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Ranked #1 in the world Celebrating over 30 years, we are proud of our history as a family-owned yacht charter company, but we are hardly a “mom and pop” business. A survey of Cruising World magazine readers ranked Anacortes Yacht Charters #1. AYC is the undisputed industry leader in the Pacific Northwest, with an exclusive charter fleet approaching 85 vessels.

“You guys are the top! I have chartered up and down the Pacific Coast and no one has met your standards yet.” D. Dennis Maxwell CA


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Anacortes Yacht Charters is based in Anacortes, “Gateway to the San Juan Islands”, the best place to start your adventure. Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island, easternmost of the renowned Pacific Northwest Islands. Fidalgo is the “accessible island,” linked conveniently by bridge to the mainland, the ideal place to start your vacation.

“Great experience...great adventure! (We) told friends it wasn’t a vacation, but an adventure that met our wildest dreams. Thanks.” B. Schoenberg Tucson AZ

AYC’s Exclusive Cruising Guarantee: Anacortes Yacht Charters guarantees that should you have a breakdown during your charter, we will complete repairs within four (4) hours of notification, or you will be compensated for your lost vacation time.

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San Juan Islands

For centuries the call of the San Juan Islands has lured adventurous mariners seeking a special place. Long before Spanish and English sailors explored this vast myriad of islands, Native Americans plied the straits in their canoes as they traded, raided STUART H Day 4 Reid Harbor and gathered seafood. H Day 5 Echo Bay



The San Juan Islands are comprised of hundreds of islands ranging from small rocky outcrops to large forest-clad and mountainous masses. The waters are rich with seafood...salmon, rockfish, scallops, Dungeness crab, mussels and clams. Wildlife abounds on the land and in the sea. You’re just as likely to encounter tiny squirrels, deer and migratory birds as you are to see seals, sea lions and whales. Have you ever seen a whale breach, heard the whoosh of air exhaling through its blowhole or been amazed by the sheer beauty of a pod of Orcas gliding through glassy waters?




H Day 3 Roche Harbor

ORCAS SAN JUAN H Day 6 Rosario Resort



H Day 2 Friday Harbor

Day 1 H Spencer Spit





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A week in the San Juan Islands With so many places to experience in the San Juan Islands, one cannot possibly see everything in a single cruise. The following is one possible itinerary: Night 1 A leisurely cruise from our Anacortes base to Spencer Spit State Park. This 130 acre park on Lopez Island has several mooring buoys and affords good holding. Check the weather and stop on the leeward side of the spit. Night 2 One of the most popular tourist destinations is Friday Harbor. This island community is one of the best spots for shopping and dining ashore. The port offers transient moorage for 130 yachts.

Rosario Resort, Orcas Island

Night 3 Bring your camera. Roche Harbor is one of the island’s most picturesque locations. Originally a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, today Roche Harbor is a scenic yachtsman’s resort. Don’t miss the famous sunset flag ceremony. Night 4 Reid Harbor at Stuart Island not only affords 360 degrees of protection but also boasts a comforting number of mooring buoys and floats. This is a great place for the hikers in the crew to stretch their legs. Night 5 Start early and stop early so that you have enough time to explore the #1 park in the San Juan Islands, Sucia Island. Sucia is a magical spot with numerous bays to explore either by dinghy or on foot. Night 6 Nestled at the base of Mt. Constitution is Rosario Resort. Once a mansion belonging to Seattle legend Robert Moran, this waterside resort offers interesting island history, rugged scenery, fine dining and a hot, relaxing spa. Night 7 The final morning of the cruise takes you past rugged Cypress Island and the low-lying island of Guemes. As you enjoy this final leg of your cruise, you can take time to plan your next AYC charter.

