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hi! Welcome to wurm (the March issue) , the periodical for those who like poetry that is alive and moving forwards, rather hermetically sealing itself from development, like a conservative. The minimalist look and the single word cover are present because, this is the first special edition of wurm, dedicated to that rare and beautiful form of poetry known as the pwoermdA poem composed of one word, with no title other then what the poem provides. Normally I put poet’s bios after the works, but as this issue is deliberately stripped down in the text department, I didn’t. enjnjn’oi


pwoermds by:

andrew topel geof Huth

mIEKAL aND gustave morin troylloyd

Andrew topel:

mIEKAL aND (pwoermds chosen from the book, texistence) :



A review of “texistence” by Geof Huth and mIEKAL aND (2008, Xerox sutra editions)

This is a momentous and very interesting book. It is possibly the first book of pwoermds. What first struck me about this book was the thickness. This is slightly ironic considering the shortness of the poems (though I certainly think pwoermds are not short per se, because there is so much there, squeezed into a small space). Also, the beauty of the cover design was immediately attention grabbing, from the verdant lushness of the front, to the arid desert environment of the posterior. The arrangement of the interior, with the pwoermds arranged in a zig-zagging fashion. You can almost play the tome like a flick book. Of course, this book also has a set of fascinating pwoermds. As an enthusiastic pwoermdist (amongst other things), i found the construction of these subtle nuggets of wordage fascinating These words are like strange insects, waiting to be pinned down, and yet resisting any attempt to do so. They crawl up and down the pages like linguistic silverfish, or the typewriter in the film version of Burroughs’s “naked lunch”. There is also a lucidity and convincing air to these works. This book is almost like a book of obscure words, or an alchemical recipe (homunculus burgers, anyone?). Perhaps they are magic (or magick?) words. incantations? incrantratrions? i/n/cr/antr/atr/io/ns? Who knows? All I know Is, I’m having fun finding out.

Geof Huth (two pwoermds also chosen from texistence):



gustave morin:






wurm issue 3! the pwoermd special  

issue three of wurm, the periodical for interesting poetry!

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