A world that I love(d)

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A world that I love(d)

a collaborative exploration of locale.

Within these pages are the total and true memories of many different people, of the same place. I asked eight people if they would be willing to submit their memories of the same place, through tasks/excersises I had set for them. Activity one was to describe the place in one word, then five, and in a sentence. Activity two was about describing their favourite area within the site. Activity three was to describe a memory they have had in the site. All submissions were done with little conferring between the participants, and so there may be re-occuring words and memories, despite being from different people. I have chosen to redact the name of the place, in order to keep it’s integrity and remaining sanctity. This site has been reduced to rubble in the past 2 years. I felt a project like this is one small way to keep it safe, even if it is only within pages and minds. As the curator of this piece, I chose to keep the submitted work unedited. I do not feel comfortable trying to mould someones personal memories to fit my expectations of what they should be, how they should be described, and how “well” they should be written. Names of non-participants are also redacted to their first initial. I hope this piece implores you to explore locale, shared space, community and memory within your personal lives, and how important sharing these can be. I would like to thank the participants for their contributions, unwavering support and continued interest in the work. All the best, Amy

*Participants wished to use their initials to identify their work.

Charming, Functional, private, restful, happy, caring The hospital was a happy, full of life environment with the hustle and bustle of daily tasks being carried out from many departments with a lot of invested love, care and commitment. The hive of activity of the general hospital was the road where A&E was located. There was a phone box there which was where I would meet my friend H. This was also where the ice cream van would frequent in summer months during visiting times! I remember when I was young, maybe 9 or 10 years old, we had cows and sheep down in the field in the village hospital grounds. In those days, we had amazing summers with warm weather. I would love when granny or grandad would get a call (on the house phone, no mobiles then) from one of the wards to advise a cow or sheep had gotten out of the field. We would jump in the Land Rover like superheroes. (I would sit on the back door and dangle my legs off the edge) and head down there to save the day! All the residents would be outside enjoying the weather in their own happy little bubbles. They would see us and wave as we coaxed the escapees back into the field. I remember once we got a round of applause from one resident (well, I think it was for us), I used to think I was the bees knees jumping off the back of the land rover and making my way behind the animals. Obviously, it didn’t always go to plan, but this would give the residents something to laugh about. J.M

Cool Large, concrete, secluded, secret, fun *redacted* is a place that holds lots of memories for me and therefore I want to protect it even though it is not mine to protect. There is a path in *redacted* that is lined with almost symmetrical trees at both sides. This is my favourite as it brings me a sense of calmness. It re-introduces the idea that the place was once filled with people as the placement of the trees looks deliberate and only a person could place them in such a way. I remember learning to ride my bike in *redacted*. Specifically riding down the steep hill at one of the entrances. K.J.M

Busy Chickens, sheep, cows, wildlife, walks *Redacted* is a place that keeps on giving throughout the changing seasons, there’s always something that you’ve never seen before. My favourite place in *Redacted* is the Dr’s field. The Dr’s field has a variety of wildlife there but only if your quiet will you get to see. The Dr’s field also has a wee burn that runs through it, occasionally a king fisher will briefly be spotted. I have many memories but probably my favourite childhood memory is when my cousins from Hillhead would come through and visit, we would have a picnic in the Dr’s field lots of homemade cakes and sandwiches, I think it was either harvest time or silage that part always escapes my memory but I do remember it was very warm. K.O

Interesting Green, sunny, welcoming, spooky, grand *redacted* during the day had a welcoming feel, a bustling friendly place, which quickly can become spooky when a foggy night descends. But I’d never feel scared! My favourite place in *redacted*, is the Laundry Brae, a skinny steep hill, trees on one side, field on the other where we’d go to collect huge conkers! A memory I have of *redacted* is getting our roller skates on and skating down the big hill on the road, into the village, your bones would be shaking on the bumpy parts of the road, and be flying down the smooth parts! Then when coming home having to take the skates off to get back up to the big hill! or going a walk down to the wee shop with £1.50 in my pocket and being told the cost was 110 pence and panicking I didn’t have enough money before realising by 110 pence the lady meant £1.10! L.O

Familiar Close, family, secluded, private, cosy *redacted* is a place where I feel happy and comfortable surrounded by all my family. My favourite place in *redacted* is the woods where there is a swing that goes over the water. I don’t know who built it or how long it has been there. But i love going walks there with my family. It isn’t very well known which makes me love it even more because it feels like a secret place only we know about. A memory I have is when we were younger my aunt took us a walk through the burn and we ended up at the woods which I mentioned before, i remember a tree had fallen over and had left a big hole where the roots were and we had to edge round it carefully, it felt like a massive hole at the time but it was probably only a foot deep. A.B

Special Historic, safe, familiar, grand, caring Lots of people describe *redacted* as eerie, creepy and haunted but it holds a lot of fond memories for me and a place I’m very proud to have grown up beside. My favourite place in *redacted* would be the Laundry Brae. It always seemed so exciting when I was wee as it was sort of overgrown with trees and was a really steep single track path. It led to a different part of the village which always felt really calm and bright. We used to collect conkers here and thinking back makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Going on adventures to collect conkers we would start off trying to find the secret wishing well and then follow the track that no one else knew about which eventually brought you out in the village hospital where the trees were huge and the conkers aplenty. G.O

Tranquil, Sad, happy, lively, bustling, faces My favourite place was the church. It holds a lot of history, and the inside was a magical place. The building was magnificent. My favourite memory of *redacted* was raising my children there. It is filled with a lot of happy memories, as I would often look after the doctors kids as well. J.O

Hectic visiting time, funny, entertaining, rural, freedom My favourite place is the farm. it is hectic, satisfying and fulfilling. There are a lot of duties such as bringing in new life, with lambing and calving, bringing in crops like silage and harvest; all following the different seasons in the year. My favourite memory of *redacted* was taking part in a film called The Advocates as an extra. I had to drive up A&E in the tractor. I was only in it for a fraction of a second but it is still a fond memory. H.O

I would like to thank my participants for taking part in this project and exploration into collective memory, focusing on a singular site. I hope for you, the viewers, it has painted a great picture of our beloved place for what it once was. This project has come from a place of love and gratitude towards the site itself. An homage to somewhere marked by time and embossed with the actions of many people. For a place such as this to be removed, or even eradicated if you will, does a huge diservice to not only the participants of this project, but also the other people who worked, lived, breathed, ran, slept and died there. It felt like a spiritual place for me. Walking through either entrance transported you to somewhere else and it was almost mind-altering. It was always sunny, always quiet. A great place to soak into. I hope to haunt it’s roads, and keep firmly rooted to it’s trees. -Amy Brandon 2022

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