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Step 1. Grinding the bevel— consistently develops an equal bevel on both sides of the blade.

Step 2. Setting the edge—perfects and strengthens the cutting edge created by the bevels.

Step 3. Honing—finishes the edge to a final razor sharpness, and eliminates any remaining imperfections in the cutting edge.

The Secret

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Tru-Hone's patented mechanism allows two pairs of honing wheels, mounted on parallel shafts, to contrarotate and change overlap during the sharpening operation. At the intersection of the overlap, the motion of the wheels is upward into the knife blade creating a precise angle. Along with the capability to change the overlap of the honing wheels, the upward rotation produces consistent, exacting bevels which results in a stronger cutting edge. A solid state electronic feedback control system regulates and maintains the selected speed of the ½ H.P. motor. Item # LC

Description Special Tru-Hone Light Commercial Sharpener CALL FOR PRICING

LCW LCW100 LCW400 LCW1000

Includes: Grinder, Mounting Stand, Wheels and Instruction Manual

Replacement Set of Wheels Replacement Set of Wheels Replacement Set of Wheels Replacement Set of Wheels

220 Grit 100 Grit 400 Grit 1000 Grit

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