Roche Harbor, San Juan Island


ur Use this chart to determine the mileage between rbo a C lH destinations when AY wel y y a d planning your Bedwell Harbour 34 Be d Ba an’s B n r Blind Bay 17 17 Bli herm arbo cruise. Fisherman’s Bay 19 20 6 Fis ay H rbor d r Friday Harbor 21 17 8 5 Fri id Ha arbo t r Reid Harbor 30 9 12 13 14 Re che H Reso o o i Roche Harbor 28 10 12 14 11 4 R sar Rosario Resort 18 23 7 9 11 17 17 Ro ney Spit r Sidney 37 10 20 23 20 10 11 26 Sid ence and s l Spencer Spit 12 22 6 7 9 16 16 7 25 Sp cia Is r Pas u he S Sucia Island 22 16 15 20 17 16 18 18 23 20 atc Thatcher Pass 10 24 7 9 11 15 18 6 27 2 18 Th Victoria 38 29 31 27 28 23 22 34 26 32 22 34

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Gulf Islands

H Day 5 Ganges

H Day 4 Montague Harbour

North of the San Juans, protected in the lee of Vancouver Island, lie the Gulf Islands. This is an enchanting group of more than 200 islands and islets whose tranquil waterways and gentle landscape contrast with the ruggedness of the open Pacific Ocean coastline not many miles to the west.




WALDRON H Day 6 Roche Harbor




This has been described as a place where people can be with people and yet be alone. Its many natural charms are complemented by convenient man-made facilities making it a haven for boaters meandering from anchorage to anchorage. As you find your way among these SUCIA islands, you will gain an appreciation of why so many hail this to be the best cruising in the world.


H Day 2 Victoria


H Day 1 Friday Harbor






Although the cruise from the San Juans into the Canadian Gulf Islands is an international crossing, the two island groups are virtually connected. Clearing customs is a simple process, making the transition to this second island group quick and easy. Between these two vast island groups, a lifetime of exploration awaits.

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A week in the San Juan & Gulf Islands The following is one of many possible itineraries: Night 1 An easy 21 nautical mile cruise from our Anacortes base is the Port of Friday Harbor. This island community has something for everybody in the crew. Consider the Whale Museum or stroll through town and window shop. Night 2 Victoria provides one of yachting’s most unique cruising destinations. After clearing Canadian customs, take “High Tea” at the Empress Hotel, enjoy one of the foremost natural history museums and soak up the continental flavor.

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Night 3 Port Sidney Marina is a delightful surprise. What other marina has flower baskets hanging from every piling? While here, plan to see the world famous Butchart Gardens. Night 4 The provincial marine park at Montague Harbour has many mooring buoys in a well protected bay. Don’t be surprised to see a masked bandit wandering the woods, raccoons are common residents of the park. Night 5 Ganges, on Saltspring Island, is the type of place that even the diehards need to frequent on occasion. Stop for some fresh provisions, a hot shower, pitch the rubbish, send the obligatory postcard and take your first mate out for some Salmon Wellington. Night 6 Back across the border to Roche Harbor. After clearing through US Customs and Immigration, you can explore this scenic island resort. Smell the flowers in the formal gardens, learn the history of the “Pig War” and enjoy the “colors” ceremony at sunset. Night 7 The final morning should be an early departure in order to get back to AYC by 10 am. On your way back, keep your camera ready, it’s your last chance till next cruise to see an Orca. Empress Hotel, Victoria BC


Use this chart to determine the mileage between destinations when planning your cruise. ru

ur rbo a C r lH AY wel arbo d H e y Bedwell Harbour 34 B da o Friday Harbor 21 16 Fri nges ay B arb Ganges 49 14 28 Ga ple ue H a Maple Bay 55 22 34 24 M ntag o o Montague Harbour 49 15 28 7 18 M naim ove r C Nanaimo 75 41 54 33 28 28 Na ates arbo r H i ur Pirates Cove 67 32 46 25 19 18 11 P che rbo Roche Harbor 28 9 11 20 25 20 47 39 Ro ney h Ha p Sidney 37 10 19 16 19 17 43 35 10 Sid egra l Telegraph Harbour 64 29 43 21 11 16 18 11 34 28 Te Victoria 38 28 27 36 38 37 65 56 20 23 49

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Desolation Sound & Princess Louisa Inlet

A dream come true for the cruising yachtsman are Desolation Sound and Princess Louisa Inlet. Beyond the “Sunshine Coast” is a majestic forested land accented by cascading waterfalls and giant glacial peaks. Nature abounds here. Encounter soaring Bald Eagles, inquisitive Harbor Seals and Orca Whales, whose knife-like dorsal fins suddenly break the water’s surface and disappear. Visit this wondrous land with its most interesting and beautiful protected anchorages...you’ll be glad you did.




