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ANDIE VALLテ右 c r e a t i v e p o r t f o l i o

the present Hippie hill, san francisco Fall 2010 Through a reflection of what you think about the world at present, this assignment required the creation of a time capsule to convey these thoughts to the future individuals who might open it. I feel that generations have a tendancy to misunderstand one another; older generations often feel that our younger society is lazy, arrogant, and hold no promise for the future. However I believe that people at this age have a very optimistic view of the world, which in my opinion is the most beautiful thing about being young. Older generations participated in the same activities in their youth, and have simply grown out of this idealism, which was what I wanted to convey in this photo.



muni center for transportation


palou community garden


gallery of light


sava community pool


cubist art gallery and cafÉ


pedestrian bridge


interstitial spaces

muni center for transportation RIchmond District, San francisco fall 2010 This project was a redesign of the current Muni transportation facility in San Francisco. We were required to incorporate residential and commercial space into the site, as well as create a new museum for the Muni transportation system. I divided the site into two distinct areas, separating the museum from the commercial and residential spaces. My design focused on cascading floating pods, which contain glass walls to provide natural light and views of the Pacific Ocean. The ground floor buildings serve as commercial space, while the floating pods serve as residential space, and are accessed through elevators in the main towers. Roof access to the pods provide private outdoor space for the residents.




My museum design continues the play with floating pods. They are arranged in a way that creates more interaction with one another as the entire building performs as a unit. Natural light flows in through the glass walls, which provide views of the Pacific Ocean. The second and third floors are accessible through elevators in the main tower, office building, and exterior courtyard.


palou community garden bayview-hunter’s point, San francisco fall 2011 This assignment involved working with the organization Quesada Gardens Initiative to design a community garden in the Bayview neighborhood in San Francisco. Students took notes at community meetings and designed the garden based on the suggestions and needs that were mentioned by the individuals who would be using the space. Necessary features included a dog park, raised planter beds, a picnic area, a fruit tree orchard, a play structure for children, and areas for subsurface crops to be planted and grown. A mural was also added to the siding of a nearby house to further beautify the neighborhood.



gallery of light presidio district, san francisco spring 2009 This project required students to photograph interesting light conditions throughout San Francisco, and implement these findings in a design for a gallery of light. The gallery was intended to showcase unusual light conditions created through the design. With inspiration from the photographs I took, I focused my design on silhouette, light crevices, and light glowing conditions. The creation of these light conditions were dependent upon wall and window placement and circulation throughout the gallery. Small rooms and balconies were also created to provide space to enjoy the light conditions.



sava community pool sunset district, san francisco spring 2010 This project called for the design of a community pool facility based on a pre-existing floor plan. Students were required to extrude the walls and design in terms of building section and construction systems. The concrete walls of the locker room area are ten feet tall and are topped with an additional two feet of glass which extends to the roof height. This allows a flow of light and gives a feeling of openness to the space. The pool area contains a timber arched ceiling which spans length-wise across the pool to follow the motion of the lap swimmers. The locker room area has three cascading roof slabs, which have cased openings separating one another to allow the flow of natural light. A truss system spans width-wise across the pool to support the roof structure.



cubist art gallery and cafÉ lincoln park, san francisco spring 2009 This design is reflective of Picasso’s cubist painting “Girl with a Mandolin.” A study drawing was composed based on a selected portion of the painting, which was then implemented into my design for an art gallery and café. I focused on the geometric patterns of the painting, and wanted to incorporate these elements into my design. The gallery consists of two floors, with a back deck space which houses the café. The large windows and open floor plan allow natural light to inhabit and move about the space. The café is located partially within the building in order to engage inhabitants both inside and outside of the gallery. Girl with a Mandolin



pedestrian bridge golden gate park, san francisco spring 2010 This assignment was to design a pedestrian bridge which crossed a creek with a 30’ span in Golden Gate Park. For my design I used timber construction with square heirarchical frames that enclose the bridge. The trellis and railing widen as you approach the middle of the bridge which creates an open central seating area. I wanted to create a space that would entice people to sit down and linger for a moment, rather than just cross to the other side.



interstitial spaces mission District, San francisco spring 2009 This study focused on the negative spaces that are created between many Victorian buildings in the city of San Francisco. A site was assigned to each individual and they were required to document the space through photographs. From these photos drawings were then comprised to narrate what was occuring within the space.



Andie VallĂŠe

BA Architecture and Community Design Minor in Film Studies University of San Francisco

Andie Vallee Creative Portfolio  

A compilation of creative works completed in the Architecture and Community Design Program at the University of San Francisco.

Andie Vallee Creative Portfolio  

A compilation of creative works completed in the Architecture and Community Design Program at the University of San Francisco.