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Architectural Portfolio Andrea Santos Blanco

I finished my studies at University of Alcalå (Madrid, Spain) and obtained a Master’s Degree in Architecture. Moreover, I obtained the specialized in Pathology of the building and intervention techniques at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Having completed my studies at the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. As a professional, I have worked in several architecture and design companies and I had done internships in Alcalå de Henares City Hall and GdeV studio, in Madrid. I am perseverance and hard working person. I like to learn every day of the people in my environment. I possess computer skills, advanced knowledge of Auto CAD 2D/3D, 3d Studio Max, Revit Architecture, Adobe creative Suite and other graphics design programs.

Andrea Santos Blanco

Working experience

Education 09/2010 02/2016

University of Alcalá Madrid, Spain Master's degree in architecture(Qualification of final project: A/excellent)

09/2012 07/2013

Politecnico di Milano Milan, Italy Laudea Magistrale Architettura (Erasmus scholarship)

01/2010 12/2010

Polytechnic University of Madrid Madrid, Spain Master of Pathology of the building and intervention techniques

10/2005 Art nº4 Madrid School 01/2009 Bachelor of interior design

Madrid, Spain

Software skills


Autocad 2D/3D Revit Architecture Photoshop Illustrator 3D Studio Sketchup Cype (structures) Corel Draw Premiere Pro Office Presto (estimate) Lumion Microsoft Project

Spanish Mother tongue English B2 /Common European Framework Italian B2 /Common European Framework

02/2017 06/2017

Clonliffe Architects Dublin, Ireland Architect Assistant Design presentations, measured surveys, planning applications, tender packages, fire cert applications & disability access applications. Architectural models, 3D modelling and post production.

02/2016 09/2015

Madrid, Spain EncajArquitectura Architect/ Interior Designer/ Project Manager Drafting of projects, competitions, appraisals and certificates.

04/2015 09/2015

MartinSerrats Arquitectos Madrid, Spain Architect Assistant Measured surveys, budgets, and layout and section plans of refurbishment of commercial premises, and housing. Coordinating orders and budgets with companies of supplies.

06/2015 07/2015

Distrito Uno. Project and construction management. Madrid, Spain Architect Assistant Collaboration in demolition projects, measured surveys and business layout and section plans on premises and projecting houses and apartments, internal redesign and construction on rehabilitated buildings.

03/2014 08/2014

Espacios de Arquitectura e Imagen Zurbano Madrid, Spain Internship in Architecture Measured surveys, budgets, and layout and section plans of reforms of commercial premises, and housing. Coordinating orders and budgets with companies of supplies.

01/2014 03/2014

Alcalá de Henares City Hall_Archeology Dept. Madrid, Spain Internship in Architecture Planning hypothesis of the Roman city of Complutum, Roman block and courtyard-house model. Creating 3D model of housing. Analysis of hydraulic systems of evacuation.

03/2008 08/2008

Unopiú Madrid S.S. de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain Technical-commercial Attention and advice to the public, projects, budgets and orders; monitoring of customers, coordination with assembling companies and transport.

Management and communication skills Motivation at work Communicative skill Coordinated and organizated Analyzed capacity Sacrifice capacity Teamwork capacity

Additional information Car Driving licence Achievement Accesit Silestone competition 2006, by Cosentino Spain Master of Architecture: Qualification of final project: A/excellent Software workshops & certifications 3D Studio 120h Cypecad Structures workshop. University of Alcalá. 40h Advanced workshop Photoshop & Illustrator. MtresStudio. 20h Revit BIM technical Designer.BIMVIZ Studio/Madrid Chamber of Commerce.150 h

Final Thesis Master’s degree in Architecture “Environmentally educational Island”

“ An island in Chamberí”, Madrid 1. The district is full of life that does not take advantage of public space, because it is not adapted to the needs of the users. 2. The traffic has invaded the space public. 3. The use of the residence of nuns, is decreasing, according to the Sisters of the Congregation. 4. The residential spaces of the plots not residential not have use or user. 5. It requires space of relationship-rest-evasion. 6. Not exist green areas representative in the district. = Nouns Residence halls are used to create a knowledge of science. Born so a Natural ecosystem that generates a microclimate in the quarter to respond to their needs. The workshops of science is rise of the ground on a forest of pillars that discover a wetland in the basement full of life animal and vegetable.


