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Sam Petherbridge, BA Fine Arts, UWE Bristol How would you describe your work? I’m heavily inspired by grander themes characterised by Ovid’s Metamorphoses and The Epic of Gilgamesh. Through collage (image 7, right and cover), I make my own mythologies using old study books as source material – publications like The Living World and The Adventures of the South American Alps. I use imagery to create a different, parallel world and introduce a number of gods and the new earth they live on. What do you know now that you didn’t know when you started your course? That the mythology I’ve personally built since adolescence would be the surface of my work; that I’d find myself following in my parents’ footsteps, making stories to initially learn more about the world, myself and the material that I use. What are you doing for your degree show? I wish to introduce the viewer to the beginning of the mythology, which starts with the man who saved the moon. Narrated through expanded collage techniques, we join this lonely spaceman on his voyage back to a broken earth after 13 years.



What do you want your show to achieve? To entertain the audience and introduce them to something they’ve never seen before. My stories are a rolling process and nothing seems to be complete. As such, it is quite challenging to know at what point the audience should enter the work. How do you view the significance of the degree show in your development as an artist? It symbolizes the quiet before the storm. It’s another step to realising how the practice I have developed over three years may work in a professional context. The degree show itself signifies time for everyone to reflect, pause and discuss any opportunities that may arise. However, it should also be a time to have a drink, flick through the catalogue and be happy with what we’ve achieved. Degree show: 4-8 June, Spike Island, Bristol. 19

a-n Degree Shows Guide 2016  
a-n Degree Shows Guide 2016  

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