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Cuddle Barn Hear ye, hear ye! Cuddle Barn has introduced a set of new Storytellers. Meet Sir Catsby the Storyteller, Sir Barrington the Storyteller, and Sir Frederick the Storyteller. These adorable plush friends with eyes that light up are ready to read the tales of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “The Frog Prince,” “The Story of King Midas,” “The Princess and the Pea,” and “Rumpelstiltskin.” Fubsy Friends are here, and they are ready to take over the world in cuteness. These soft, squishable plush are the perfect hugging size. They have derpy looking faces that will make anyone’s heart melt. Fubsy Friends include a lion, lamb, deer, and hedgehog. Play an exciting passing game with Jiggly Wigglies! These plush toys come with flash cards featuring different animal sounds and excitedly twirl around to the song “Pop Goes the Weasel.” Start the music, pass them around, and hear the music go faster. Whoever gets stuck with them when the song ends must draw a card and perform the action on the card. All new lines will launch January 2022.

Epoch Everlasting Play Step into a world of magic and adventure at the Calico Land Baby Amusement Park from Calico Critters. Starring the favorite Nursery Series Critters, this interactive, colorful playset features four main attractions: Cosmo World with rocket ship launcher ride; Fantasy Land with turretted castle; Adventure World with rocking pirate ship and baby go-karts; and Sweets World with Ferris wheel. The whimsical set also includes three critters: Pookie Panda Baby Clara, Sweetpea Rabbit Baby Henry, and Persian Cat Baby Leah to delight in the interactive rides. Turn the Amusement Park around to display the collection of Nursery Critters! This set inspiring imaginative and role play for ages 4 and up. Help your favorite plumber and his friends survive the Super Mario Blow Up! Shaky Tower! Available now, this suspenseful game includes seven different and collectible Super Mario action figure characters including Mario, Luigi, Red Toad, Yellow Toad, Yoshi, Boo, and Goomba. Place the red wrecking ball at the top of the wobbly tower. Roll the die to determine how many characters to balance onto the open ledges. The first player to make the ball drop and shake the characters off their spots loses. This game improves motor skills including dexterity and hand-eye coordination for players 4+. The collective figures are unique to the set and interchangeable with other Epoch Super Mario games. Play in single player or multiplayer action.

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