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Chile North to South

Chile has the privileged status tricontinental, which means it is a State exercising sovereignty over territories located on three continents: America, Antarctica and Oceania. This special status gives to Chile an advantage of breath and dynamism in their trade relations with the world, for their territorial presence in three continents

Savage Atacama Northern Chile: 9 Days A trip out of time between desert and plateau in northern Chile, which crosses indigenous villages between Chiu Chiu and San Pedro de Atacama. To the rhythm of the horses in a wild landscape, covering ancient routes like the Inca Trail which was later used by the Spanish conquistadors. But above all a circuit outside the traditional paths, allowing an exceptional approach to the people who inhabit the small typical villages that cross our path.

Map: Savage Atacama


Across the Andes Central Chile : 11Days

An extraordinary and fantastic experience, this journey takes you back in time as we follow the same routes that the Liberation Army transited in 1817 to free Chile from the Spanish monarchy. It is an expedition to the roof of America for seven days, crossing rivers, sharing with "huasos" and "gauchos" and their typical customs and traditions, framed by the highest mountains of America: Mercedario (6,770 m) and the Aconcagua (6,959 m ) the latter is the highest in the continent, both covered with glaciers and eternal snows.


Across the Andes


International Programs.

Latin America has a great geographic and biological diversity. It contains virtually all climates in the world and is home to numerous animal and plant species. It also has some of the largest rivers in the world and important mineral resources, most notably its oil, copper, lithium and silver.

Colombia: 8 Days Riding the haciendas (ranches) of Colombia CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED ITINERARY

The last horse ride for riders seeking a truly American equestrian experience. Excellent coffee and the purity of its emeralds have made the country famous, Colombia is also the homeland to another treasure; The Paso Fino Colombiano one of the most amazing breeds of horses in the world! Colombians are crazy for horses. Fairs, festivals and parades of horses are very common throughout the country. During his second trip to America, Christopher Columbus brings some horses. These horses were a mixture of Andalusian, Berber and extinct gaited, horse Spanish Jennet. They formed the basis for the horses with which the Spanish conquered the Caribbean and South America. Hundreds of years of breeding with those bloodlines, especially in Puerto Rico and Colombia, optimizing gait, endurance and strength. Thus it was created the Paso Fino. The Paso Fino Colombiano is, despite its sophisticated strong horse that is mainly used for long distances appearance. Its smooth, natural gait is indispensable

BRASIL: 8 Days The Santa Catarina Gaucho Trail Live like a Gaucho... CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED ITINERARY

Few countries in the world are as diverse as Brazil. As big as the United States and larger than Australia, Brazil really has everything to offer tourists and especially the rider! Imposing gaucho attire, agile Creole horses, endless, stunning landscapes and authentic Latin atmosphere is what you would expect in this unforgettable Brazilian equestrian experience! Here in the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, lives the Gaucho do Brasil, the South American legendary cowboy who until today has remained true to its culture, tradition and lifestyle. It is UNESCO who declared: "The way of life of the gauchos is the most vivid of the equestrian cultures of the world."

MEXICO: 8 Days Equestrian Expedition the Ruta de la Plata CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED ITINERARY

Guanajuato, colonial city of beautiful buildings that contain the elements of the two main cultures that created them, indigenous and Hispanic, and mark the origin of our nationality, retain their architectural and environmental characteristics protected by its inhabitants and government state and local, was declared by UNESCO as Historic town of Guanajuato and Adjacent Mines in December 1988. It is considered the most beautiful colonial city of Mexico.


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