with many interests and passions. Music, technology, sport and the fashion.

An emotional woman : Who uses the iTime is a woman with many obligations: home, family, work. She certainly does not miss her passions and her social life. She loves to travel and is a dynamic woman. She acts as she wants. This woman knows how to manage her time. She trusts in technology that helps her and not betray ever: like iTime!

A man, charm, strength: Man who uses the iTime is a very busy man at his work and home. Is a man who has an organized life. He isn’t just a professional man but also a man who loves his family. He is a minimalist, simple and concrete. The technology for him is a functionality. He trust Apple!



Samsung S9110:

LG GD910:

It’s a 2G phone and has 1.7 inch touchscreen. also

1.3 inch full touch screen, 3G+ connectivity, Video call

Samsung S9110 has 40Mb internal memory. It allows

capabilities, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, MP3 player,

calls, SMS,MMS and EMS. Unlike other phones, Sam-

Voice recognition software. The LG GD910 3G Watch

sung S9110 has a small Mp3 player. You can transfer

Phone brings a serious sci-fi vibe into your life. And of

music via bluetooth. Also this phone has voice memo

course, it tells the time. In its small body, it features

and voice recognition features.

touch screen, GSM/3G receiver, Bluetooth, VGA camera, and MP3 player. It also has standard phonebook and text messaging feature.

Price: $800 Dollars

Price: $700 Dollars


Swap Watch Phone:

The Blackberry watch is a dashboard extension

It comes with Bluetooth, 1.3 Meg camera (for video

of the Blackberry, allowing the user to see texts,

and still image capture), supports MP3 and MP4,

missed phone calls, and other notifications that

and can be used with up to 2 Gig flash storage

may have popped up on their Blackberry.

cards. It has a USB for PC connectivity and charg-

BluetoothÂŽ v2.0+EDR, 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer

ing. 1.5 inch colour touch screen or two buttons

battery, Glass lens and full metal body, 22mm inter-

mounted on the side of the watch. It doesn’t have a

changeable wrist band, Vibrating motor, Micro-USB

full Internet browser.

port (for charging, Over-the-air firmware updates, Dimensions: 51mm height x 38mm width x 12mm depth. Price: $150 Dollars

Price: $ 445 Dolares 15

Product Strategy Friendly








It is an easy way to commu-

It is very easy to use iTime.

iTime keeps you in contact

As every Mac product also

nicate with your friends,

Now you can speak with

with the people you love.

iTime is made to be envi-

family and colleagues.

your friends having the best

It has a great social net-

ronment friendly. All the

Now it is possible to carry

connection in the world.

work to search and add

materials we use are recy-

your favorite music, pic-

The headphones of iTime

more contacts of people to



are made as comfortable

your account.

things with you.

to use as possible. They are

Now you can make your

iTime is the most comfort-

made small and wireless.

own screen saver design.

able and friendly technol-

With iFind you can find your

ogy ever made.

earphones in case of lost.





Hold button is made to let you hold the music or conversation.


2 Design and ideas

Product design

The first sketch design

A sketch, as will be seen on the wrist.


3 Functionality, Packaging and Languages


Size & Weight Height: 5.5 cm (550 mm) Width: 0.6 cm (60 mm) Weight: 124 gr (approx.)



16GB or 32GB flash drive

White or black.

Display Retina display 3.5 - inch (diagonal) wide screen Multi- Touch display 960 - by - 640 - pixel resolution at 326 ppi 800:1 contrast ratio (typical) 500 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)

Sensors Three-axis gyro Accelerometer Proximity sensor Ambient light sensor

Fingerprint-resistant oleo phobic coating on front and back Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously



Presenting iFind iFind is the icon that will help you to find your headphones in case of lost. It has a small light with the logo of Apple. In case of lost this green light would start giving signals with flash light.

Icon iFind

In case of not found you can search headphones in internet or also in your iTime.

Rating for Hearing Aids 3G network - 850/1900 MHz: M4, T4 2G network - 850 MHz: M3, T3 2G network - 1900 MHz: M2, T3

Audio playback Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV User- configurable maximum volume limit.

Headphones Apple Earphones bluetooth wirless Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz Impedance: 32 ohms



Power and battery Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter Talk time: Up to 7 hours on 3G Up to 14 hours on 2G Standby time: Up to 300 hours Internet use: Up to 6 hours on 3G Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi Video playback: Up to 10 hours Audio playback: Up to 40 hours

Camera, photos, and video Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio 5 - megapixel still camera VGA - quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second with the front camera Tap to focus video or still images LED flash Photo and video geotagging


Functionality External buttons and controls

External buttons and controls Hold buttom


On / off Sleep /wake

Connectors and input/output Ring / silent Volume up / down

Charge / Download


Language support:

Keyboard support:

Language support for English (U.S.), English (UK),

Keyboard support for English (U.S.), English (UK), French

French (France), German, Traditional Chinese, Sim-

(France), French (Canadian), French (Switzerland), Ger-

plified Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

man, Traditional Chinese (Handwriting, Pinyin, Zhuyin,


Portuguese (Portugal), Danish, Swedish,

Cangjie, Wubihua), Simplified Chinese (Handwriting,

Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Russian,

Pinyin, Wubihua), Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Arabic, Thai,

(Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Danish, Swedish, Finn-

Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malay, Romanian,

ish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese (Romaji, Ten Key),

Slovak, Croatian and Catalan.

