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3-day trip to Dobrogea

If you ever wondered to go in a trip to Romania, this brochure will show you the best location for a relaxing trip, in two beautiful cities with a lot of fun things to do, such as parting, traveling with the boat, bird watching, eating tradional food, fishing. You can spend weeks in Dobrogea, but we made the best three days trip for you!

Day 1: Constanta You filled your batteries with the breakfast, head to the beach. In your way to the Mamaia beach, you can pass by in the Archeology park to see the old pots from the 3rd and 4th century.

After staying on the beach until 10 o'clock, you should stay in the shade, you can go to the St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral to admire the Greco-Roman architecture. The church got damaged in The World War II and was restored after a while. It should take around 20 minutes to visit.

After you saw the Orthodox chapel, you are ready to see The Great Mahmudiye Mosque with the same Byzantine and Romanian architectural elements, making it the most distinctive mosques in the area.

It should be around 12 o'clock, you may go the a restaurant and order some Dobrogean Stew with polenta and a fried eggs with a red wine.

Afterwards, you will want to take a walk on the sea front towards The Constanta Casino with a wonderful view of the sea and sumptuous architecture, this is the most worth visiting in Constanta.

If you want you can go again to the beach, if it's your wish.

In the night, you can go the fishing village in Constanta, at Dobrogean House to have some fish platelet (plachie de peste) and a traditional romanian brandy from plumbs, mirabelles, pears, apples.

The first day got finished, be prepared for a new awesome day.

Day 2:Tulcea You should wake up to 8 o'clock to get the bus to Tulcea, it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes the trip. When you came in Tulcea, you can buy a dobrogean pie as a breakfast and a coffee.

You can stay at Delta Hotel, one of the best hotels from the city. From your room's window you can see the gate of the Danube Delta and a lot of fishing boats and ships. From the Delta Hotel, you can go to the aquarium, a scenery which is an exact reproduction of the specific habitats for the Danube Delta. It should take around 45 minutes to fully explore it.

After you saw the exhibits, you can go to Tulcea's Monument dedicated to the independence of Dobrogea from Ottoman's occupation.

You may go to the seafront of Tulcea for a walk, straight to the Ciuperca Lake, to make a turn of the lake.

After that, you must go through the park of personalities, where you can see statues of the most important Rullers, Artists, Composers from this region.

You should go back to the Delta Hotel to eat meatrolls in leaf vines with polenta and sour cream.

For night, you can go to the Avramide's House for a concert, art exhibitions, or just to meet with friends or locals so you can finish the day in a party way

Day 3: Danube Delta From the front of Delta Hotel, you can rent a boat so you can explore the wonderful Danube Delta, with the three branches: Chilia, Sulina and Saint George.

If you decide to go on the Sulina branch, the most interesting place you will stop is Crisan, a small fishing village where you can fish and eat what you caught in a fish soup.

After you filled your batteries, you can continue your voyage to Sulina, which have Danube Delta and The Black Sea in one place.

In the meantime on the road, you can watch how villagers craft of fishing nets. This handicraft is an old one that is practiced and used even today.

If you're not tired of sea food, you may eat seafood or souse carp and a Sarica white wine from Niculitel.


After those wonderful three days on a trip to Dobrogea, you will come back to your country with the batteries filled with the desire to come back soon and visit more places from this wild and misterious region! We hope we have motivated you to visit Dobrogea!

The trip to Romania team: Dinu Raresh Annyka Daniela Mia Selma

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Unconventional package - Romania  

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Unconventional package - Romania  

Let's Living and Moving Consciously in our Europe 2018-1-RO01-KA201-049106