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Who: Ashley and Emma

are the sisters behind WeWearCute. Ashley, the older one, is often the script-writer, emcee, and videographer. Ashley’s love of improv, pranks, and playfulness comes through in every WeWearCute post.

What: WeWearCute is a wholesome life-

style brand that creates content for tween girls inspired by pop culture, fashion, beauty, music, and consumer products.

Emma, the younger one, brings her love of make-up and fashion to WeWearCute’s content. She’s always tracking new fashion trends and changing up her look, from her makeup to her hair color to her nails.

Target demographic:

WeWearCute’s TikTok followers are 90% female. They are top content creators for girls ages 6 to 12-years-old. 28 tfe August 2021

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