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A guide to critical analysis of images Context of Practice - From Theory into Practice

Andrea Hannah Cooper

Statement of Intent Creating a publication which explains the principles and uses of the theories of semiotics - in particular Barthes’ explanation of denotation and connotation - to art & design students

Identifying a problem Creating a tool or aid for art & design students to help with critical analysis of imagery Taking existing material and simplifying it to make it more accessible to students

Content Theories

Roland Barthes’ theories of denotation, connotation & myth Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of cultural capital General theories of semiotics

Content Definitions

Denotation:- what can be seen in an image Connotation:- the meanings and associations of what can be seen in the image

Content Definitions

Cultural capital:- the forms of knowledge, skills, education, advantages that a person has which give them a higher status in society

Content Example Panzani advertisement

Developing a publication A book which acts as a guide to critical analysis of imagery aimed at art & design students, containing: - diagrams explaining how to apply the theories to images - examples of the theories applied to images - the theory explained - sources for further reading

Publication Presentation  

Presentation of concepts and ideas for the Context of Practice Publication