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Collaborative Design

Hi There! My name is Andrea Rosero, and this is my portfolio! I hope you enjoy all my projects and points of view as much as i enjoyed creating them! I am really COMMITTED with all my projects, my approach with my projects is so intimately close that in each one of them i leave a part of myself. That’s when they stop being objects and transform into characters! They will present themselves as they are with their attributes, oddities, stengths and weaknesses and become real and achieveable for anyone who feels indentified with their shapes, colors and narrative, because my objetcs are mirrors of the potential traits some may have in greater or lesser degree inside their personalities. This book is about them, because through them you will know me.


the butcher


the sensitive

01 03 the Millenial

07 04

19 05 The Traditional

the squad






shaped like the structure of bones for more support: absorb impact forces

carbon fiber details

Titanium Frame




bio design bmx bike Butcher 1. (n) a rider who is constantly breaking parts of their bicycle.

the solution Fearless, adventorous and a little crazy , the butcher let us have a little peek at bmx lifestyle. Re design the frame for a free stlyle BMX bicycle for Flatland riders, to gain more resistance and strenght against any impact caused by the tricks and jumps practice in this sport.

Bone construction, both external and internal help the body structure stay light and protected against external forces. Our design embraces the curvatures of the cavities and the internal porosity of the bones allowing lightness without diminishing support.

This project focused in the improvements for BMX Designers: FLATLAND bicycles. The inspiration for this pro- Andrea Rosero, Cynthia Aquino and Alejandra Millan. duct were the natural structures of support and resistance like the bones. Photography.: Andrea Rosero, Cynthia Aquino and Alejandra Millan. 06

THE sensitive


autism wooden toys Highly Sensitive person 1. (n) a person whose nervous and sensorial systems are so develop that sometimes they get overwhelmed by their surroundings and have a hard time relaxing and focusing. Particular trait for some autism patients.

the solution Curious, observers, little researchers, young kids with autism tend to analize everything around them and get completely involved in what they do. We wanted to help them enjoy engaging with people while discovering and playing with their senses.

01. Ayudando a Camila 03. Contra peso 05. Encuentra el balance

02. Entre Caras 04. Compartiendo 06.Contrapeso

Designers: Andrea Rosero, Daniela VillaseĂąor, Ana Isaac.

TIMEO is a serie of 8 products for autistic children between 3 years and 8 years. This products are target for some of the major problems this children Photography.: have such as lack of social integration, motricity and Santiago Vega, Daniela VillaseĂąor. attention. Here are some of the toys that make our wooden toy collection up: Model: Regina GonzĂĄlez 09

01. Ayudando a Camila Is and an old but fun game of throwing rings. AYUDANDO A CAMILA is a game of 2 to 3 players in which you need to help Camila recover her strips bythrowing them to her.

Measuring Distances | Social skills | Motricity 10

Mirror therapy: for kids autoregulation and concentration

02. entre caras


03. contra peso

A game in which kids need to align the faces by seeing a mirror and controlling their movements.

A game in which each children has to concentrate and mantein their balance by adjusting their body to accomplish this.

Motricity | Concentration | Attention

Balance | Concentration

04. sERPIENTE QUE CANTA It is made up of 7 pieces that together create a snake. If you swing each piece make a different sound and the rope helps connect each piece with each other.

3 D sound puzzle !

Regulation | Social Skills


05. Encuentra el balance


06. compartiendo

A game in which kids need to find the balance of the structure by experimenting with the proximity and location of the penguins place in both sides.

A set of three animals that help children share, save and organize some of their valuable things. Social Skillsto accomplish this.

Balance | Concentration | Attention

Balance | Concentration


THE millenNiaL


Stool + side table it depends on how you built it!

up down

move it around


bi functional furniture The millennial 1. (n) Born between 1982 and 1994. This generation is something special cause Mom and Dad and thier 5th grade teacher told them so... overachievers, live a busy life

the solution Simple,accesible, elegant and dynamic, our user per- so we used their naturals colors, white marble and sonality guided us to the creation of this little stool purple oak and side table!. It had to match it´s owner so it did! We let the shape set the guidelines for it´s use. Playing with it you can use it as a stool or as a side table. Experimenting with materials we conclude that marble is not only elegant but also is the perfect element for creating this system because of it´s weight making it resistant and steady .

Designers: Andrea Rosero, Mariane Díaz, Luis Puente Photography.: Andrea Rosero, Luis Puente

We wanted the materials to pop out of the picture Model: Nadya Aguilar 24



Dice fill with surprise shots, if the top of the cone is up you have to drink that side.

shake it roll it mix it


Drinking Game The Squad 1. (n) Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity. Your homies, your friends, your panas!

the solution Design a product for entertainment based on human gestures and non verbal behaviour. The shapes used for this drinking game are inspired in the Cucuruchos or Capirotes used by the penitents during Holy Week as a part of a catholic tradition. These characters attend the processions that take place during these days to redeem themselves before God. Cucuruchos is a drinking game conformed by a set of 2 dices with one compartment for the different liquors inside each one. Set inspired in hands gestures with the purpose of surprising the players. Cucu-

ruchos invites the user to play and have fun with it changing the original meaning of cucuruchos to one less serious.