Suturar el tejido urbano

Generar un ecosistema natural en un medio hostil

NIÑOS Procedentes de los colegios del barrio Los propios niños que viven en Chamberí

Equilibrar la relación entre tejido construido y espacios vacíos

La intervención : 1. El barrio está lleno de vida que no aprovecha el espacio público, porque no está adaptado a las necesidades de los usuarios.

Edificación: Administrativo Religioso Hospitalario Educativo Residencial

2. El tráfico ha invadido el espacio público. 3. El uso de la residencia de monjas, va decreciendo, según explican las hermanas de la congregación.

Ampliar el espacio abierto de los equipamientos

Colonizar los espacios insterticiales


4. Los espacios residuales de las parcelas no residenciales no tienen uso ni usuario.

ANCIANOS Los propios que viven en Chamberí

5. Se requiere espacio de relación-descanso-evasión.

Los que acuden al centro de mayores de Alonso Cano y usuarios del Hospital de La Milagrosa

*aumentan MONJAS Las hermanas de la caridad que vivien en la residencia San Vicente Paul Las hermanas de los colegios catolicos del barrio

Accesos Recorridos peatonales

6. NO existen zonas verdes representativas en el barrio.

= Se aprovechan naves de la residencia para crear un espacio de conocimiento de Ciencias. Nace así un Ecosistema Natural que genera un microclima en el barrio para responder a sus necesidades.

Los Talleres de Ciencias se levantan del suelo sobre un bosque de pilares que descubren un humedal en el subsuelo lleno de vida animal y vegetal.

Contacto entre edificación y propuesta Aporta beneficios: El colegio: gana iluminación natural en el pabellón de la planta sótano al realizar la escavación. El Hospital de la Milagrosa: gana una salida al nuevo barrio por la planta sótano.

Ocultar el tráfico

*decrecen FAMILIAS Las propias residentes en el barrio

Paisajes Se genera con fauna y flora de la Comunidad de Madrid.

Los usuarios o visitantes del Hospital de La Milagrosa Conciliar los diferentes ritmos de los usuarios

Fondo de excavación 9039.15 m2 La topografía cambia para acogernos. *aumentan

Architecture competitions

“IWC Africa� GROW IN NATURE This project arises from the need of making an International Wildlife Center inside the Kruger Park, the largest reserve in South Africa. As for the location of the project, by analyzing the proposed area, we have chosen the existing Lower Sabie Camp. It is a strategic place, since it is very well connected by the Sukukuza-Lower Sabie Road, bounded on the north by the Sabie River and on the west by Sunset Dam. A pond where many native animals of the Kruger Park live: elephants, impalas, crocodiles, hippos, black and white rhinos, giraffes, etc... The new-existing ratio that occurs in the architectural complex it is kept by the buildings preserved in good conditions and that nowadays are giving service to tourists like, for example, double bungalows and the restaurant-coffee area.

TEAMWORK: Katarzyna Cebula Andrea Santos Antonio Vรกzquez

Architecture competitions

“A house for...the little prince” A House that is not what it seems... Antoine de Saint-Exupery Three fires of natural stone as volcanoes where do eat every day; a covered trip is a journey through space and connects us with each of the “planets”; a viewpoint that sees him, as a King that everything has it; a journey that transforms us larger than we are reflects our vanity and narcissism; a slope that rises, rises, rises to fall and quickly return to the starting point intoxicates us and introduces us to a trip without meaning; a space of relaxation as a container of stars; a large Sundial gives light and shadow, and serves as a space for wind and weather protection; a huge stone covered, allows us to see the layers of ground as a large open book...

... In short; a House, a Galaxy, or only remains of aircraft smashed into the desert.

TEAMWORK: Jorge Pérez Andrea Santos Antonio Vázquez

Revit BIM Projects BIMVIZ architecture/ Chamber of comerce of Madrid


Architectural Portfolio Andrea Santos  
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