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One possible itinerary that includes both Desolation Sound and Princess Louisa Inlet Night 1 Reid Harbor at Stuart Island will provide both a comfortable anchorage and will get the yacht situated where everything North and West is CANADA.


H Day 9 E. CORTES Squirrel Cove H Day 8 Desolation H Day 10 Prideaux Haven Cortes Bay Sound


Night 2 After stopping at Bedwell Harbour to clear Canadian customs, it’s on to Ganges at Saltspring Island. Ganges is a small artisan community with great shopping opportunities.

H Day 7

SAVARY Day 5 Princess Louisa Inlet H

Night 3 At the north end of the Gulf Islands is Nanaimo. The anchorage at neighboring Newcastle Island is a nice historical place to tie up and explore the trails crisscrossing the island. Jervis Inlet

Night 4 Across the straits you will find an area known as the “Sunshine Coast”. This region receives more annual sunshine than anywhere else in British Columbia. Pender Harbour will provide many tranquil anchorages and your last chance to fuel or pick up supplies before Princess Louisa Inlet.

Day 6 Ballet Bay H


Night 5 Like Yosemite at sea level, you will find Princess Louisa Inlet magnificent. You will be cruising by cascading waterfalls under glacier peaks. Be prepared for awe inspiring scenery.

H Day 4 Pender Harbour


Night 6 At the base of Jervis Inlet is Ballet Bay. This convenient anchorage was supposedly named by a ballerina who felt that the motion of the water was like a dance.

H Day 11 Smugglers Cove

Night 7 You will find Savary Island idyllic. This island is almost tropical in appearance due to the ring of uncrowded sandy beaches that surround it. The water temperature here can be 80 degrees. Night 8 Beautiful Cortes Bay gives you several options. The government float provides 520 feet of berthage or you can anchor out and send the crew ashore to go blackberry picking. Night 9 One of the most popular anchorages in Desolation Sound is Squirrel Cove. This a good spot to practice your “Med” Moor. Plan on one anchor deep and stern to be secured to a tree.

H Day 3 Nanaimo


Night 10 Prideaux Haven is one of the most scenic and unique anchorages found anywhere! Stop early to allow sufficient time to explore the numerous coves and passages with the dinghy. VALDES

Night 11 Clover leaf shaped Smugglers Cove is just off of Welcome Passage. You will find rings have been set into the rock surrounding the anchorage to help make stern ties easy.

Night 12 The BC ferries will help you locate Porlier Pass. On your protected run, cruise along the western shore of Galiano DESTINATION Use this chart to determine Island, and you’ll find Montague Harbour. r ive DISTANCES H Day 12 R the mileage between l A short walk from the marina is beautiful C el Montague IN MILES AY pb ay destinations when r m Harbour u Montague Marine Park. Campbell River 150 Ca tes B arbo planning your r H o Cortes Bay 145 16 C rge ay cruise. B o t G Night 13 Back across the border to Gorge Harbour 160 14 12 N. et rio l e n I Heriot Bay 167 16 17 8 H scenic Roche Harbor Resort on San na nd Lu laspi SATURNA Lund 145 20 9 15 22 ur Juan Island. S. a bo mo

GALIANO Day 2 H Ganges



Night 14 Today takes you through the heart of the San Juan Islands, across Rosario Strait and back to Anacortes Yacht Charters to conclude the vacation of a lifetime. At least until next year.

