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ADK Emotions: Spinning Success from Beyblade


Launched in 2001, ADK Emotions’ Beyblade Brand celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

When it was introduced in 2001, Beyblade immediately captured a global audience by being an innovative, anime-based property that married gameplay with imaginative content. It took international markets by storm and has kept its momentum through numerous iterations which have ensured the consumer relevance of the franchise for more than two decades. Now, as ADK Emotions NY Inc. looks forward to celebrating

Beyblade’s 20th anniversary throughout 2021 with a combination of brand-new content, retail activations, social media buzz, the future has never looked brighter for Beyblade 2020 saw the coming together of many years of groundwork and notable successes for ADK Emotions NY headlined by the introduction of Season 4 of the acclaimed Beyblade Burst series. The animated story arc featuring a group of Bladers as

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