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Focus On Fidgets From pop-its to stretchy strings to handheld spinning toys, fidget toys offer a sensory play experience that promotes calm and concentration. They’re surging to popularity on TikTok, and in toy stores around the country (see Back Open for Business, page. 16). Read on to find out more about the various fidgets on the market and how can they benefit users of all ages.

Buffalo Games Pop It! has amassed over 2.2 billion views on TikTok, offering sen-

Blue Orange Games

sory play, collectability,

The Loopy Looper has an all-ages appeal — from kids looking to

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master new spinning skills to adults in need of a quick break from

dexterity. Pop It! has in-

work or a concentration boost at their desk. The different items

troduced various twists

in the Loopy Looper series can be used in different ways. Flow

on the original, includ-

provides a smooth and zen spinning action to promote concentra-

ing the three-times bigger Pop It! XL, Pop It!

tion and relaxation. Edge keeps kids occupied as they build their

Counting that incorporates math learning, Pop

speed to keep the marble spinning on its rail. Jump presents the

It! Mini, and Pop It! Licensed featuring favorite

challenge of trying to jump through the gap with each spin. Hoop


will have users tryin to land the marble in the hoop.

BunMo BunMo offers three varieties of its Stretchy Strings —Original, Textured, and Super Sensory. The Original Stretchy Strings are fidget toys for adults and children that can help calm stress and anxiety by providing a fun outlet for restless hands. They can be stretched, wrapped, squeezed, squished, and pulled into any shape. The Textured Stretchy Strings are sensory toys that can cater to the needs of individuals with autism, ADD, and ADHD. They include bumps and ridges and are durable and flexible enough to be stretched seven feet. BunMo’s Super Sensory Strings are their strongest and most unique variation yet, because each string has its own strength ability — so no two strings have the same tension. The patterns and ridges make them an ideal sensory toy that can provide users with a sense of calmness, peace, and stimulation.

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