H Day 1 Reid Harbor H Day 13 Roche Harbor


Malaspina Inlet Nanaimo Pender Harbour Prideaux Haven Princess Louisa Refuge Cove Squirrel Cove Whaletown

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154 75 100 160 144 156 157 163

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5 70 43 11 81 6 7 13

15 73 50 21 87 16 17 3

20 9 80 64 54 45 26 15 90 72 21 11 22 12 6 18

i M r en na Ha 73 Na nder x Hav sa i 54 30 Pe deau Lou i s ve r s P e 7 79 61 Co i nc 81 74 44 87 Pr fuge Cove l 4 75 56 7 83 Re uirre q 6 75 57 10 84 3 S 16 76 53 23 90 18 19


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Welcome Aboard! Your Cruising Adventure begins... Plan and plot your course... • Plan your vacation, trouble free. Simply view our fleet on-line and choose from the largest and best selection of yachts available in the Pacific Northwest. • Our friendly Reservation Specialists are standing by to take your call and assist with every detail, from choosing your yacht to planning your itinerary. Welcome Aboard! • Relax and enjoy as your adventure begins! From the moment you come aboard, our unparalleled customer service team will meet your every need. • We offer a full range of extra services you won’t find anywhere else. • Complimentary services include linens and towels, courtesy tent for luggage drop off, dock staff to assist with loading, in town shuttle service, outboards on all power boats, secure

parking, ice, galley propane and outboard fuel to get you started. • Special services offered to enhance your journey: kayaks, sport boats, fishing gear, outboards and a wide range of meal provisioning. Your Adventure continues... • Enjoy a carefree passage aboard a yacht from the finest fleet in the Pacific Northwest; AYC staff and their chase boat are on call to meet your needs. • Return year after year to this magical place and benefit from the best Loyalty Program in the industry. Earn special discounts on future AYC and Moorings charters along with other great benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions Q. What’s the weather like? Does it rain a lot? A. The weather is generally mild all year long. The summers are mostly sunny with temperatures ranging from the low 70’s to the low 80’s (19° to 20° C). Much of the cruising areas of the Pacific Northwest are in the “rain shadow” of high mountains that block many of the weather systems that come in off the Pacific Ocean. The result is that rainfall can be as little as 20 inches annually in some areas. There is even a variety of cactus that flourish on the Western slopes of certain islands. Q. What are the winds like and when is the best time of year to sail? A. From May to October the winds are mostly moderate (6-18 knots). This varies by locality and time of day with the fresher breezes occurring among the island archipelagoes. Some sailors choose the late spring and early summer for their sailing charter when the weather can be brilliant and the breezes fresh. Q. What time of year should we charter? A. Each season brings with it its own beauty and appeal. Although summer is the most popular, many prefer the spring or late fall when the crowds are less and the boating can be terrific. June is the month with the most daylight hours. May is a time to mix world class skiing with spectacular cruising.


Late fall is a favorite time to visit the myriad of harbor side villages and hospitable resorts. Q. What should we bring with us? A. Depending on the time of year or your destinations, you will need suitable clothes for the season. Don’t forget sunglasses and suntan lotion. AYC provides linens & towels for all charters and even optional provisioning. Q. What are the necessary qualifications to charter a boat? A. To qualify to skipper a bareboat charter, AYC does not require specific certifications. The operator must meet the following criteria: • Recent practical experience skippering aboard a similar size and type of vessel. • Experience in tidal waters. On charter day you will receive a Check-Out of the yacht including a systems orientation, observation of your boat handling skills and a chart review of your cruising area to confirm the skipper’s ability to maneuver the vessel. It is not intended to teach boat handling skills. If you would like additional training, AYC has ASA certified instruction, with a wide variety of programs to sharpen your skills and/or completely train you and your crew for your cruising vacation. Please visit www.ayc.com for full details.