Designers: Andrea Rosero Photography.: Andrea Rosero 30





Local materials Ceramic+wood for natural contrasts



TRADITIONAL TABLEWARE The traditional 1. (n) a person that support their locals by buying products that use local materials and using their forms make a person recall a place or moment. .

the solution Fresh, playful and a total craft lover! The inspiration for this project was the Monarch Butterfly from Michoacรกn. Tableware that creates a mixture between white ceramic and dark wood. This set counts with 6 dishes in which this two materials mix and create contrast with their silhouettes.

Designers: Andrea Rosero

Photography.: Andre Rosero, Jennifer Tirado, Estephania Tirado 36

the touch




LEDS that alert the user by changing its color, how far the rest of the players are

offline the new luxury


proximity toys The touch generation 1. (n) A generation born in the boom of intelligent devices and

the solution Game of proximity involving bluetooth sensors by changing color in upper part of the objectand in the lower too, alerting the user about how far away the other players are from you. The game consists of 4 levels of proximity following the logic cool colors for far distances and warm colors for close distances. You can play three kind of games with the totems: hide and seek, treasure hunt and relays but it can also be used freely without rules so kids can use their imagination and create their own games.

This toy invites the collaborative participation of the children without using any screen. Designers: Andrea Rosero Photography.: Andre Rosero


data sheet THE BUTCHER: Page 1-2 : Background: Drawing: A cycler in Parque Metropolitano by Andrea Rosero Page 3-4: Photograph of the whole bycicle | Materials: MDF 9 mm, black matte, wheels 20´ | Spring 2014 Page 5: Top left corner: Detail Photograph of wheels and gears Bottom left corner: Detail Photograph of handlebar in a blue background Right Side Photograph: Detail Photograph of Wheel. Page 6: Photograph of the whole bycicle

THE SENSITIVE: Page 7-8: Background: Drawing: An autistic kid in a classroom by Andrea Rosero Page 9: Photograph of Contrapeso | Materials: ash tree with details of cedar & white rope | Spring 2015 Page 10: Top Photograph: Close Up of Ayudando a Camila | Materials: ash tree and cedar, white paint Bottom Photograph: Ayudando a Camila on use Page 11-12: Photograph of Entre Caras | Materials: ash tree and cedar, black paint, mirror Page 13: Top Photograph: Entre Caras on use Bottom Photograph; Contrapeso on use Page 14: Top Photograph: Detail Photograph of La Serpiente que canta | Materials: ash tree with cedar & white rope Bottom Photograph: La Serpiente que canta on use Page 15-16: Photograph of Encuentra el Balance | Materials: ash tree & cedar with black paint. Page 17: Photograph of Encuentra el Balance on use Page 18: Top Photograph: Compartiendo on use | Materials: ash tree with white paint Bottom Photograph: Compartiendo on use (details) THE MILLENNIAL: Page 19-20:Background: Drawing: A nerdy millennial by Andrea Rosero Page 21-22:Photograph of Stool | Materials: purple oak and white marble | Summer 2016 Page 23: Top Photograph: Stool on use. Bottom Left Photograph: Detail Photograph that shows the space available for storage. Bottom Right Photograph: Detail Photograph Page 24: Top Photograph: The side table/ stool is being manipulated to show how can you convert it in a stool or a side table.

THE SQUAD: Page 25-26 :Background: Drawing: The Squad by Andrea Rosero Page 27-28: Photograph of the whole drinking game | Materials: pine tree & cedar | Spring 2015 Page 29: Top Photograph: Dice with shot on use to explain how you play the game. Bottom Photograph: Dice with shot on use to explain how you play the game. Page 30: Photograph of the drinking game, front view. THE TRADITIONAL: Page: 31-32: Background: Page 33-34: Drawing: The traditional by Andrea Rosero Page 35: Detail Photograph of Wooden DISH | Materials: Tzalam and ceramic | Autum 2013 Top Left Photograph: Top view of the tableware, you can see the dishe´s silhouettes form a butterfly from the top view. Bottom Left Photograph: Tableware withouth food | Materials: White Ceramic & Tzalam Page 36: Righ Photograph: Detail Photograph of the wooden pieces Top Photograph: Tableware with food THE TOUCH GENERATION: Page: 37-38:Background: Drawing: Todler on cellphone by Andrea Rosero Page 39-40:Photograph of Mock ups| Materials: MDF, purple sticker| Spring 2016 Page 41: Top Photograph: All the mockups created during the project to determine the final form of the toy. Bottom Left Photograph: Photograph of one of the mock ups being hold Bottom Right Photograph: Photograph of one of the mock ups being hold Top Photograph: Proximity Toy, 2 totems and the base Page 42:

Portfolio Andrea Rosero  

Hey there! This is my portfolio! hope you enjoy browsing it´s pages with the content of all my projects and the eyecandy photographs of eac...

Portfolio Andrea Rosero  

Hey there! This is my portfolio! hope you enjoy browsing it´s pages with the content of all my projects and the eyecandy photographs of eac...