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WAX STICK #WS1 Wax Stick $8.95 8" x 2 ½" Prolong blade life & Produce Smoother Cut's

Your E-Z Mist System comes fully assembled and ready to use. Simply slip the 3/8" coolant pick up tube over the aspirator inlet fitting, place the foot valve / strainer into any suitable container of coolant, hook up the air, and your system is ready to use.



NEW IMPROVED COOLANT For Flood or Mist Coolant Sprayers

State-of-the-Art Chemistry Designed to reduce cobalt leaching from carbide. This results in less damage to carbide and reduced hazardous material in waste (cobalt). • Excellent cooling • Low foaming • Clean running • Long pump life • Outstanding rust protection • Minimizes cobalt leaching from carbide tooling • Low in odor, blue in color For Flood Applications use @ 20 to 1 ratio with water. For Mist Applications use @ 30 to 1 ratio with water.


#P450 #P450A

1 Gallon Jug 5 Gallon Pail

$33.95 $146.95

Oil Base Coolant #P450A0

5 Gallon Pail $106.95

Call for pricing on 55 Gallon Drums

• Longer Wheel Life

• Faster cycle times

• No smoke

• High lubricity

• Chlorine+ Sulfur Free

• No Cobalt leaching

• Colorless (Clear)

• Low evaporation rate

• Does not contain hazardous elements • Reduced work piece operating temperature • Excellent for high speed grinding operations

250 GPH MILD ACID PUMP GPH of Water @ Total Feet of Head 1Ft. 3Ft. 5Ft. 9Ft. 11.8Ft. 300 255 205 115 Shut-off Noncorrosive, nontoxic centrifugal pump designed for circulating coolant with a pH range of 6 to 7.

208v, 1 Phase. #LGP220


MAGNETIC BASE INDICATOR Includes Base & Indicator! #E77720


$162.95 Order Toll Free • 1-800-447-7371 • Prices are subject to change without notice.