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AYC Yachting & Sailing School

Gain the confidence you’ve dreamed of... with the best instruction in the Islands. Discover a whole new world! Anacortes Yacht Charters has a full range of instruction available to put you at the helm of your own bareboat...even if you are just getting started. • Class options designed to fit your individual needs. • AYC’s extensive fleet allows the benefit of the best boat choice for each course. • Our San Juan Islands are ideal for new boaters to develop their skills in a variety of conditions, to further your confidence and enjoyment. • Earn immediate membership in our Loyalty Program and benefit with special discounts on AYC and Mooring’s charters as well as other great benefits.

ASA Certified Sailing School ASA 101, 103, 104 Few activities can provide the challenges and rewards of an adventure under sail. American Sailing Association certifications are internationally recognized, ensuring the student a proven curriculum in a professional, supportive learning environment under the direction of a certified instructor. AYC offers ASA 101 Basic Keelboat, 103 Coastal Cruising and 104 Bareboat Chartering in separate class formats as well as a combined course, to accommodate your schedule.

Power Boat Classes Introduction to Power Cruising - Twin or Single Engine - This popular training program offered as a 3 day / 2 night Power Cruising course on 32’ to 36’ twin or single engine power boats, provides valuable “on the water” training. Advanced Power Cruising This course includes the same valuable training as our Introduction to Power Cruising class while also introducing the student to basic operation of modern navigational aids and auxiliary power sources. Training is offered on 45’ to 47’ power yachts. Previous power boat experience is recommended. Skipper & 1st Mate Power Cruising Work as a team to master boat handling, docking, anchoring, mooring and practical navigation in this 3-day class taught on 32’ to 36’ vessels.

800.233.3004 • www.ayc.com


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Yacht Ownership Explore the Possibilities Realize your dreams of owning your own yacht and enjoy the majestic Pacific Northwest cruising grounds while offsetting the costs of yacht ownership. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the entire process of acquiring your ideal yacht, placing your yacht in charter and maximizing charter potential. If you already own a yacht, Anacortes Yacht Charters’ yacht ownership plan can assure you maximum revenue as the undisputed industry leader in the Pacific Northwest.

Yacht Ownership Advantages with AYC • Charter income to offset or even exceed the expenses of yacht ownership • Tax advantages and state sales tax exemption on the purchase price • The premier charter company in the Pacific Northwest with an unmatched reputation in the industry • Your personal yacht manager assures you accountability and comprehensive care of your yacht • A partnership with The Moorings, a recognized leader in worldwide chartering, to maximize your yacht’s charter revenue • New sailboats available for purchase specially designed for chartering only available for placement in the Anacortes Yacht Charters Ownership Program. • Your yacht is located in one of the world’s choicest cruising grounds, the magnificent Pacific Northwest

“We have been considering buying a boat. We chartered at AYC and were immediately sold on buying the boat and putting it into the AYC charter service. The people, the boats and the facility are the best.” C. Hill Medina WA

Anacortes Yacht Brokers, a division of AYC, is dedicated to ensuring you select the best selection of yachts, the best location for maximizing charter revenue and the best charter management available. Contact our office and ask for our brokerage division.

Worldwide Destinations Now Available with AYC Moorings Preferred Partner! Anacortes Yacht Charters is proud of becoming the first Preferred Partner with the recognized leader in worldwide chartering, The Moorings. Our partnership provides AYC the benefit of offering exotic vacations in destinations around the world. As an AYC Loyalty Member, our valued clients are eligible for exclusive discounts when booking your Moorings, Moorings Power, or Le Boat vacation through Anacortes Yacht Charters. Our reservation team is standing by to assist with your next worldwide vacation.

Explore the Possibilities of Yacht Ownership with AYC as a Moorings Preferred Partner! AYC offers a selection of NEW sailboats specially designed and branded for chartering only available for placement in the AYC Ownership Program. The only program of this kind offered in North America, don’t miss this opportunity to purchase the boat of your dreams AND maximize your boat’s earning potential.


PO Box 69 • 2415 T Ave, Suite 2 • Anacortes WA 98221 www.ayc.com • info@ayc.com • RESERVATIONS 800.233.3004

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