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ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance) is a coalition of 13 international and Russian NGOs working together for the conservation of Amur tigers and leopards. ALTA members have been co-operating for many years in developing, financing and implementing conservation projects in both Russia and China. This newsflash is produced by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to update supporters on Amur leopard and tiger news.

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Tiger cub in the wild ŠAlexei Bezrukov

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Fire-fighting team, spring 2010 ;:3<

Left: Duffy at Peaugres zoo Š Patricia Perry Barreau Right: Makari at WHF Š Barbara Meyer

Left: Male Amur leopard caught on cameratrap! Bottom left: Xizi and the boys Below: Male Amur leopard in Rotterdam Zoo



ŠInspection Tiger

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For more information about our projects, visit our website and if you would like to help us continue our efforts to support field conservation projects and work towards saving the Amur leopard and its habitat, please donate. We ensure that 100% of the funds donated via our website are provided to Amur leopard or tiger conservation field projects. Questions or comments? Email us at

ALTA April 2011 Newsflash  

A visit to the Russian Far East Fire fighting in Amur leopard and tiger habitat 10th Duke of Rutland Memorial Conservation Trust Rehabilitat...