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From toy companies adding a dinosaur-themed twist to their best-selling products, to new lines inspired by popular dino shows and movies, these ferocious creatures are traveling forward in time to take over the toy aisle. Read on for the latest examples of this blast from the past to hit shelves. Jazwares Dino Ranch was recently renewed for a second season on Disney, and this fall, the licensed toy line from Jazwares is bringing the characters to life for fans of the preschool series. Dino Ranch Blitz is a soft, cuddly 10-inch plush version of the Blitz character that can accompany kids while traveling, playing at the park, or watching TV. Fans 3+ can imagine adventures on the ranch with sets like the Dino Action Pack Assortment — featuring a five-inch facade, four four-inch articulated dino figures, and four connectable fence pieces — as well as the Clubhouse Playset, a modular set with nine built-in features, one dino rancher figure, two small dinosaurs, and one free wheel vehicle. The Dino Ranch 6 Figure Pack comes complete with all three Dino Ranchers and their respective Dino companions. And the Feature Vehicle Assortment offers three five-inch dino vehicles, each with a unique feature, along with their dino rancher figure sidekick so kids can ride along with Jon, Min, and Miguel

Mattel This fall, Mattel brings new offerings for Jurassic World fans 4 and up. The colossal swimming dinosaur Jurassic World Protector Mosasaurus, makes a big splash as a fan favorite in the blockbuster Jurassic World franchise. The movie-inspired Mosasaurus action figure comes in a massive size that will thrill fans at 8.5 inches high and 17 inches wide. It’s made from ocean-bound plastic (sourced within 31 miles of waterways in areas lacking formal waste collection systems) with realistic sculpting, moveable joints, articulation, and a wide-opening jaw that bring it to life. Kids can relive the action from season 3 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous — released on Netflix in May of this year — with Slash N’ Battle Scorpios Rex action figure. To start the claw slashing action, push the button for a full-on arm extending slash and grab attack. Push the other button to activate a big chomp and roar, and pull the Scorpios Rex’s tail back to activate the spring-loaded motion for a surprise tail whip attack, too. 44 tfe October 2021

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