Japanese (Kana), Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Flemish, Arabic, Thai, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malay, Romanian, Slovak, Croatian, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic/Latin), Catalan Vietnamese and Tibetan.



In the box iTime Apple Earphones with Mic Dock Connector to USB Cable USB Power Adapter Documentation

Dimensions (box) (L) 183 x (W)112 x (D)92 mm

The packaging generates the attention, communicates with the costumer and motivates to buy a product. Now a days the packaging is not considered to have only aesthetic attraction but also ecological. Apple tries to find different solutions to develop and improve the outer look of their products. The packaging of iTime is designed to be minimal. Apple considers to make a box where the product can be easy transportable and safe of any damages. The colors are black and white. The materials of the box instead are cardboard, polystyrene and aluminium. All materials are recyclable. Outside and inside of the box are made of the mentioned materials. The thickness of each material is made to be 2.5 mm.


4 Environment impact

Environment impact

iTime embodies Apple’s continuing environmental progress. It is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact: PVC - free handset PVC - free headphones PVC - free USB cable Bromine-free printed circuit boards Mercury-free LCD display Arsenic-free display glass Majority of packaging made from post-consumer recycled fiber board and bio-based materials Power adapter outperforms strictest global energy efficiency standards

Environmental requirements Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) Non-operating temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non condensing Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3000 m)


5 Marketing and Advertisement


Competitions for sports We would like to attract the young generation and promote our product in different activities connected to sports. We would divide two season sport competitions. In wintertime our company would organize a competition for young snowboard riders all over the world. In most of the big cities there would be a local competition, where the first placewould get further. The final competition would be organized in the United States of America. The first three places would get a certain amount of money and iTime as a present. The same competition would be for skateboardists in summer time.

Workshops in the schools and universities Apple would organize the seminars about the new technologies. We would introduce the students with the newest Apple products where the most important would be the new generation telephone-watch iTime.

Musicians We would like to promote our music player option and new wireless earphones design by organizing a competition for young talented musicians. The new musicians or musician bands would submit their newest song to Apple web page where the people would have possibility to listen to their songs and vote for the favourite one. In this way we would give a chance to each musician become a star.

Competitions for artists We would like to involve the new talented artists and designers in our great project. The conception of project would be a competition for renovation of packaging or new design of iTime, or iTime for kids. The new designers would design the new look of iTime. The jury of our companies designers would decide which is the most appropriate design. The best design as a prize would get an amount of money and iTime. 41


Protect our friends Apple develops a plan to protect the wild animals from illegal hunting in Africa, Latin America and Asia. There would be 10 associations in Africa, Latin America and Asia which would work with this problem. In this case, we would give 40 iTime watches to these 10 associations. Also each iTime sold would give 10 cents to these associations. In the main cities around the world we would put transparent animal photos as an add on the windows of Apple stores.

Support people with health problems Apple would support the people who have health problems and need to communicate with their doctors all the time. We would give the amount of iTime products to these people to keep them safe anytime. The most important thing is the emergency button of iTime. With this button the patient can connect with his doctor immediately. There is possibility to avoid the risk. iTime is easy-to-use watch and is suitable for everyone.

Emergency Emergency


Events: Guerrilla Marketing

Stop the Big Ben! For this type of marketing we would use a clock as a symbol of city, for example, Big Ben in London or Ramadan in Mecca. We would hire two climbers who would climb to the top of the clock using stairs with logo of iTime and a rope with symbol of Apple repeated from beginning to end. They would show the white flag with printed symbol of iTime as a conquest of the world.

Build Future We would help to build the schools and markets for the poor people in Africa. We would work together with governments of the regions to build the buildings the people need in their villages. We would focus on educational system and work more with the schools construction plan. iTime would be a communication between the people working on this project.


Social - Ethic Marketing

iTime and sport Apple does not produce their products just for purpose of profit. We want to find the way to help society by sponsoring projects for developing countries. For this reason a marketing strategy that Apple wants to adopt is social - ethic marketing. In what way? The soccer is the most popular and important sport over the world, even in developing countries. According to statistical extrapolated ratio of human development report compiled by the United Nations Development programme in development of Togo, Malawi, Benin, East Timor, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Eritrea, Senegal, Rwanda, Gambia, Liberia, Guinea, Ethiopia, Sul Mincio, Mozambano, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Central African, Republic, Sierra

Leone, Afghanistan, Niger are 24 states with the lowest human development index. Through the all known sport soccer. Apple with it’s exclusive product wants to introduce and show to everyone the games of soccer. iTime in this context is more a symbol than an utility. Is a symbol of development. A part of proceeds will be devolved for the project to build the schools, markets, hospitals and even more. Apple will be the sponsor and the help.





By Apple


* This is a univercity project. Accademia Italiana Florence, Italy.


It is a project for my marketing class, I worked with 3 people from fashion class and we were asked to make a brochure for a new concept. W...